Best Spy Cameras to buy in 2021

Summary –   Spy cameras have become increasingly popular in today’s world. A spy camera is a very small camera and is used to record the video of a person

Summary –

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Spy cameras have become increasingly popular in today’s world. A spy camera is a very small camera and is used to record the video of a person and his location without his knowledge. Some versions of this miniature camera are also capable of recording audio. They are primarily used for surveillance, although they are also used for commercial activities. Another common area where spy cameras are used is for parents to keep track of caregivers to check how they treat children in their absence such as when they are at work. Law enforcement uses these cameras to offer proof of misconduct or theft. Therefore, they also play an important role in protection and investigation. Spy cameras can be either wired or wireless. The wired type is often connected to a storage device that encompasses the recordings whereas the wireless model transmits the same to a receiver in a limited radius. The following is a list of the best spy cameras that you may find useful to meet your needs.

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Best spy cameras

Best Small Spy Camera with Video Recorder

Samiadat Mini Hidden Spy Camera Pen

If you are looking for a small spy camera that you can carry around with ease, this model with a mini pen body could be a perfect choice for you. This is a multi-functional camera. The camera is hidden, and there is an “HD Camera” function that delivers privacy protection. You can carry the camera and use it for various purposes. You can use it to capture videos as well. It has HD 1080P 1920*1080 Video Resolution. When the camera is in the Standby mode, it can take 4032*3024-pixels photos.

In addition, you can use the pen for writing, taking notes, and more. This camera with a pen body has a 32 GB SD card slot. The design of the pen is elegant and it charges pretty fast. The camera is compatible with Windows and Mac. As a plus point, it is very easy to use. Just press one button on it, and the recording will start.

Who should buy this?

  • Those who are looking for a small camera with a video recording feature
  • This camera can be easily carried around
  • It is easy to use and it charges fast
  • in the Standby mode, it can take 4032*3024-pixels photos

Best Spy Camera with Large Battery Life

ELValley Wi-Fi Hidden Spy Camera

ELValley Wi-Fi Hidden Spy Camera

The ELValley spy camera is very small that makes it easy to hide and to record photos and videos without anyone knowing about it. The mini camera records AVI videos with 1920 x 1080p resolution and HD format so that you do not miss out on any detail. It also supports 1280 x 720p and 960 x 640p resolution recordings at video frame rates of 15 to 30 fps. The device takes a picture every-time it detects motion and sends you a message on your smartphone.  The sensitivity of motion detection can be set according to your preferences. The unit offers provision to insert a TF card or a 64 GB micro-SD card for Wi-Fi streaming through an Android or iOS app.

The Wi-Fi camera supports alarm intervals and schedules, push notifications, and warning tones too. It also allows remote and local connections, multi-view, multi-user access, and password management. For remote connection, the associated smartphone should have access to the Internet through Wi-Fi or a mobile network. It encompasses a USB interface for you to connect the camera to any USB adapter. The camera is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows (computer), as well as iOS and Android (mobile) operating systems. The gadget features a 2,500 mAh rechargeable battery that you can charge, even when the recording takes place. The battery can be charged using a household power supply socket, 5 V vehicle power supply, or a portable power source.

Who should buy this?

  • The huge and powerful battery makes the ELValley spy camera worth giving a thought by people who are apprehensive of the battery draining very fast and interrupting the recording process
  • The password management feature ensures that the device is ideal for those who want to prevent others from trying to tamper with the spy camera and change the settings

Best Spy Camera with Wireless Charger

PannovoAVI Video Format Recording Hidden Spy Camera

PannovoAVI Video Format Recording Hidden Spy Camera

The Pannovo spy camera is a hidden camera fitted inside a wireless mobile charger. The spy camera records/shoots HD videos and photos. The videos get recorded in AVI format at 25 fps and have a resolution of 1280 x 720p. The PTZ lens in the camera is capable of rotating to the left and right at an angle of 160 degrees. The wireless camera supports the inclusion of a 128 GB micro-SD card, although it can be used without the memory card. The recorded videos can be viewed using a VLC or media player. The light on the camera keeps changing color continuously when the device is used as a wireless charger.

The camera can be connected to the router via a smartphone or a tablet to support remote monitoring from any location. When the notification function is activated, the camera notifies you using the phone app. It also takes a photo immediately and saves it to the app’s photo album. If you have inserted an SD card, you can adjust the motion detection setting for recording videos. The videos get automatically saved to the SD card. The gadget is compatible with Windows 7/XP, Android, and iOS operating systems, and supports a 2.4 G Wi-Fi connection. The spy camera comes with a DC charging cable, a user manual, and 12 months warranty.

Who should buy this?

  • The Pannovo spy camera is a great idea for people who are planning to buy both a wireless charger for their compatible devices and a spy camera for remote monitoring
  • The 128 GB memory card support ensures that the camera is suitable for those who wish to do a lot of recording

Best Spy Camera with Two-Way Audio Support

Zmodo Customized Motion Detection Hidden Camera

Zmodo Customized Motion Detection Hidden Camera

The Zmodo spy camera has a 2.1 mm lens with a 720p HD color image sensor and 115 degrees viewing angle to capture the entire room without having to tilt the device. The spy camera also encompasses black and white automatic infrared lights for night vision so that you can keep a track of the happenings in case of low light situations. It comes with an inbuilt microphone with two-way adjustable audio that has adjustable volume levels for you to listen to and connect through the Zmodo app or website. The device keeps you informed of motion detection through push notification alerts that are sent to your smartphone so that you are aware of what is happening. You can customize the detection so that movements in only specific areas are recorded and notified. The recorded videos have playback support so that you do not miss viewing any moment.

