Blizzard name change – Here is how to do it

Blizzard is a very popular gaming platform where you can purchase and play games. This platform includes many features and options, including chats and multiplayer gaming. For that reason, you can choose the desired name, and on Blizzard, it is called BattleTag. If you want to change your BattleTag, the platform allows you to do it once free of charge. If you change your mind later and want to go for another Blizzard name change, you will be charged $10. We are going to show you the steps for changing the name below.

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Steps for Blizzard name change

To change your BattleTag on Blizzard, follow the steps below:


  • Next, click on your current BattleTag located in the top right and then click Account Settings in the drop-down menu
  • Now select Account Details
  • Find the BattleTag section and click on the option “Update”
  • Enter the desired name and click Change your BattleTag.

The last step depends on whether you changed your name before or not. If you didn’t, a new BattleTag will show up right away. If you did, you will have to buy this option. Once you change the name, and you want to do it again, you will be charged $10.