Best Deals of 2021

The holiday season has started – it’s the time for enjoyment, fun, gatherings, and of course, shopping! If you want to buy a new smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. for yourself

The holiday season has started – it’s the time for enjoyment, fun, gatherings, and of course, shopping! If you want to buy a new smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. for yourself or surprise your loved ones with some cool tech gadgets, you should get them now. During this week, you can get many cool things at much lower prices. Major retailers and online shops are offering products with huge discounts, including Amazon, Target, Wallmart, and so on. Most of the offers are available online, so you can buy the things you want with ease, with just a few clicks. Some are available in stores only. Here, we have listed some of the best deals of 2021.


Top Best Deals of 2021

Our list of the best deals of 2021 includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and more. So, if you are ready for some shopping, keep reading.


Smartphones, tablets and eBook readers

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X – If you want to buy the latest Apple’s flagship, iPhone X, and looking for a special deal, Walmart is the place. This retailer offers $300 gift card if you buy iPhone X. But, you can also go for some other model, such as iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus. It is a contract offer with one of the carriers, AT&T or Verizon. Here is the Walmart’s offer.

If you are planning to purchase iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, you should visit Best Buy. Here is the offer – if you buy iPhone 8 or 8 Plus with a monthly plan with Verizon, AT&T or Sprint, you can save up to $200. Here is Best Buy’s offer. Buying one of these phones at Target brings you a $250 gift card.

Sam’s club has an interesting offer as well. If you buy any iPhone (except the iPhone X) with a monthly plan with one of the carriers (Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T), you’ll get a $100 Sam’s Club gift card. Here is the offer.

Older iPhone models – If you are not too into the latest iPhones and looking for an older model, there are plenty of great offers. We already mentioned Sam’s Club that gives a $100 gift card. For instance, you can get iPhone 6, 32 GB, prepaid, at Walmart. There is also iPhone SE, 32GB, prepaid for $99. Or, you can go for iPhone 6s available on Best Buy and save $150.

Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, Note 8, Huawei Mate 9, etc. – Best Buy has an offer for those interested in buying Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, or Note 8. You can save $350, with a contract. For the same phones, Target gives a $300 gift card, so is Sam’s Club. On Amazon, you can buy Huawei Mate 9 for $399 and save $100. All these websites offer huge discounts on many other phones.

Carriers – All the major carriers also have some pretty great deals. For instance, Verizon offers 50% discount on Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel 2, and Moto Z2 force. Sprint has some pretty awesome deals for iPhones and Android phones. For instance, you can get a 50% off for Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus. T-mobile has a “buy one – get one” offer. AT&T also offers “buy one – get one” option and more.

Tablets – Amazon has some pretty awesome deals when it comes to tablets. You can buy Amazon Fire 7 for $29.99, or Fire HD 10 for $99. If you want to surprise your little ones, Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition is available for $69.99, and Fire 8 Kids Edition is $89.99.  Best Buy offers Galaxy Tab S3, 32GB, silver, for $479.99. Or, can purchase Galaxy Tab A for $227 at Wallmart. If you prefer iPads, Walmart has a bunch of great deals. You can purchase iPad Mini 4, 128GB for $399, or Apple iPad 32GB Wi-Fi for $249.

e-Book readers – Amazon gives special deals for their own products, so you can purchase Amazon Kindle for $49.99, or Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for $89.99.


Laptops and desktop computers

Laptops – Dell has some pretty awesome laptop deals. You can buy Inspiron 15 3000 Touch for $249.99, or New Inspiron 17 5000 with 8th generation Intel Core i5 Processor for $599.99. The company also offers gaming laptops such as New Inspiron 15 5000 Gaming for $699.99, and Alienware 17 laptop for $1599.99.

Microsoft offers Surface Pro i5 128 GB + Black Type Cover Bundle for $899, and Surface Pro i5 256GB for $1.099. You can get New Harman Kardon Invoke Speaker worth $199 for free if you buy a select Surface laptop.

If you prefer HP, the company has many treats in the store. The HP Envy laptop 15t touch is $999.99, and HP Envy 17t touch is $899. If you are looking for a convertible laptop, you can go for HP Envy x360 available for $619.99.

For those who prefer Apple laptops, B&H offers MacBook Pro 2016 with Touch bar for $1799. And if you are looking for something on a budget, you can buy Acer Convertible Chromebook for $272.17 on Amazon.

Desktop computers – there is a huge choice when it comes to desktop computers. If you are looking for something expensive, HP offers Omen desktop PC 880-160SE for $1199, while Dell gives a huge discount for XPS 27 Touch that you can get for $2449.99. On the other hand, if you want iMac, you can buy Apple 21.5 inch iMac with Retina display for $1179 at B&H.

There are many affordable desktop computers as well, such as Inspiron Small desktop for $269, and HP Slimline desktop 270-AO35Z for $279 and more.

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4K TV, gaming, Amazon Echo

4K TV – Here are some great deals for those who are looking for a 4K TV. At Best Buy, you can get Sharp 50-inch 4K Ultra HD TV Roku for $179.99 only. There is also Samsung 50-inch 4K Ultra HD TV for $399.99.

Gaming – there are plenty great deals for gaming lovers. Microsoft offers Xbox One S 500 GB, with one free game and one-month game pass for $189.99. The price is the same at Kohl’s. On Microsoft website, you can save up to $100 on Windows Mixed Reality headsets. On Amazon, you can purchase PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB console for $299. There is a great offer for Oculus Rift + Touch VR System that you can buy for $349.

Amazon Echo – If you have been planning to buy Amazon Echo, now is a perfect time. Here are the offers. You can buy Amazon Echo Dot (second generation) for $29.99, Echo (second generation) for $79.99, Echo Plus for $119.99, Echo Spot for $129.99, and Echo Show for $179.99.


These are some of the  Best Deals of 2021. We have listed many awesome products available in various online stores where you can find many other great things. Happy shopping!

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