You can also choose a specific mode and time so that you get the notifications only during the specified time. The four-channel viewing support allows you to monitor four places at a time with just one operation. The gadget can be shared with others so that they can do all the things that you do as long as you assign the permissions. All recorded clips are stored for free for 12 hours in the Cloud so that they can be reviewed, customized, and shared easily. The home security camera is available in three variations of one or two cameras for indoor use and four cameras for outdoor use. The device comes along with a power supply for each camera and a quick guide.

Who should buy this?

  • The Zmodo spy camera is a great option for people who want interactive monitoring because of the two-way audio support
  • The device is ideal for those who want to set a specific location for recording on the camera

Best Spy Camera Inside a Digital Clock

Mksutary Camera Clock

If you are looking for a camera to monitor your home but you want to do that without causing any suspicion, this model is a great option. The camera is completely hidden in the alarm clock. The design is modern and yet very simple. This clock with a hidden camera has an HD 1080P video and a wide-angle lens. All the images and videos are super clear on the smartphone. In addition, the colors are natural. There are many useful features, including night vision. It allows you to see all the details and objects even when it’s dark. There is also motion detection. When any motion is detected, you will receive a notification to your smartphone.

The camera is compatible with Android, iOS, and PC. The setup is easy and simple. Once you get the camera, just install a dedicated app and monitor your home or business from any place at any time and all that without worrying about information leakage.

Who should buy this?

  • Those who want to monitor their home without causing any suspicion
  • The camera has many useful features such as Night Vision, Motion Detection, and Automatic Wakeup
  • It is compatible with Android, iOS, and PC.

Best Spy Camera in a Book

GooSpy Easy to Setup Spy Camera

GooSpy Easy to Setup Spy Camera

The GooSpy spy camera is located inside a book that makes it ideal to set up on a bookshelf. The spy camera records videos at a resolution of 1080p @ 30 fps in AVI format and is positioned at an angle of 75 degrees inside the book. The device has hidden controls on the side that are visible when the book is opened. The recording begins by just sliding a switch. The camera features an MD mode that starts recording videos when it detects any kind of motion. It has a very powerful invisible infrared light that supports super night vision and renders excellent clarity in darkness and low light. The unit also allows loop recording when a micro SD card is inserted into the memory card slot. You can use a memory card with a maximum capacity of 32 GB.

The videos recorded by the camera can be played on Windows and Mac systems using VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player, iTunes, and Quick Time. The camera encompasses a 10,000 mAh rechargeable battery that allows you to record without stopping when there is no IR and 9 to 10 hours when IR is activated. It comes along with a 2 A micro USB cable, a user manual, a reset pin, and a card reader.

Who should buy this?

  • The GooSpy spy camera is ideal for people who are looking for a device for their home security or office monitoring needs
  • The gadget is ideal for those who wish to monitor their child’s nanny’s activities when they are away

Other models worth buying

Spy camera with 2 feet power cord

Camera Hidden in A Wall Clock

best spy cameras

For those who are aiming at being discreet, the wall clock spy camera is a great choice because it is considered to be of the top best spy cameras. It has a pinhole camera which uses electricity to stay powered on. The camera has a 2 feet power cord that you must connect to a wall jack for the camera to power on. Once it is on, it will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi and you can use the smartphone app for controlling the camera. Desktop software is also available. This will allow you to view live video from the camera and you can also record videos. The app is available for iPhones and Android devices. The camera is made of superior quality materials. The Wi-Fi connection i=can be established easily by anyone. The camera has a 16GB SD card memory.

Best spy camera with Wi-Fi connectivity

LIZVIE GF-H100 Mini Wi-Fi Spy Camera Clock with Night Vision

best spy cameras

This spy camera is so subtle that it does not have the lens showing at all. It supports Wi-Fi connectivity and also comes with onboard storage. The 3.1-inch clock is based on a low-key design and it comes with an IR infrared frame that gives this spy cam night vision abilities too. The clock has a Micro SD card slot that can be used for up to 64GB micro SD card. It has up to 8 meters of night vision ability and can listen to conversations at up to 10 meters. It provides good quality video and audio. While the camera cannot be seen by any outsider it still functions perfectly well.


There are a few factors to consider when you plan to buy a spy camera. One of the vital parameters to be looked into is the area covered by the device. If you want coverage of a large area, then you will have to rely on wired cameras. However, if short distances are your focus, you can opt for the wireless counterpart. Also, while most spy cameras can be used in any environment, some of them are designed to cater to specific environments. So, this is another aspect that is worth looking into when you invest in this gadget. Last but not least, you may want to use a spy camera in your home, you may want a spy camera that is hidden from normal view. If that is the case, opt for ones that come hidden in normal household items like a charger, clock, or just about anything else.

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