Best Smart TVs to buy in 2021

Summary –   Home entertainment has evolved on a whole new level with 4K televisions and Smart devices. They are more responsive, bundled with a wide range of features and


Home entertainment has evolved on a whole new level with 4K televisions and Smart devices. They are more responsive, bundled with a wide range of features and allow you to watch more content than conventional channels. Besides, some of the best smart TVs also have a dedicated mobile processor with graphics chip and are powered by the Android operating system.

When choosing a smart television, you can pick one based on the features you need, the display quality or the pricing. Some models are perfectly balanced between these major features but increasing the size of the display and resolution will obviously lead to an increased budget.

A smart television offers more than what a regular television does. You have the option to use internet on it. From browsing the web to streaming online music and videos a smart television gives you the chance to perform all these actions. It is basically a blend of flat-screen or a curved screen TV, computer and set-top box. Technology also lets a smart TV incorporate external devices like gaming consoles, smartphones, media players, Blu-ray players and other interactive devices which can use TV display outputs. If you are on a hunt to find a smart TV for your home we will help you find the best one. Here is a quick list of best smart TVs.

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Best Smart TVs 

Affordable 4K entertainment

TCL 43S405 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart TV

TCL 43S405 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart TV

Before venturing into the huge world of Samsung and LG LED televisions, TCL is a noteworthy addition you should consider. While there are some caveats about going with a lesser known brand as TCL like slow customer service and some obvious compromises in production, it delivers a smart TV UHD or HD experience at the most affordable rates.

The TCL 43S405 has a moderate sized 43-inch display but the best aspect is that it’s a 4K resolution panel. You can enjoy UHD bluray, 4K videos on YouTube and the television also has smart capabilities. Instead of going for some random apps, they have integrated Roku streaming services providing the best collection of apps you could ask for.

The UHD 43-inch TV delivers 120Hz refresh rate providing blur-free visuals and has multiple connectivity ports. It includes three HDMI ports, a USB port, composite, headphone jack, Ethernet port, an optical port and it syncs with a mobile app making it easy to browse through the apps available in it. The television has received excellent reviews and is an amazing product with a very affordable price tag.

Standout Features

  • 4K television at an affordable price tag
  • Smart features supported by Roku and offer all major apps like Netflix, Hulu to choose from

Smart LED TV with a brilliant display

LG 49LJ550M 49-inch Full HD Smart TV

LG 49LJ550M 49-inch Full HD Smart TV

LG is a popular manufacturer known for its amazing displays and build quality. The manufacturer has come up with a television that should be an ideal choice for most buyers. Instead of trying to push to 4K resolution, it delivers brilliant colors and bright display with a full HD resolution.

The LG 49LJ550M has a 49-inch display with a 1920×1080 resolution and delivers 60Hz. The specifications are adequate for watching movies and playing games on your console. The smart TV has a couple of popular apps like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. It runs on WebOS 3.5 and has basic connectivity options including two HDMI, a single USB, RF, Composite, Ethernet and optical ports.

While Web OS may not be on par with a Roku stick or a Chromecast, LG delivers a full HD television at a decent price tag and much better build quality when compared to some Chinese manufacturers.

Standout Features

  • Full HD television with smart TV functionality
  • It is bundled with all popular apps and is reasonably priced

Experience brilliant sound quality and picture

Sharp P5000U 43-inch Full HD Smart TV

Sharp P5000U 43-inch Full HD Smart TV

Sharp products are known for their excellent sound quality and their display is on par with the acoustic fidelity. The new Sharp P5000U is a 43-inch television with a 1080p display. It can easily join the best smart TVs list with its stylish yet simple design and the range of features available that makes it truly smart.

Most televisions focus on providing popular apps that people frequently use and the Sharp 43-inch TV is no different. The device has Vudu, Pandora, Netflix and even Facebook to let you browse social media in your living room.

The picture quality is significantly improved with the help of AquoMotion technology and it is also equipped with dbx-tv sound technology which allows you to enjoy crystal clear audio without having to use external speakers. Sharp has found a fine balance between delivering the best picture clarity, audio while keeping the pricing of the model at an affordable range.

Standout features

  • Excellent sound quality made possible by Sharp’s exclusive technology
  • Better color reproduction

Best smart TVs with QLED technology

Samsung QN55Q8F 55-inch QLED 4K UHD TV

Samsung QN55Q8F 55-inch QLED 4K UHD TV

OLED is the coveted technology in televisions due to their hefty price tag but there’s no better brand to buy it from than Samsung. The Samsung QN55Q8F55 is a smart television integrated with AI technology, something that no other product can come close to.

It is equipped with exclusive features like Q Contrast elite, Q HDR and is capable of producing deeper blacks made possible by its QLED technology. The concept is similar to OLED but Samsung possibly introduced it to keep the pricing slightly lower while delivering better value.

The 55-inch QLED display has a 4K resolution and HDR support. The TV even has a fancy ambient mode to use a wallpaper, solid color or photo to blend it with the atmosphere. The model supports Bixby voice assistant allowing you to easily find the apps you need, movies or TV shows. Its smart TV functionalities are further enhanced when you can say a movie name and it automatically finds it in Netflix or a favorite app you like.

Standout Features

  • The QLED display provides best color and contrast ratio
  • True HDR support and is also equipped with Bixby voice assistant

Large UHD display with Motionflow XR technology

Sony KD60X90E 60-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Sony KD60X90E 60-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Do you love enjoying your movies and games on the largest possible display? While a projector can push it to 120-inches or more, the Sony smart TV provides the best possible size in a television and bundles a whole lot of other features to sweeten the deal.

