CBS All Access not working – How to fix it

Finding an alternative streaming service is not the best way to solve challenges that comes with internet TVs, and it is no difference in fixing CBS service errors. If your All Access is not working, the best solution is to get help and fix it.

Many a time when a CBS service is not working, simple troubleshooting techniques like rebooting your device, internet speed check and app update can be used to put your channels in shape.

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Errors and how to fix them

Just like every other streaming service out there, CBS all access issues can be fixed, with easy do-it-yourself steps. If the issue you are experiencing persists and appears tough to handle, you can contact their amazing customer care service. They will help you with guidelines to solve the following list of errors or issues that could occur with your all-access subscription; added to our self-help instruction on tackling this issue which I believe will help you go a long way.

Buffering: Have you ever experienced colored lines or dotted black, white cracks on your screen? It results from data overload of the buffer which loads faster than a playback device as a result of slow internet speed. Sometimes, it could be that your internet speed is set below 3Mbps or that your content provider’s service’s delivery network has a technical issue.

One other reason for TV lagging is when you have too many connections to one account. Since CBS does not accept multi-use, you are bound to getting into the buffering dead zone all the time.

The first step to take when you experience this error is to increase your internet speed to a minimum of 3Mbps for a standard single stream and a maximum of 25Mbps for 4k streaming or ultra HD devices. And for HD streaming, you can switch to 5Mps. If your internet setting is appropriate, you can try a Wi-Fi disconnection for some seconds.

Most importantly, do not forget to reduce your streaming connections.

App exits you automatically: Users often complain of apps kicking them out, that is., the app opens and closes by itself; and it occurs among Roku users. This is not far from CBS All Access content providers since smart TVs are just intermediaries. But before you think of going to contact CBS All Access support through this link, you should do the following:

  • Remove the channel from Roku: Navigate to the channel, hold your start button, then choose “remove channel”.
  • Restart your device: go to settings, then to the system, and choose system restart.
  • Add your CBS channel again once your device reboots.

Error UVP 1011: When you notice this error just get ready empty your cache. You could get your CBS All Access all working if you reboot your device or uninstall your app, but sometimes it remains sick, regardless.

Note: this error is seen among fire stick users.

To doctor this issue, select the settings tab on your fire stick TV menu and click on “application”. Open the “manage installed application” sections to click on the CBS tile. And finally, clear the cache by selecting the clear data “option”.

Error code 101: If you hate ads and blocks it using ad blockers like Pi-hole or ad guard, then you have signed up for error 101.

Handling this issue would require you to disable your ad-blockers when you are seeing a show on CBS through your browser. Also, a whitelisting of your ad traffic can solve your problems too.

Other Problems or common errors:

  1. Error code 110: disable browser privacy extension.
  2. Error code 60: disconnect devices from your account. The limit should be two.

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