Best Cheap Android TV Boxes to Buy In 2019

In competition with Apple TV, Roku and Western Digital; Android TV sets have done a commendable job in providing the best of consumer experience by introducing amazing features and giving the easiest and most convenient style of operations. A lot of companies have come out with Android boxes.

Streaming is the next new thing. We do not really download anything now, be it music or movies or games. We just stream it online. Companies grabbed these opportunities and came up with one device built on a trustworthy platform Android to tackle all your streaming sources of entertainment into one. Sit back, relax and enjoy the best of movies, TV shows, music and games all in one. So many cheap Android TV Boxes are available in the market due to excess competition.  2019 is the year of new and advanced technology which means we need a list of the best Android TV boxes to buy in 2019.

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List of Best Cheap Android TV Boxes To Buy In 2019


Amazon Fire Tv

Best Cheap Android TV Boxes to Buy In 2019

Amazon Fire TV is equipped with an interface that allows you to watch 4K videos in High Definition whenever you want within the comfort of your house. The inbuilt software of Alexa Voice Remote easily allows you to search for your favorite content on more than 190 channels and apps in one go. It is one of the most powerful tools in the device that makes your experience even simpler and more fascinating.

It is well equipped with all the latest streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu and many more. It even lets you have access to websites like Facebook and browsers like Firefox so that everything can be used on one device. You can have access to all your music, books and videos all under one Amazon account in a single place. The Amazon Fire TV promises to give you the best experience when you are watching live events as well.

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Xiaomi Mi Box

Best Cheap Android TV Boxes to Buy In 2019

The Xiaomi Mi Box is one of the most interesting contenders that are giving a huge competition to other Android TV Boxes. It allows you to stream 4K videos oh High Definitions and has a great Bluetooth voice remote along with it. Its compact and convenient set up provides an excellent product to the consumers at a very affordable price. Its intriguing design is acclaimed for its international award-winning presence. This device allows you to connect with the world of entertainment while relaxing back at home. All your favorite TV shows, movies, games, and apps all in one place with the most convenient usability structure.

It comes pre-installed with popular streaming websites and apps like Netflix, YouTube, Sling TV, Vudu, Fandango NOW and more. You can watch, play and get unlimited, top class entertainment for as long as you wish, with full access to all the hit shows- be it TV series or reality programs, blockbusters, all-time favorite radio stations and all the other videos that are going viral on the web. This device allows you to stream your favorite shows, movies, music and more on your phone, laptop, tablet and your widescreen TV.

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Matricom G-Box

Best Cheap Android TV Boxes to Buy In 2019

Matricom is Android taken to the next level. It has the most powerful features that ensure 100% amazing Android TV experience. The Matricom G-Box Q2 is definitely a value- for- money Android box for your home. It grants you access to all your favorite apps for streaming anything your heart desires. It has the inbuilt storage of 16 GB that allows you to save and download endless means of communication. It has a very fast processor that ensures no buffering and a great time relaxing back at home with friends, family and even alone. The solid structure of this device is very compact but don’t let that fool you because the features it provides are amazing.

All the Android TV accessories like HDMI cable, IR remote,  and power cord are included in the box. The box also contains a starter guide for the product. There is a great source of connectivity via Bluetooth that gives an extra edge to the gamers out there. Its remote just makes everything easier for the users. It is built on the latest Android platform supporting all the basic features and making it very easy for the users as they are very well familiar with the Android interface. It also supports Kodi application.

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Nvidia Shield TV

Best Cheap Android TV Boxes to Buy In 2019

Nvidia Shield TV is one of the strongest players in the Android TV Box category. Well connected with the Google lifestyle, enjoy all the streaming apps and websites, share photos, listen to music online, display your calendars and what not with the amazing Nvidia Shield TV. This device has the smoothest 4K HDTV streaming that makes watching your TV shows and movies an amazing experience. The best feature of Nvidia Shield TV is its voice- search capability and the 360-degree viewing service it provides on YouTube.

NVIDIA-powered gaming provides you with a very interactive gaming experience. It even enables you to go cordless and enjoy using the Nvidia Shield TV. Moreover, the facility of Google’s revolutionary voice search available on it helps you find your kind of entertainment within no time. It also does the work of price-comparing across all your favorite apps. The Google Assistant service available turns this device into a hands-free, smart device getting you the best viewing experience.

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With plenty of options to choose from, all at not too expensive prices, you can choose the best product which suits your entertainment requirements. The most prominent ones have been discussed in this article.

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