Best Android Armbands to buy in 2021

Summary –   An Android smartphone is one of the handiest devices in the world today. However, be it an Android or an iPhone, the troubles of carrying the phone


An Android smartphone is one of the handiest devices in the world today. However, be it an Android or an iPhone, the troubles of carrying the phone as you are working out or going around the track on a lap is always there. Your hands need to remain free during these activities. You cannot keep the phone in your pockets either as it may accidentally slip and fall out. Armbands are an effective way to carry your phone in such situations as they provide a secure place for the phone while keeping your hands free. The best Android armbands are just around the corner and all you have to do to get to them is to make an internet search.

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Best Android Armbands

Best Android Armband for an Easy Fit

Sports Armband

E Tronic Edge Sports

If you like the occasional burst of adventure, then an armband is an immediate necessity for you. Physical activities such as running, walking, mountaineering, hiking, rock climbing, etc. are great for the body. All these activities, however, require the use of both your hands. An armband such as the E Tronic Edge Sports Armband is a great tool to aid you in such situations. It provides a secure place for your phone while keeping it easily accessible and your arms free.

This armband is versatile and can be worn by anybody with or without well-developed arms. The armband is constructed from such materials that allow it to be a snug fit around any arm irrespective of health or gender. A strong and powerful strap allows the armband to fit around your arms. You do not need to put the phone inside a zippered pouch. There is a stretchable holder that can hold phones of different sizes tightly. This allows for easy accessibility of your phone. The added rotating feature makes it even better. You can rotate your phone by 180⁰ so that it further enhances its accessibility.

Who should buy this?

  • The material of an armband is crucial and bad material leaves rashes and red marks on the skin. This armband is for all those having sensitive skin. The soft material will fit perfectly and not leave any mark on the skin.
  • Those of you who like to use the GPS function of your phone, listen to and change songs, and even talk on the phone while running can find great utility with this amazing armband.

Best Android Armband Which Won’t cause Skin Irritations

VUP Running Armband

VUP Running

An armband is a highly functional unit that is designed to make your workout routine or your running easier. Different types of details are paramount in crafting an excellent armband. Different features bring out the best in armbands such as a material that enables moisture-wicking or straps to keep the headphone wires in place. The VUP Armband for running is one extraordinary tool that has catered to all these minute details to craft the perfect armband for you. The most important thing about this armband is that it is made from skin-friendly materials. Lycra in addition to neoprene is used to make this armband. These materials are stretchable and durable and do not cause unwanted rashes and irritations on your skin. It is also very effective at absorbing moisture and sweat, thus keeping your phone safe.

The VUP armband is loaded with a range of unique advantages. The armband is so designed that it can easily support all the phones that are in the range of 4” to 5.5” diagonal dimension. A case can be attached to the armband to protect your phone from outside elements such as dust and rain, but it will not affect the working of your phone. The phone can be rotated by a full 180⁰ on an axis upon the armband. This enhances the flexibility of the use of your phone as you are running or working out. A 3-year warranty backs this exclusive armband for Android phones and you can even claim a full refund against it if you are having problems within 30 days of purchase.

Who should buy this?

  • Those who have sensitive skin require the best of materials otherwise their skin will show signs of irritation such as reddening and rashes. The materials used to craft this armband are gentle on the skin and do not cause such irritations.

Best Android Armband Made From Plush Composite Materials

Tribe Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband

Tribe Water Resistant

If you want to select an armband for your Android phone, you will be astounded by the number of options available. The Tribe Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband is a decent choice with stylish looks and functional features. This exclusive armband is available in very quirky and unique shades to glam up your style while running. A composite material made from a mixture of polyurethane with neoprene and Lycra is used in the construction of this armband. The resulting material is very sturdy and durable and is highly resistant to sweat and water. Thus, your Android phone is never going to fall off or get damaged from rain or your sweat.

The materials used in the making of this armband are also plush and comfortable. The armband is loaded with a dual strap lock that holds the armband in place and your phone securely to its pouch. The front side of the pouch that holds the phone has a thin transparent covering- the thin layer ensures fully functional use of your phone while the covering ascertains that the phone is not affected by dust, rain, and so on. A slot enables you to effectively place your headphones too without having the wires all entangled! This allows you to listen to songs, manage playlists, receive or make calls easily and so on using this armband. You can hold phones of varying sizes up to 6.5″ using this armband. Do any form of strenuous exercise while you are using this armband and there is no chance of the phone slipping off and getting damaged in any way.

