Best 55-Inch TVs to buy in 2021

With new technologies and extreme competition, TVs have become more affordable and feature-packed as they are today. Unlike a few decades ago there are dozens of high-quality brands and plenty

Best 55-Inch TVs to buy in 2021

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With new technologies and extreme competition, TVs have become more affordable and feature-packed as they are today. Unlike a few decades ago there are dozens of high-quality brands and plenty of different types of TVs to suit anyone’s preferences. Nowadays large TVs are all the rage and 55-inch displays hit the right balance between a large screen and a reasonable price point. Moreover, most 55-inch models today support 4k resolution and have built-in TV services to boot. Here are some of the best 55-inch TVs in the market today.

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Best 55-Inch TVs

One of the Best 55-Inch TVs



The LG OLED55C9PUA comes with an OLED display, 4k resolution, LG a9 Gen 2 intelligent processor, LG THINQ, Alexa, Google Assistant, Nvidia G Sync compatibility, HDR, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos, WiSA speaker compatibility, and built-in Airplay 2. When it comes to 4k 55-inch TVs, there is no better product than the LG OLED55C9PUA with great features, image quality, and value. For this reason, it gets special mention at the top of our list and is definitely a TV that you should consider looking at. It might look like it’s a bit more on the expensive side but it’s worth every penny.

The first thing that you notice is how thin this TV is. It’s almost impossible to see it from its side that itself goes on to prove how sleek the design actually is. It also comes with HDMI 2.1 that instantly sets it apart from a lot of its competitors. There are a total of 4 HDMI inputs, 3 USB ports, terrestrial and satellite tuner, LAN port, CI slot, optical digital output, built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirPlay 2. As you can see, connectivity will never be an issue with this TV. Viewing angles are superb and way better than a lot of its competitors. The response time is almost instantaneous making it a great TV for playing games on.

It features the latest version of WebOS which is an amazing platform with some cool features that bring a lot of conveniences when it comes to recommendations based on your viewing habits. It not only takes into consideration the content that you watch but even the time of the day when you watch it. As it is an OLED display, the image quality is spectacular and it comes with a 4-step noise reduction for an unparalleled viewing experience. In short, if you looking for the very best that 55-inch TVs can offer, this one is one of the finest in the market today.

Who should buy this?

  • Ideal for movie lovers and pretty much anyone who values an immersive and spectacular viewing experience.
  • It’s perfect for those who love tech as it features a ton of cool features including AI-powered ones.

One of the Best Budget 55-Inch TVs

TCL 5-Series Roku TV

TCL 5-Series

The TCL 5-Series Roku TV comes with a 4k UHD QLED display, LEDcolor technology, Dolby Vision HDR, LEDbacklighting, auto-game mode, Alexa, and Google Assistant compatibility. When it comes to affordable 55-inch TVs there are plenty of models in the market today but by our metric, there is nothing that provides the same value as the TCL 5-Series Roku TV. It costs less than half of the TVs by its competitors but when it comes to your overall viewing experience, it gives much more than those and for that reason, it makes our list as one of the best 55-inch TVs out there today.

This one scores points for its design especially when you consider how low its price point is. It is easily one of the most beautifully designed 55-inch TVs in the market today in the low-end segment. The brushed chrome finish around the outside bezel and at the bottom looks amazing. The LEDs that are present throughout the screen lights it up uniformly. It comes with 4 HDMI 2.0 ports with HDCP 2.2, 1 USB 2.0 port, 3.5mm headphone jack, Optical Audio Out, and an Ethernet port for connecting multiple devices including old gaming consoles. It’s good to use as a PC monitor too which is an added value.

When it comes to its smart platform, Roku TV is pretty awesome. No matter what streaming services you use, it will still allow you to search and find plenty of similar services at lesser and sometimes free of cost. This is important because there are some TVs in the market today that literally pushes you in the direction of a streaming service that they have a tie-up with. It also supports screencasting which is always a handy feature to have. One thing that will blow your mind is its HDR capability as it is simply stunning. If you want to enjoy your favorite content on a large display but don’t want to mortgage your house to buy it, go for the TCL 5-Series Roku TV.

