The Easiest Way To Charge With Brando iPhone 6 Wireless Charger Kit

Are you a person who cannot live without your iPhone 6? I think, you will always need the external battery as your iPhone 6 mate, because as we know the iPhone 6 battery life can only last up to 14 hours of talk time, and up to 11 hours for the Internet use. There are many external batteries on the market with various designs, capacities, sizes, and so on. Commonly, it consists of the device, no matter the size is, and the micro USB cable to connect the iPhone 6 with the external battery. Somehow, it’s not practical to use. When the external battery is empty, you have to remove it from your iPhone and charge it back by using the same micro USB cable, and wait until it’s filled up to be able to use.

Why don’t you try this product from It offers the easiest way to charge iPhone 6 with its wireless charger kit. Once you buy Brando iPhone 6 wireless charger kit, you will get 1 wireless power case, 1 wireless charger, and 1 micro USB cable. How easy does it work? First, attach your iPhone 6 to Brando power case, which has a slim and snap-on design, with 2,800mAh battery capacity. It’s easy to install and remove.



The power indicator light on its back, will tell you how much battery life is available or remained. Second step, plug  the wireless charger to a power source by using a micro USB cable. The last, put the power case, which has your iPhone 6 on it, on the wireless charger, and your iPhone 6 and the power case will start charging. You can check the indicator light on the back of the power case to see how much battery life is left. Its slim fashionable snap-on power case, will not only give you the easiest way to charge, but also the stylish touch to your iPhone 6, and no other external battery can give it to you.



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