Best smartphones for seniors to buy in 2018

If you are looking for some of the best smartphones for seniors , you will find them here. The inception of new technology has changed the world drastically and not just the youngsters are enjoying this technology – seniors enjoying as well. But the requirement of seniors might differ a bit. However, not to worry for that as today’s smartphone are being manufactured for everyone, so you will easily get the one that will be a perfect fit for you or someone you are buying it for.

Here is a list of the best smartphones for seniors that will help you decide which one to buy.

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Best Smartphones For Seniors

Best Smartphone For Seniors With Bigger Screen

Apple iPhone 6 Plus


This is one best Smartphone for older people with a bigger and high-resolution screen that let the older people enjoy movies, videos or any other show greatly. iPhone 6 Plus is great for seniors because it comes with basic and advanced features as the large view and adjustable background light help people with fading eyesight to enjoy everything. The price may be a bit higher than the price of other smartphones but the amazing faster performance is really enjoyable.

From $509

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Best Smartphone For Seniors Under $100

Samsung Jitterbug Touch 3


This is a perfect basic smartphone for senior people that is available under $100 on Amazon. One of the small phones equipped with all the needed and basic features to aid the senior people with hearing. The buttons are quite easy to touch and provides easy navigation. Some built-in apps like urgent medical care, access to nurses around the clock are available which is really helpful for senior citizens. So, this is no doubt one of the best choices to go for seniors.

From $60

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One Of The Best Smartphone For Seniors From Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Note 4


This is another simple Smartphone for seniors having a bigger 5.7-inch screen size which provides a large view. In case one finds it difficult to use fingers on the screen, the S pen is there to their rescue. Features like Google Now, Samsung Voice are the voice assistant that help you get answers to any questions, open the apps, call to any contacts and more. Also, high-quality camera on the back and front let you capture great images. It is available in affordable ranges.

From $289.99

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Best Cheapest Phone For Senior People

BLU Advance 5.0


If you are looking for the cheapest senior friendly device, BLU Advance 5.0 is the one you can look for. 5.0 inch IPS screen, excellent sound quality, great design, camera on both sides let the older people enjoy the device perfectly. Available under $100, this phone runs on the latest Android. The only drawback is the less internal memory, 4GB, but this will be enough. The design is attractive and the performance is also quite good.

From $59.99

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Best Smartphone For seniors With Water resistant Feature

Samsung Galaxy S5


Even though this phone is bit older than other devices, it is one of the best options to include in the list of basic smartphone for seniors. This phone is smaller than iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 so aging people can easily hold the phone in one hand as well. There is an option to increase the font size which is an added advantage for seniors. The camera is excellent in the front and back side. Another great thing is a water resistant feature, so in case it is dropped accidentally in water, the phone will stay intact.

From $164.89

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Best Smartphone For seniors In Affordable Ranges

HTC One A9


HTC One A9 is really a great phone for elderly people that is packed with all the needed and basic features. There are various reasons why this piece is considered as one of the best devices for senior people. First of all, it comes in affordable ranges, the screen size is big enough which provides a large view to the eyes and it is another advantage for old people. The sound quality is a great and high-quality camera on both the sides capture very clear images. It is a great choice.

From $294.50

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Best Smartphone For Seniors Under $300

LG Nexus 5X


LG Nexus 5X is a very simple Smartphone for seniors that comes packed with an excellent processor and faster performance. The screen is 5.2 inches which is good enough for the older people. Also, the camera is the great quality to capture high quality and clear images. Moreover, the senior people can customize the device according to their choice for easy uses. The device is easy enough to hold comfortably. The price is also not high, available under $300 from Amazon.

From $253.00

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One Of The Best Smartphone For Seniors With Excellent Screen

Nokia Lumia 1020


Powered by Windows 8 operating system, Nokia Lumia 1020 is a great device to own by the senior citizen that have some special features specially designed for the older people. The medium sized screen of 4.5 inches is just perfect for all including those having eyesight issues. The screen is featured with anti-glare as a result you can easily read everything on the screen in strong sunlight also. The camera is also great for capturing images and shooting videos. Overall this is a great piece to own.

From $195.99

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Best Smartphone For Elder People With Longer Battery Life

Huawei P8 max


This is another great device for seniors designed such a way that older people will find it easy and comfortable to hold and use. The screen is big enough with a 6.8 inch size and watching videos, movies, and shows is really fun. Those with eyesight issues will find to use the phone convenient. The RAM is 3GB so you will enjoy faster performance than on other similar devices. Another strong reason to consider this phone perfect for seniors is its long battery life which eliminates the need to charge it again and again.

From $375.99

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One Of The Best Basic Smartphone For Senior People Under $300

Emporia Smart


It is a European device available under $300. This smartphone is both, a touch screen smartphone while a physical keypad is also attached that can be used by those who are not comfortable with the touch screen. The keypad cover can be removed again. The interface is very comfortable and it provides easy navigation. The available stylus lets you control the device the way you want in case you are not comfortable with the touch interface. The screen size is 4.5 inches. The battery life is good as the device is packed with a 2600mAH battery.

From $278.01

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Here is a list of the best Smartphones for seniors. All these smartphones are featured with a bigger screen to provide a comfortable view to the seniors and also they are available in various ranges. So, you can easily go for the one you can afford.  The phones listed here are from a well-reputed brand like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, LG and they are packed with hthe igh-end processor to offer faster performance.

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