How To Bypass iPhone Passcode

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Have you forgotten the passcode to get access your iPhone? If you did, then there are several hacks given by the setup of iPhone itself that could enable you to bypass iPhone passcode. Some of the unconventional methods include erasing the entire data on the iPhone and then restoring the passcode with the help of backup techniques. As a result of this technique, you can remove passcode from iPhone and then you can also set a new one after that.

In other cases, you can even ask Siri to unlock the screen. This technique could be considered unethical if you are trying this on someone else’s phone other than yours. Therefore, if you do not how to bypass iPhone passcode, you could do it in the safest and reliable manner by taking help from these simple tips as mentioned below.

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Ways To Bypass iPhone Passcode

Technique 1# Through Siri

  • Activate Siri: Siri has a lot more to offer, more than just simply answering all your queries. You can hold down the home button for a few seconds and you will activate the Siri on your iPhone device. Now when the Siri on your iPhone is activated, you can ask Siri to tell the time. This would bring the clock icon up on the iPhone screen which will display the local time. Now you can tap on the clock icon that will take you to the menu of the World Clock. On the World Clock screen, you can see a + sign on the top left corner of the screen. By tapping on the + sign, you can type a few characters into the displayed search bar that is present at the top of the screen. At this display bar, you can type anything (even irrelevant) that you can select to copy them.

  • Tap and Release the Search Bar: Now after having copied the text on the search bar, you can tap on it and hold the search bar after which you can release your finger if you wish to bypass iPhone passcode. This would highlight the copied text on the search bar. Now you can tap on the text again and then select copy. This will copy the selected text on the search bar such that you could paste it later on at the desired location.
  • Tap Share: You will see an arrow on the right side of copy icon and then you can click on share icon to open the menu to share the text with various options. You can then proceed to the message icon to open a new message window. Onto this screen, on the “To” field, you can hold it and then tap “paste” to paste the copied text into this field. Now, you will just need to wait for several seconds to press the home button. This will tend to minimize the iMessage window and you will be directly taken to the home screen. You have successfully bypassed the passcode of your iPhone device.

Technique 2 # Through iTunes (Back up and Restore)

Another option to remove passcode from iPhone is by means of erasing and restoring the same with the help of iTunes. Let us enlighten you with the ways in how to bypass iPhone passcode with this technique:

  • Connect your iPhone device to the PC or laptop. You would need to open iTunes on your computer system if it doesn’t open on its own.
  • Now that the screen of the iTunes is opened, you can observe the top bar displaying “Syncing iPhone”. After your iPhone device has finished the syncing to iTunes, you can start the restoration or the removal process.
  • You would need to click on the “Device” icon to open the summary tab of your iPhone device. You can select “backup now” to start the backup process of your iPhone device.
  • After the backup is done, you can click on “restore iPhone” to restore the entire iPhone device. If you have enabled “Find my iPhone” on your device, then iTunes will prompt you to disable the same before doing the restoration of the phone. You can select the Settings and then scroll down to “iCloud” and then tap on “Find my iPhone” to disable the same. To complete the process, you might need to enter the iCloud password for the same.

  • You can click on the “restore and update” to confirm the decision of your restoration or to remove passcode from iPhone. After clicking on “I Agree” button, you can wait for the restoration or the removal process to finish as this might take some time.
  • Once the entire restoration process is complete, you can select the option of “restore from this backup” to restore the desired information on your iPhone device after you successfully bypassed the iPhone passcode.

As you can see, with these simple methods, you can easily bypass iPhone passcode. There could be several vital information that could be stored in your iPhone device. Therefore, if in any case you have forgotten the iPhone passcode, it becomes essential to find a hack to bypass iPhone passcode in some manner such that you could restore all the vital information on your iPhone device.

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