Who should buy this?

  • For those who need an armband that will hold on tightly to their arms while they exercise or work out.

Best Android Armband with a High Degree of Functionality

JEMACHE Galaxy Armband


The JEMACHE Galaxy Armband is an exceptional armband to help you with your running and work out rituals. The armband is made from very soft and comfortable materials giving it a nice edge and feel. The armband is made from neoprene and Lycra materials. Both the materials contribute to an easy-fit, comfortable and durable armband. It is equipped with lots of functional features that make it amazing. The fabric is washable ensuring that you get a clean and hygienic armband from time to time. The armband is also equipped with a reflective strip that ensures visibility in low light situations. This is a great armband crafted for bigger phones such as Galaxy S9 Plus and Galaxy S10 Plus. It is so spacious that you can even fit these phones with their covers on, into this armband.

The pouch in which you insert your phone is protected from all sides. The Lycra-neoprene composite material is water-resistant. The front side of the holder has a transparent PVC screen. It does not hinder the touch functions of your phone but prevents dust and moisture from affecting it. The armband also has access points that allow you to access the volume control button, power button, and so on. The armband features extra pockets that can hold apartment keys, cards, cash, and other paraphernalia that you need to carry around while running or working out. It has adjustable straps and A/B slots that help you to wind it comfortably around most arms. It is for arms of a diameter between 20 and 40 cm. You can also attach an extender strap that allows an additional 16 cm.

Who should buy this?

  • Those who like to carry their phone around in a protective case will find this to be a very handy armband. It allows you to carry the phone without having to remove it from the cover each time.
  • If you want full protection for your phone, this is the armband to rely on. The moisture-wicking fabric on the back and protective PVC covering on the front gives your phone complete protection from the corrosive elements of nature.

Best Android Armband Made From Adaptable Silicone Material

Bone Collection Running Armband

Bone Collection

The Bone Collection Running Armband has a very high degree of adaptability. The armbands that are generally available to you over the internet are somewhat tailor-made for very particular designs of different phones. However, with this amazing Android armband, that is certainly not the case! A silicone-based material, elastic in nature, is used to craft this armband. The exclusive material ensures that this armband can snugly fit any phone that measures between 4” and 6.5” diagonally. It is also a comfortable material that can wrap around most arms without causing any discomfort. It doesn’t matter whether you are using one of those older, smaller smartphones or a new 6.5” Galaxy smartphone, you can fit them all. The holder is stretchable and thus can hold your phone very securely.

The front side of the phone holder is not equipped with a cover allowing you to easily access all the functionalities of your phone. The silicone material is used in the construction of this durable phone holder while a delicate yet sturdy neoprene material is used for the band that goes around your arm. Neoprene is very soft to touch and can easily absorb moisture and sweat. The material has small perforations making it very breathable which is essential in keeping your arms cool when doing rigorous exercises. Such strict measures ensure that your phone is never affected by moisture which is a problem with the older armbands. The materials used are so durable that you can even wash them from time to time thus ensuring that your armband stays clean and hygienic at all times.

Who should buy this?

  • If you are someone who changes their phone very often or uses more than one phone, this is a very desirable armband. It is a versatile tool that can support different sizes of phones very easily.
  • Those who are afraid that your phone may get affected by sweat will find that this is a lovely armband that absorbs all the moisture. It is also made of breathable materials that keep your arms cool while ensuring that it does not sweat much!

Best Android Armband to Fit the Large, Modern Phones

Trianium Armband

Trianium Armband

The TrianiumArmband is a very well-crafted armband to go with. The newer smartphones have quite a big frame of 6” to 6.5” and this armband is designed keeping those phones in mind. A very interesting aspect of this armband is that you can even put the phones in their cases and still put them in this armband comfortably. You can go for any Otterbox or LifeProof case for your phones while using this amazing armband. The newer Galaxy series of phones such as Galaxy 9 and 10 are an amazing fit into the phone holder of this armband. It holds on to your phone strongly irrespective of how strenuous your routine is.