The Sony KD60X90E has a 60-inch display which will provide you with the most immersive experience possible. The television has 4K resolution to further enhance it and provide more pixels per inch. The product supports HDR making it capable of producing better contrast ratio and colors. It has three HDMI ports with a single USB port, composite, and composite hybrid port.

The number of ports found on this television sounds adequate but the manufacturer didn’t mention an audio jack. If you are planning to connect external speakers, you may have to purchase an AV receiver if it lacks the 3.5mm audio jack. The remote control has dedicated YouTube and Netflix buttons allowing you to access them with a single touch.

Standout Features

  • Equipped with Motionflow XR technology which allows you to watch fast-moving images like sports with clarity
  • Dedicated YouTube and Netflix buttons on the remote

True HDR technology with a 120Hz refresh rate

LG 65UJ7700 65-inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV

LG 65UJ7700 65-inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV

The LG 65UJ7700 is a premium product in every aspect as it sports a large display and appropriately pairs it up with a 4K resolution. Viewers can expect the best visual fidelity as the 4K resolution is best experienced on a large display as the one found in this LG television.

The 65-inch display packs a punch in terms of color, contrast ratio and is capable of delivering deep blacks. People who are ardent connoisseurs of the best smart TVs are usually aware of the fact that reproducing the right level of black is the toughest part of any display. The LG product is equipped with active HDR which you can witness when you play games on Xbox One S console or view movies from a UHD Blu-ray.

In terms of visual and audio, the LG smart television is also certified with Dolby Vision and its smart functionalities are powered by WebOS 3.5. The operating system brings a slew of features including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu apps among many others allowing you to stream all your paid content without having to buy a Chromecast or Roku stick. It not only reduces expenses but also provides you with the convenience in your own smart TV.

Standout Features

  • True HDR color reproduction supported by Dolby Vision technology
  • All major apps are built-in and it also supports Sling TV

Other models worth buying

Expensive but fantastic

Sony XBR55X900E

Best Smart TV’s

Sony has been offering the world some of the coolest electronics for many years. This model comes in four screen sizes – 45 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches and 75 inches. You can access your favorite apps and content through this smart TV. 4K Ultra HD picture brings clarity, detailed colors and contrast. The X1 4K HDR Processor is what makes the pictures look realistic on the screen. The slim design of the TV gives it a flawless and classy look. Motionflow XR lets you see fast-moving actions without any motion blur. With Full-Array Local Boosting and Dimming give lets you enjoy deeper blacks when there are night scenes and brighter scenes when there are day scenes. Televisions from Sony have known to amaze its users and they happen to develop some of the best smart TV’s in the market.

Pricy, feature-rich smart TV


Best Smart TV’s

This is another model that deserves to be on the list of the best smart TVs. It comes in two screen sizes – 55-inch and 65-inch. The Picture-on-Glass design lets the users experience the all-new level of watching television. The experience is breathtaking. In order to give the TV a slim and flawless look, the OLED module has been applied straight on the glass back panel. The Black and Cinematic ColourLG OLED pixels have been directed to create light and turn off to get that impeccable black level and zero light drain. Thus you have vibrant and lavish colour on the screen of your smart TV. LG ensures that its users get the perfect blend of sharp image and clear sound and this is made possible by Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos that are present together in this model. The Dolby VisionActive HDR optimizes and analyses HDR 10 content and gives you a breath-taking view.

A great smart TV under $2000

LG Electronics 75UJ6470

Best Smart TV’s

This model comes with a 75-inch screen and loads of features to flaunt. You can now relish your movies and television shows on this superb screen in HDR quality. The ultra-accurate colors add to the charm of the pictures giving you an extraordinary viewing experience. The webOS lets you stream video apps from most popular channels in HDR. You get more than 70 premium channels through the LG Channel Plus app. It features IPS technology which uses in-plane switching to offer rich colors and a powerful contrast ratio which continue to be unswerving at wide viewing angles. So, you can watch your TV from any part or corner of the room and still get the same viewing experience.

One of the best smart TVs under $1500

Sony XBR65X850E

Best Smart TV’s

Sony promises life-like picture viewing like never before. The technology is so advanced that even the non-HDR content looks like 4K HDR quality. The HDR Remaster is an object-based technology which detects and optimizes every object individually and adjusts the contrast of the TV screen in a more natural and realistic way. The colours of the television are vivid and rich and it displays more shades of blue, red and green resulting in vibrant and accurate pictures. You also get Google Assistant which is built-in this TV. All you need to do is ask and it will play your favorite song, check the score of the game, etc. Sony never disappoints its users and gives the superior class products, including some of the best smart TVs.

Huge 4K Smart LED TV

Sharp LC- 80UH30U

Best Smart TV’s

The smart TV from Sharp offers crisp, clear and high-quality viewing. SPECTROS Rich Colour Display offers colors which are more diverse and vibrant. Whether you are viewing lush green sceneries or dark starry nights every color is highlighted at its best. You get the Android platform on your TV so you can enjoy all the apps and games that you like to access on your phone. AquaMotion 960 offers clear images even when the images are moving fast on the screen. AQUOS 4K Ultra HD supports 4K UHD streaming. You just need to connect to the internet to access and stream from channels.

The best smart TVs are available with different price tags and varying resolution. If you are looking for a budget-friendly model, the Sharp or cheaper LG variant with 1080p display should be an ideal pick. The more expensive ones may cost over two grand and are designed for people who are willing to spend more to get newer technologies such as OLED panel. The new entrants like Vu, Vizio and TCL are good brands as they offer 4K smart TVs while compromising slightly in terms of audio quality.

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