Who should buy this?

  • Ideal for those who want to have a large TV in their homes but don’t want to burn a hole in their pocket.
  • It’s perfect for those who have an eye for detail and love bright and colorful HDR imagery.

One of the Best Premium 55-Inch TVs

Sony XBR-55A9G

Sony XBR-55A9G

The Sony XBR-55A9G comes with an OLED display, X-Reality PRO upscale technology, HDR, IMAX Enhanced, Dolby Vision, Acoustic Surface technology, built-in Google Assistant, and Alexa compatibility. When it comes to a premium viewing experience there is only one brand that comes to people’s minds and that is Sony. Throughout the last few decades, Sony has always managed to be one of the leading manufacturers of amazing TVs and the Sony XBR-55A9G is no exception. If you have the money to buy it, there is no other TV that can beat this one and for that singular reason, we have included it in our review list.

Featuring a minimalist design, this one is a truly beautiful TV especially if you have a living room with modern design elements. The build quality is amazing as it should be for such a premium product at its price point. It features Sony’s proprietary X1 Ultimate processor and renders everything in real-time at lightning-fast speeds and adjusts the visual elements automatically to give you the best viewing experience possible. On top of that, the X-Reality PRO technology enhances the image quality superbly. With 4k HDR, IMAX Enhanced &Dolby Vision you are really in for a one of a kind viewing experience. It’s nearly perfect for any type of usage and comes with excellent motion handling.

Motionflow XR helps to reduce motion blur significantly and captures fast-moving sequences beautifully. You even get the option to go for a Netflix calibrated mode. When it comes to colors, this TV is one of the very few in the market today that needs so little out-of-the-box adjustments. It truly excels in dark environments as well making it a great buy for home theaters. Thanks to the CalMAN software, color calibration is as good as it gets with this TV. It also makes playing HDR games a truly remarkable experience especially due to its very low input lag. If you have money to splurge and want the very best in the market, then the Sony XBR-55A9G is a great option to go for.

Who should buy this?

  • Ideal for hardcore gamers as it boasts a remarkably fast response time.
  • It’s perfect for those who want to build their home theater as it comes with a spectacular dark room performance.

One of the Best 8k 55-Inch TVs from Samsung

Samsung Q900 QLED TV

Samsung Q900 QLED TV

The Samsung Q900 QLED TV comes with an 8k resolution, quantum processor, 8k AI upscaling, quantum HDR 24x, full array elite backlight, quantum dot color technology, and an ambient mode. The 8k resolution may seem a bit unnecessary especially since there isn’t much native 8k content being put out these days except in Japan. However, the day is not that far when content services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube catch up with the 8k revolution. When they do, TVs like the Samsung Q900 QLED TV will reign supreme. It makes our list as it offers a stunning 8k image quality with impressive brightness and color.

This is essentially a smaller variant of the popular 85Q900R model and when it comes to design, it’s pretty much the same. It comes with 4 HDMI, 3 USB, and 1 Ethernet port along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support. It uses the Eden 2.0 smart TV platform which has a pretty straightforward interface. When it comes to performance, it uses the Quantum processor which optimizes and adjusts brightness and sound depending on the environment. With Quantum HDR you also get intense rich colors and amazing details when it comes to image quality. The viewing angle is amazing thanks to the ultra-viewing angle layer that maintains the right image at the cost of lower contrast when viewed from the sides. Reflection handling is quite superb too.

The ambient mode is really fun as it complements the space around by transforming a blank screen into attractive visuals. You can mirror the environment on the screen making it look like a partially invisible TV hanging on your wall. The accuracy of this feature will be based on different factors like location, wall design, and patterns and therefore not everyone will be able to make use of it properly. If you are a big fan of Samsung and want a smaller version of the iconic 85Q900R, then the Samsung Q900 QLED TV is the one for you.

Who should buy this?

  • Ideal for those who want a future-proof TV when it comes to screen resolution.
  • It’s perfect for movie buffs as DVD and Blu-ray content looks stunning.

