How To Change Your Android Wallpaper Automatically

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Wallpapers are a great way to express oneself or the current mood. You can go for keeping a fixed wallpaper forever or be adventurous enough to keep changing them. The wallpapers of your Android device could be anything from your own photographs to family pictures, scenic landscapes, your pet images, some quotes and more. Whatever it might be, when you change the wallpaper quite often, it makes your user experience even more worthwhile.

Instead of settling for just one wallpaper, you should try out a myriad of wallpaper options that could set your mood right every day. However, if the idea of changing wallpapers each day is troubling you, then you need not worry anymore. There are various innovative methods to change Android wallpaper automatically on your device.

Here are some of the great apps that would help you in upgrading the Android’s wallpaper from “OK” to “Amazing”. To top it all, these exciting apps are available on Google Play Store for free. Have a glance.

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Apps To Change Change Android Wallpaper Automatically

Wallpaper Changer

This is by far the best app for those looking out for solutions to how to change Android wallpaper. If you wish to use your own photographs as the wallpaper background or even some other images, then you can achieve it easily with the help of Wallpaper Changer Android app. In addition to the automatic generator, the app also comes with excellent personalized touch. Additionally, it does not even take much time to customize your wallpaper with this app.

You would simply need to select the particular images that you would like to run as your wallpaper background. The next step would be to decide the frequency at which you would like to change the wallpaper on your Android device. Once you are done with this, the Wallpaper Changer app would take care of the rest. You would be welcomed with a fresh wallpaper from gallery each day.

Download Wallpaper Changer


This automatic wallpaper changing app by Google is a great option for those who like to view fresh and new wallpapers each day on their Android device. There are various categories on this app. You can choose any particular category from the app that you would like to display as wallpaper on your device screen. For instance, if you choose nature, then you would witness the amazing beauty of nature each day on your Android device with the help of this app.

You can even select the images from Google Earth, Google+, your personal gallery of images or even those of others to be displayed as your wallpaper every day automatically.

Download Wallpapers


This great app comes with a myriad of high-quality wallpapers that the users can choose from to display the same as their background images. The best feature of this amazing app is that its database of creative and amazing wallpapers keep growing each day such that the users have a new collection of background images every time they would open the app.

Even the searching process of various background images in this app is pretty simple. The users just need to type the keywords, browse through the vast category of images, and make the rightmost selection. The users can also scroll the collection of wallpapers on the app randomly until they come across the most suitable background image for their Android device. Various background images can be selected at once to be presented as a new wallpaper each day on the device’s screen.

Download Wallmax

500 Firepaper

If you have a passion for photography, then this app on Google Play store can be the perfect Android wallpaper app for you. The users can select from over various images with 500px and then the app tends to switch between amazing beautiful images automatically from every country. With the great display of wallpapers on your device’s screen, you would feel that you have had a world tour by the end of the day. This is a must-have wallpaper-changing app for those who are travel bugs and love to explore new places.

Download 500 Firepaper


If you are not fixed on one genre of wallpapers and need some abstract collection of wallpapers, then this Android wallpaper app could be your perfect choice. The app comes with several patterned backgrounds that are usually custom-generated for your Android device. This app makes use of the designer mathematical formulae and the amazing screen resolution to deliver a great range of interesting background images each day on your Android device. The designers of this app claim to be offering an unlimited number of patterned wallpapers such that you never come across any same design even twice on your device. Sounds interesting!

Download Tapet

Muzei Live Wallpaper

If you are art-lover, then nothing would adorn your Android device’s screen as better as an intricate & meaningful painting. Muzei Live Wallpaper app understands this love of the art fanatics and thus comes with a series of famous paintings to enhance the background of your Android device. Moreover, when you would double tap your screen, you can view the intricate details of the particular painting more closely.

In addition to the famous paintings, Muzei Live Wallpaper app also comes with anything from Reddit and Flickr to National Geographic and NASA’s image of the day on your device’s background.

Download Muzei Wallpaper

The Terra Collection

The nature-lovers would like to have Earth-related backgrounds on their device’s screen and this app does exactly the same for them. It offers a stunning collection of earth-themes background images in high resolution. The app offers images that can be refreshed daily to keep your device’s screen lively with amazing earthly images and backgrounds.

Download The Terra Collection

If you are bored of a single wallpaper on your Android device’s screen and need some spice in life, then you can change Android wallpaper automatically every day with the help of these apps. A fresh and beautiful start of the day with some amazing wallpapers can set your day right. Go for them!

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