Like smartphones, laptops or any other type of technology, the market for television has also grown and developed. Today our regular television sets have evolved into smart and complex technologies that have the ability to perform several tasks other than just broadcasting movies and shows. So, if you are looking to buy a television this year here is a list of the top best 32 inch TVs 2018.

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Top Best 32-inch TVs 2018

10TCL 32S305

The first in the list of best 32 inch TVs 2018 is this model from TCL. This TV from TCL has a modern look and it offers some exciting features too. The HD display screen has a classy design and will look perfect in your living room. The interface of the TV is quite easy to operate and you have more than 4,000 streaming channels, gaming consoles, and other devices which can be operated seamlessly. The menu isn’t complicated at all and you have all your favorite channels at your fingertips. The built-in tuner lets you enjoy all the over the air channels which are free. You can search the streaming channels by actor, title etc. from one place with Roku Search. The 20 button remote is easy to handle and navigate. The direct-lit LED displays pictures of high quality  The refresh rate of this TCL model is 60 Hz so even the fastest scenes are seen without any blur.

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9Sceptre X328BV-SR

This 32-inch screen from Sceptre is a delight to own. For all those who support eco-friendly products, this TV is a must buy. The Sceptre TV bears Energy Star V7.0  which is given by the United States Department of Energy and the United States Environmental Protection Agency to products that are environmental friendly. The TV prevents greenhouse gas emission and meets the guidelines set by the above-mentioned departments. You can stream from your mobile or tablet to the TV. You can also use a flash drive in the TV and watch your favorite movies or videos or listen to music. With a resolution of 720 pixels, the HD screen offers clear and crisp pictures.

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8Samsung Electronics UN32J4001

The J4001 32 inch model from Samsung is a 720 pixels HD TV that offers clear and vibrant display. Offering a Motion Rate of 60 Hz the resolution of the pictures are clear even with the fastest scenes. The design is sleek and the TV is quite light in weight making it transportable quite easily. Clarity in pictures can be clearly seen and the colors are so lively that they make the screen look alive. You also get a 60-day free technical support on the phone so you can configure, connect and troubleshoot any problems on the phone. Samsung’s UN2J4001 is one of the best 32 inch TVs 2018.

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7Samsung Electronics UN32J5003

One of the best brands to own when it comes to electronics; this model of Samsung TV is a magnificent buy. The display of the TV is full HD and it has a resolution of 1080 pixels so you can watch things clearly. Wide Colour Enhancer feature of this TV offers enriched colors and high picture quality even on non-HD content. The ConnectShare Movie feature lets you connect and play movies or videos from a USB enabled camera directly. You can all use USB’s and view your photos, listen to songs or watch movies. The DTS Premium Sound is in-built in the TV so you get the best quality sound. Along with clear pictures, you also get clear dialogues.

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6Samsung Electronics UN32M5300A

Samsung never fails to offer the best so we have another stunner on this list of top best 32 inch TVs 2018, from Samsung. The viewing experience of this television is almost double the clarity of any other HD TV available in this category. This is a smart TV so you can see your shows or movies, access the apps, social media and even video on demand with the internet connected. USB connection lets you view the external content that you have stored in your flash drive. The Eco Sensor feature of this model lets you enjoy clear pictures while also saving on energy. The screen brightness of this TV is adjusted according to the light of your room. The Smart Hub lets you easily locate and play sports, music, movies, games and TV shows of your choice.

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5VIZIO D32-D1 D-Series

Every pixel of the picture is loaded with clarity when displayed on the 1080 pixel Full HD screen of VIZIO D32-D1D. Equal distribution of LED behind the screen helps the picture to have uniform light. You can now see fast-moving content highly accurately with the Clear Action 420. All the action scenes of the movies or from fast sports or the action in the video games are displayed without any motion blur or ghosting. You get a full-screen app home so you can navigate them easily. The apps are also updated automatically so you get to enjoy the latest features.

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4LG Electronics 32LJ550B

This is a marvelous smart TV from LG and it offers 720 pixels HD LED. The Colour Master Engineer lets you experience clear pictures with enhanced colors – so the black is blacker and the whites are pure while the other colors are more vibrant and energetic. The colors of the pictures look extremely pretty and life-like. A special process helps in enhancing the color wheel so the hue and luminance of the colors are bettered. Besides just watching online content you can also queue up movies according to your choice. You can also download your favorite apps such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video, VUDU, and others. The LG TV Plus app lets you connect your mobile to the TV and access all its content.  The LG Virtual Surround gives a surround effect enhancing the TV viewing experience. With so many exciting features waiting for you to explore this LG model is one of the best 32 inch TVs 2018.

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3VIZIO D32h-C0

This Full-Array LED TV from VIZIO offers a unique design and excellent picture quality. The Full-Array backlighting helps in distributing the LED’s at the back of the screen so the light is distributed uniformly and the performance of the picture on the screen is incredible.720 pixels HD resolution of the display lets you see crystal clear pictures on your TV screen. You also get a year’s warranty from the manufacturer with no extra costs. The Refresh rate is 60 Hz which effectively works on fast scenes so you can enjoy them without any blur. The remote is easy to operate as the buttons located on them are few and distinct so you don’t have to waste time in locating every button.

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2Samsung Electronics UN32M4500A

The M4500A from Samsung is an HD Smart TV with a vibrant display. It defines every detail of the picture that is being displayed on it. You get a built-in WiFi so you can connect your TV with it and experience the world of online content through it. The UltraClean View feature evaluates original content with an advanced system for superb quality pictures.The crisp and clear pictures viewed on its HD screen are a feast for your eyes. The Pru Colour feature brings out the accuracy in each color. The Samsung Smart Hub lets you locate your programs, music, shows, and movies.

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1Sony KDL32W600D

The last on the list of best 32-inch TVs 2018 is a Sony TV. It has the X-Reality PRO feature that lets you enjoy sharp and clear pictures. You get gleaming pictures with clear sound. The built-in Wi-Fi lets you connect the TV so you can browse and enjoy video channels online. You can also connect the USB and enjoy a variety of digital content as it supports a variety of codecs. The sound frequencies are managed by a computer model built-in the TV so you get to hear a smooth and clear sound. Samsung also offers screen mirroring so you can enjoy all the content on your mobile on a bigger screen.

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Each TV in the list has a set of unique features, so all you need to do is pick the one that you like the most. Enjoyment guaranteed.

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