One of the Best 55-Inch TVs with Accurate Colors

Sony X950G

Sony X950G

The Sony X950G comes with an LED display, HDR, Alexa compatibility, immersive audio, Motionflow XR technology, Google Home, X1 Ultimate processor, Dolby Vision & IMAX enhanced, and a Netflix calibrated mode. When it comes to color accuracy, there is no better TV in the mid-range segment than the Sony X950G. The TRILUMINOUS display offers more shades of red, green, and blue than other TVs bringing out colors like you never seen before. It also comes with 4k HDR Super Bit Mapping which reveals thousands of shades and color gradations making it an easy addition to our list.

As expected of Sony TVs, this one looks gorgeous with extremely thin bezels and a unique looking stand. It’s not the thinnest TV out there but that’s primarily because of its relatively affordable price tag. Image quality is where this TV really shines, thanks to Sony’s Full Array Local Dimming and Boosting technology; the light levels are changed dynamically depending on the content ensuring that you always get an immersive viewing experience. The contrast range is truly spectacular in this TV as darker sections get darker and brighter sections to get even brighter.

The X1 Ultimate processor renders images in real-time and upscales necessary pixels wherever necessary. No home theater system can be complete without enhanced IMAX and Dolby Vision and that is what you get with this TV. You also get two sound tweeters at the rear as well as bass-reflex speakers that provide good quality audio. If you are looking for a 55-inch TV that can display accurate and vivid colors as well as excellent contrast, then go for this TV. You won’t regret it!

Who should buy this?

  • Ideal for photographers who need to see their work on the large screen in full detail.
  • It’s perfect for Netflix users as it comes with a Netflix Calibrated Mode.

One of the Best Midrange 55-Inch TVs

Samsung Q70 Series

Samsung Q70 Series

The Samsung Q70 series comes with an Ultra HD QLED display, 4k resolution, Quantum HDR 8x, Alexa compatibility, direct full-array backlight, quantum processor 4k, Bixby voice command, and an ambient mode. When it comes to QLED TVs, it’s hard to determine where the sweet spot is when it comes to accessibility especially since the mid-range itself can be quite expensive for the average consumer. For this list, we have defined mid-range as under $1000 but above $600 and when we look at products that belong within that range, the Samsung Q70 Series 55-inch variant comes out as the clear winner as it offers a little bit of everything you need in a QLED display.

The design looks more functional than just for aesthetic appeal. You get extremely thin bezels and textured grooves at the rear but a lot of plastic has been used in its construction. The metal legs on the stand are pretty far apart so you do need a lot of space when it comes to keeping the TV in your room. The image quality you get is quite exceptional thanks to the combination of Quantum processor, Quantum HDR 8x, and the direct full array. The contrast is outstanding on this TV and the colors really stand out on the screen.

It’s also pretty good for gaming as it prevents tearing and stuttering of the frames allowing you to have a smooth viewing experience. Motion handling is pretty great too making it a great choice for gamers and sports lovers. The Eden smart TV platform is the same one found in other QLED models. The AI does a great job of understanding the user’s viewing habits over time; however, there is no individual log in. So, don’t expect it to be accurate if there are multiple users. If you want a QLED 55-inch TV that performs great, offers great image quality, and belongs to the mid-range bracket, then the Samsung Q70 series is one of the best options to go for.

Who should buy this?

  • Ideal for both casual and hardcore gamers.
  • It’s perfect for sports lovers and racing fans thanks to the great motion handling.

One of the Best Budget 55-Inch TVs for Gaming

TCL 55R625

TCL 55R625

The TCL 55R625 comes with a QLED display, Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range (HDR), LED backlighting with contrast control zones, Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, and Auto Game Mode. TCL is well known for making some of the best affordable large TVs in the market today. When it comes to gaming you need low input lag and the TCL 55R625 delivers just that. Apart from that you also get excellent image quality, great contrast, and good local dimming support making it one of the best affordable gaming 55-inch TVs in the market today and an excellent addition to our review list.