Neoprene material is used to craft the Trianium Armband. It is a very durable material that is highly elastic and can stretch without breaking. You can even twist and turn the holder case without damaging it. A transparent cover protects your phone from the top. It prevents dust and water from entering and harming your phone while ensuring full touch functionality. However, you cannot access the fingerprint sensor of your phone through this cover. The neoprene material is moisture-wicking and absorbs all your sweat thereby preventing it from damaging your phone. The Velcro attachment is an effective way to hold the armband in place. The armband can be wound around arms up to 14” in diameter.

Who should buy this?          

  • The Trianium Armband is the perfect fit for anybody who has considerably thinner arms capped at 14” diameter.
  • This is the perfect kind of armband for anyone who is very careful about their phones and needs to protect it at any cost as it provides a full 360⁰ protection for your phone.

Best Android Armband for 360⁰ Protection of Your Phone

Revere Sport Waterproof Running Armband

Revere Sport Waterproof

You may go for running or you may be going through a strenuous workout routine, but that does not mean that you have to keep your smartphone away. The smartphone has become an integral part of our daily life and so, you may want to carry it wherever you go. Revere Sport has a range of Waterproof Running Armband that allows you to carry your phone everywhere. The armband is a very well crafted product and easily fits your Samsung Galaxy 10 smartphone into its sturdy and secure phone holder. The armband is so lightweight that you will not even feel it strapped to your arms. It is so crafted that all the exciting features of your phone are laid down in front of you in an easily accessible manner. The touch display is fully accessible. The phone armband also has separate compartments wherein you can carry your keys, cards, some money, and other such paraphernalia.

Lycra is used to craft this amazing armband and it is layered with a waterproof coating. The front side of the armband also has a cover. Therefore, this armband can protect your phone from all sides from sweat, rain, dust, and so on. The material is also soft and comfortable and fits very well on your arms without causing any trouble. Whether you have well-developed arms of 17.5″ or you are skinny and have just started working out having arms at 9″ diameter, this armband will fit you all. An extender strap is added to this armband which enhances its stretchability and ability to accommodate bigger arms.

Who should buy this?

  • If you want an armband that can be used for a long time and that which can fit an array of arm sizes, then the Revere Sport Waterproof running Armband is the go-to product for you.
  • Those who like their phone to be fully secure as they are working out or running will find that this armband is an excellent tool that always delivers.

Best Android Armband for All Phones and All Arms

Sprigs Armband for Galaxy S10/S9

Sprigs Armband

The Sprigs Armband for Galaxy series is a wonderful armband with a very simple design that can wrap around anyone’s arms. The simplicity of the design ensures that you can easily fit in any phone into the pouch too. Be it the latest models of Galaxy or iPhones which are very big or older versions of phones that have an approximate size of 5″, this armband is ready to support all of them. This armband is available in 4 different sizes to fit any arm perfectly. This implies that whatever your age, gender, or shape of the body, this armband will snugly fit around your arms. The soft material ensures that the armband is not too tight around your arms and ensures proper blood flow.

All your small things such as keys to your apartment, cards, money, etc. along with your phone can be easily stored in this amazing and spacious armband. The inner lining of the armband is laden with grip dots. The function of these grip dots is to enhance the traction between your arms and the armband. This ultimately ensures that the band always stays in position as you are running or working out. Like all other armbands, this armband also is likely to get all sweaty and dirty from repeated use. However, the material of this armband is very easily washable and you will get a fresh, clean, and hygienic armband after every wash, every day!

Who should use this?

  • For those whose major concern is hygiene, this is an amazing armband to own. The material grips your arms tightly and does not let go and can be washed and cleaned regularly.
  • If you like to show off colors this is a terrific armband to go for as it is available in many vibrant shades that you can flaunt each day!

Best Android Armband to Keep Moisture Away From Your Phone

i2 Gear Cell Phone Armband

i2 Gear Cell Phone

The i2 Gear Cell Phone Armband is a unique and very handy product that you can rely upon. When you go for workouts, yoga, running, or any other such activities, it might be difficult to access your phone all the time. Carrying your keys, cards, money, etc. during these activities also takes away the charm of doing these activities. The i2 Gear armband will take away all these worries and provide you with a safe and secure medium to carry all of these articles. This is a phone armband that is designed to carry the bigger phones around. However, when you are using the armband, it is better to remove the phone case as it may not fit into the dedicated holder. The armband can support phones up to a dimension of 5.92” x 3.1” x 0.34”. You can also insert all those extra articles such as keys and cards into their dedicated pouch and carry them around securely as you go about your activities.

