Top Best 4K TVs To Buy In 2018

Television with 4K resolution has amazing clarity and come with a minimum resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Buying a 4K television is a huge investment and you definitely want to pick the right one. So, here is a list of top best 4K TVs to buy in 2018.

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List of top best 4K TVs to buy in 2018

Best 4K Tv With Amazing Color And Contrast

Samsung Electronics UN75MU6290 4K Smart LED TV

Top Best 4K TVs To Buy In 2018

Expect the resolution and clarity of a 4K television to be superb. The colors look lively and pure which make the pictures look realistic. Besides the colors, the contrast is amazing as well. The transition from day to night or dark to light is distinct.

The 4X quality is easily distinguishable from the one on a regular TV. It offers a Motion Rate of 120 so the fastest scenes are depicted in a smooth and clear way. The apps let you enjoy the music, movies and shows through your favorite entertainment channels. You have choices available from 40 inches to 75 inches.

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Best 4K TV With Amazing Features Like NBP Photon Technology

TCL 55C807 Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

Top Best 4K TVs To Buy In 2018

TCL gives you the experience of Dolby Vision through a super slim screen. You get HDR experience with advanced technologies – accurate colours, brighter and superior picture quality. It features NBP Photon technology, nearest to the colour palette of human vision. The design of the television is modish – the trim metallic frames and sleek lines give it a contemporary look. Even the back has been beautifully concealed with a cloth grill.

Your favourite programs are located at your fingertips and you don’t have to browse through complicated menus. There are more than 4,000 channels to stream from different genres. TCL gives you the option to plug in headphones and voice search and listen to videos or music through your TV. The remote has a clear interface and there is a headphone jack in it for voice search and easy navigation. These superior features make it one of the best 4K TVs to buy this year. You have three options in sizes – 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch.

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One Of The Top Best 4K TV From LG With Rich Color and Contrast Ratio

LG Electronics 65UJ63004K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Top Best 4K TVs To Buy In 2018

We already know how LG has been enhancing customer experience when it comes to electronics goods. The Active HDR feature alleviates the HDR experience by optimizing the content in every scene. Every picture is clear and its colours are rich – the dark is darker and the bright is brighter. Active HDR also supports backward compatibility so you get to see natural pictures with advanced colours. Any type of colour distortions is corrected by the Colour Accuracy so you get to see life like original colours. Also, in-plane switching used by IPS technology delivers rich colours so a specific contrast ratio is maintained while watching the television from different angles.

You can use the famous apps such as Netflix to stream videos and view it in 4K HDR. You have access to more than 70 premium internet channels that you get through the LG Channel Plus app. Users should, however, contact their internet providers to check the required bandwidth for streaming videos. Netflix has strict criteria while being featured on TV and this is TV from LG is one of their recommendations. You get new features and easy access to apps that will let you experience a whole new level of modern television.

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Best 4K TV From Sony With Amazing Sound Quality

Sony4K KD70X690E Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Top Best 4K TVs To Buy In 2018

This model from Sony TV is among the top best 4K TVs to buy in 2018. Select between three screen sizes of 50-inch, 60 inches, and 70 inches to enjoy superior quality pictures with amazing sound to compliment it. When HDR comes together with 4K UHD, the images that you see on your television are absolutely amazing. From delivering brightness in your screen to showing off the lively colors of the picture, this television from Sony promises rich viewing experience to its viewers.

You can observe every little detail which gives you a life-like experience, there is a huge difference between a regular TV and this 4K TV from Sony. All the images are upscaled through the 4K X-Reality so you get clear, smooth and natural pictures. The Dynamic Contrast Enhances brings out the texture in the images and makes every scene more vibrant and lively – the blacks are at their deepest and the brighter colors are close to their natural shades. On the remote, you have the buttons to access your favorite entertainment channels – YouTube and Netflix.

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One Of The Best 4k Tv With Simplicity

Sony 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Top Best 4K TVs To Buy In 2018

The interface is easy to work on and you have all your channels like Pandora, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. The remote of this Sony smart TV is simple with minimal buttons that are needed only making it easy to operate and navigate the TV. The Wi-Fi connects in no time and you can have the internet carried over to a bigger screen.

This TV has the excellent sound as well. The colors, of course, are vibrant and when you have 4K HDR there is no match for the quality of the pictures that are being displayed. This is an amazing TV to buy for your home.

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Best 4K TV With A very Clean Design

Samsung Electronics UN65MU90004K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Top Best 4K TVs To Buy In 2018

This is yet another model from Samsung that is definite to capture your heart. Every scene witnessed through the screen of this television is breath-taking and life-like. It offers expanded color and depth to every picture displayed and there is a distinct contrast between light and dark. The shades that this TV offers are much more than what the other TVs offer. It promises triple black extreme and brings out the tiniest detail in the scenes despite them being dark.

You get a motion rate of 240so you can enjoy all action and fast sequence scenes with clarity. Another unique feature of the TV is that the chords come out through is stainless steel stand which gives your space a clean look. The One Connect eliminates the need for extra HDMI wires so you have just one device that sits beside your TV. The sound is perfect and gives you the most amazing experience.

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One Of The Best Budgeted 4K TV From Vizio


Top Best 4K TVs To Buy In 2018

The bright colors and sharp pictures of VIZIO E70 look amazing. For all those who are looking for a budgeted Smart TV with the 70-inch screen then this is what they should opt for. You can have your phone connected within seconds. Once done you can stream your content to your TV. The minimal remote is perfect for handling all the channels. This model from VIZIO is among the best 4K TVs to buy if you are opting for a budgeted one.

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This is the list of top best 4K TVs to buy in 2018.

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