Have you been searching the internet for the best spy cameras that you can use at your home or office? A good spy camera fits inconspicuously in the environment to ensure that no one is aware of its presence. You can use it to keep a tab on the nanny. It can help you find out if your home is safe or not even when you are away. Spy cameras can reduce the chances of robbery and even help in identifying those who try to break into your home. With security becoming a mounting problem every day, a good spy camera can help in keep your fears at bay. We have listed the best spy cameras in 2018 that you can use at your home or office.

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List of best spy cameras in 2018

best spy camera with SD card support

11Phylink PLC-128PW 720p HD Covert IP Camera

This camera is very small in size which means that you can install it anywhere without anyone knowing that the place is under surveillance. It has an 8-meter cable which allows you to connect the camera with power over Ethernet. It can be used to connect to other devices like alarm devices or gas detectors. The camera detects motion and alerts the users through push notification or by sending an email. It comes with an SD card slot which can support an SD card up to 128GB. The card has to be bought separately. You can access a lot of features that come with the camera through its app which is built for iOS and Android devices.

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Spy camera with 2 feet power cord

10Camera Hidden in A Wall Clock

For those who are aiming at being discreet, the wall clock spy camera is a great choice because it is considered to be in the top best spy cameras. It has a pinhole camera which uses electricity to stay powered on. The camera has a 2 feet power cord that you must connect to a wall jack for the camera to power on. Once it is on, it will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi and you can use the smartphone app for controlling the camera. A desktop software is also available. This will allow you to view live video from the camera and you can also record videos. The app is available for iPhones and Android devices. The camera is made of superior quality materials. The Wi-Fi connection i=can be established easily by anyone. The camera has a 16GB SD card memory.

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Best spy camera from Prweyn in 2018

9Prweyn Spy Camera Photo Frame

A spy camera hidden neatly in a photo frame is ingenious. There aren’t many people who are going to look for cameras up sleek photo frames which means that you can discreetly watch the people in and out of your home or office cabin without anyone knowing that you are watching them. It has 1280p x 960p resolution. It uses polymer lithium battery and it has a TF (Trash Flash) card slot for 2GB to 32GB cards. It does not offer Wi-Fi connectivity which may limit your ability to use the camera.

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Best spy camera with Wi-Fi connectivity

8LIZVIE GF-H100 Mini Wi-Fi Spy Camera Clock with Night Vision

This spy camera is so subtle that it does not have the lens showing at all. It supports Wi-Fi connectivity and it also comes with onboard storage. The 3.1-inch clock is based on a low-key design and it comes with an IR infrared frame that gives this spy cam night vision abilities too. The clock has a Micro SD card slot which can be used for up to 64GB micro SD card. It has up to 8 meters of night vision ability and can listen to conversations at up to 10 meters. It provides good quality video and audio. While the camera cannot be seen by any outsider it still functions perfectly well.

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Spy camera with 2-inch screen

7Jumbl Hidden Spy Camera Radio Clock

Another camera that is completely hidden is the Jumbl spy camera. The camera is installed in a radio clock and it is hidden so well that no one can get an inkling of the presence of a spy camera in this device. It has a motion detector and it also features Infrared Night Vision. This means that you can set the camera to begin recording as soon as motion is detected. It comes with a Micro SD card slot that supports 32GB storage. It is designed in a way that the camera can operate as a standalone device since you can watch videos in the 2-inch screen itself. It takes away the hassle of deleting old videos too by using the loop feature that allows the camera to overwrite old files.

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Best Spy cameras in 2018

6FREDI Hidden Camera Bulb

Spy cameras in 2018 are becoming better and more effective. The FREDI LED bulb functions as a bulb to light up your room, but it also provides the added benefit of a spy camera with a 360-degree angle. It has a 1/3 inch fisheye lens which makes it easy for you to view what is happening in your house or office when you are not around. It supports Wi-Fi connectivity. You will find it easy to connect the camera to Wi-Fi so that you can get started. It comes with a motion detector which allows the camera to send a notification to you when motion is detected while you are away. The loop recording feature makes sure that old files are automatically written on so that you do not have to worry about manually deleting files to free up memory.

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Best spy camera with TF card support

5PANNOVO Mini Spy Camera

This small camera is in the shape of a button and it fits any place easily so that you can watch over an area with no one knowing about it. It has the option of recording photos as well as videos. It supports a micro TF card up to 32GB. The camera is designed to be small and light. It comes with a remote control which gives you the chance to control the camera. The 3800 mAh lithium battery can work for 6 hours before it will need to be charged again. You can recharge the camera using a cable that comes in the box. It also comes with 1-year warranty.

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Best spy camera in 2018 with easy setup

4Eovas 8G Hidden Camera Sunglasses

This spy camera can be worn when you are on the go, or you can keep it on a wall shelf and let it record without anyone knowing that there is a camera in it. Once it is fully charged, it will give you 3 hours of recording. The device has a TF card slot which supports a maximum of 32GB TF card. The sunglasses come with earphones as well that allow you to listen in on conversations easily. It is an easy to use spy camera that does not require a lot of time to set up.

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Spy camera with excellent features

3Camakt USB Wall Charger Hidden Spy Camera

No one will find the camera hidden inside this usual looking wall charger until the time they look closely. The camera records to a Micro SD card hidden inside the charger. It supports up to 32GD memory. The camera records high-quality videos and images and it supports motion detection. You can have the camera work only when motion is detected or you can leave it on all the time and the loop feature will automatically overwrite old files to continue recording for you. The only downside to this camera is that it does not come with night vision.

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Best spy camera with smoke detecting feature

2VOTECOM Hidden Camera Smoke Detector

This is a real smoke detector equipped with a good quality hidden camera making it one of the best spy cameras available. It allows you to keep a watch on your home or office all the time with the ability to view videos remotely through the VOTECOM app. The app works on iOS and Android devices. You will have to connect this camera to the Wi-Fi system so that it can transmit videos to the app. The video resolution is a maximum of 1080p, but you can scale it down depending on the Wi-Fi connectivity. It sends out push notifications when motion is detected and it will also notify you when smoke is detected. You can pick from up to 7 levels of motion detection to choose one that is suitable for your house.

From $99.99

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Best spy camera in 2018

1Corprit Mini Pocket Video Pocket Camera

If you are planning to covertly record things then this pocket camera can be worn on your pocket so that you can record everything in the area you are. Alternatively, you can place it at an area in your house from where you can keep a watch on what is happening even when you are not around. It comes with loop recording so full memory will not bother the camera; it will simply overwrite old files. The video recording is done in clear HD and when it is fully charged, the camera will record for up to 1.5 hours.


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These are the best spy cameras in 2018 that you can get your hands on. With a discreet design and great features, all of these cameras ensure that you can easily watch on your home and office area even when you are away. It adds security to the place and most of them even notify you when they notice something unusual through motion detection.

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