The phone armband is made from neoprene material giving it a soft feel and a comfortable texture. The material can soak moisture and sweat and keeps your phone protected at all times. The front side is equipped with a transparent covering. This protects your phone from rain and other sources of moisture but does not hinder the touch capabilities of your phone. There are three openings on the underside to allow for USB or audio jacks to be inserted. You can listen to your favorite songs and take calls easily while going through your regular activities. The strap can be used around arms up to 15” in diameter.

Who should buy this?

  • Anybody who needs a compact armband to carry all the essentials while going for a run can depend on this amazing phone armband.
  • If you are looking for an armband that will always be a snug fit around any arm, then the i2 Gear Phone Armband is the perfect choice for you.

Best Android Armband with Protective Reflective Strip

PORTHOLIC Running Armband for Cell Phone


Exercising daily is great for your body. Running or rigorous workouts would do wonders for you. But whenever you are involved in these activities, using your phone becomes a difficult thing. You may simply want to listen to music while running but you need to keep the hands free or the phone may slide out of your pocket. To avoid such situations, you can go for the PORTHOLIC Running Armband for Cell Phone. This is an amazing way to carry your phone and essential items such as house keys while effectively keeping your arms free. The armband can securely hold any phone that has a diagonal dimension of up to 6.7″. This means that all the latest phones such as Galaxy S10 Plus etc. can be easily fit into the holder, albeit without a cover. The armband is equipped to fit arms ranging from a diameter of 7.5″ to 18.5″.

The phone armband is made from a comfortable material. The best thing about it is that the material is perforated to allow passage of air. This is instrumental in keeping your arms cool as you run or workout. The surface of the material is waterproof and thus protects your phone from behind. The transparent TPI covering on the front offers excellent protection too. This material ensures that you can access all the touch functionalities of your phone without any hassles. The fingerprint sensor might not work but you can still access your phone using the Face ID feature with this amazing armband. The phone armband also features a hidden pocket to store all those items such as keys and cards.

Who should buy this?

  • The PORTHOLIC Running Armband for Cell Phone is an amazing product for those who love to run or do workouts regularly but do not like to keep their phones in the back pockets.
  • This phone armband is highly efficient in keeping moisture away from your phone at all times and is great for those who are particular about their phone’s security.

Best Android Armband for tangle Free Solution

LOVPHONE Running Cell Phone Case


If you like to carry your phone while running or working out but do not know how to effectively do so, trust the LOVPHONE Running Cell Phone Case. This is a very helpful solution because it features enough space to carry your phone along with essentials such as keys to your apartment. You do not have to carry any extra load to carry these items nor have to worry about them slipping out. This is a very stable and comfortable phone armband that will help you tremendously because of its compact shape. It is crafted from neoprene which is soft to touch and does not cause any rashes or irritations to your skin.

The phone armband is waterproof. It has moisture-wicking properties that ensure no moisture ever reaches the delicate interiors of your phone. It also has a PVC screen on the front which further enhances the waterproof properties. The PVC cover does not hinder any touch function on your phone. The armband is lovely and fits very well around any arm ranging from 10” to 15”.

Who should buy this?

  • If you are prone to skin irritations, this is an amazing phone armband for you. The cell phone running armband is crafted from high-quality neoprene. This ensures that all kinds of skin irritations such as reddening or rashes are kept at bay!


Choosing the best running armband for phones is a very easy thing to do. The two major points that you need to consider while selecting a phone armband are the price and the ease of accessibility of your phone when it is in the armband. There is no point in spending an exorbitant amount on a phone armband but if you spend well, the quality of the material would be good. On the other hand, it is necessary to go for one which keeps your phone accessible. You can go for an armband that allows rotation of the phone and therefore enhances accessibility. You may also go for an armband that features a protective pouch to protect your phone from dust and moisture. Your choice will depend upon what you expect out of the armband. It is also imperative that you choose the material wisely because some materials may irritate the skin.

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