The design looks good for a budget TV and the overall look and feel has been updated from its previous models such as a partial chrome finish on the feet and a glossy finish on its rear. The build quality is also pretty good however, cable management is absent so it’s better to have it wall mounted than on a stand. It comes with 4 HDMI (one HDMI ARC), 1 USB, RF, Composite, headphone jack, optical audio out, and an Ethernet port allowing you to connect your gaming consoles and have a blast with them.

The image quality is fantastic thanks to the Dolby Vision HDR and Quantum dot technology. When it comes to contrast, it gets optimized across individual zones to deliver a great sense of depth and reality. Its best aspect is that it is an amazing TV for gaming. The Auto Game Mode automatically detects when a game is being played and optimizes performance and visuals to provide the smoothest viewing experience with low latency. If you don’t want to spend lots of money on your TV or are looking for a secondary TV for your den, then the TCL 55R625 is the one to go for.

Who should buy this?

  • Ideal for serious viewers as well as casual gamers.
  • It’s perfect for budget-conscious users or for those looking to buy a second TV for their private gaming den.

One of the Best Affordable OLED Alternative 55-Inch TVs



The LG B8 comes with a UHD OLED display, AI ThinQ, a7 processor, Pixel Level Dimming, 4k Cinema HDR, Dolby Atmos, LG’s advanced tone mapping, built-in Google assistant, and the LG Magic Remote. The LG B9 is a fantastic TV but it’s pretty expensive and not everyone can afford it. Luckily there is a more affordable alternative to the B9 in the form of the LG B8 which may not have the same features the former has but the image quality and overall performance are amazing, to say the least. As a great performer and affordable alternative, it makes our list of the best 55-inch TVs in the market today.

The design is sleek and beautiful with a metallic backplate and slim outer edges. The stand is unique and a perfect fit for the ultra-thin screen. When it comes to ports, it comes with 4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 RF, 1 Composite, 1 Ethernet, 1 Optical, and 1 Mini Jack. LG’s webOS platform is as good as ever and is easily one of the slickest and most straightforward smart TV platforms out there today. The interface is highly intuitive and the layout is very economical in design. You also get the Magic Remote which is an absolute dream to navigate the screen with and features a wheel to quickly flip up and down through menus.

When it comes to image quality, you get perfect blacks and intense colors. The Pixel Level Dimming can brighten, dim, or turn off pixels to get solid blacks and excellent details. The a7 processor does a great job too by enhancing the 4k HDR content and providing a great cinematic experience. To add to the amazing image quality, you also get Dolby Atmos which just takes sound to the next level as far as an immersive experience is concerned. If you want a more affordable alternative to the great LG B9 that can not only perform superbly but also provide you with an amazing immersive viewing experience, then go for the LG B8. It’s the next best thing in the market today.

Who should buy this?

  • Ideal for those who want a more affordable alternative to the LG B9 OLED.
  • It’s perfect for Netflix and Prime users as the remote has dedicated buttons for these streaming services.

One of the Best Affordable Samsung 55-Inch TVs

Samsung RU7100FXZA

Samsung RU7100FXZA

The Samsung RU7100FXZA comes with a UHD display, 4k UHD processor, enhanced details with HDR, Alexa, and Google Assistant compatibility, 4k resolution, and dynamic dimming. Samsung is well known for creating some of the most iconic TVs in the last decade but most of them are usually quite expensive. When it comes to their affordable TVs, the Samsung RU7100FXZA offers excellent picture quality, great performance, and an unparalleled immersive experience making it a must-have in our review list. You have the option to either buy it as a standalone product or bundle it with different soundbars at an added cost.

From a design standpoint, the curved design, of course, stands out but nothing else can be seen as innovative or cutting edge. Sometimes simplicity is the way to go and that is what this TV is all about. The panel itself becomes the focal point rather than a clunky stand below. The bezels are quite thin and the build quality is pretty good. It performs excellently providing great contrast and color. You get deep blacks and bright highlights not to mention nicely saturated colors. It also has 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, 1 Ethernet port, Composite, and 1 Digital Audio Optical Out for connecting different devices.

It also comes with a feature that smoothens out fast motion-packed shots. The response time is very good too as transitions feel fast and smooth with only a short blur-trail behind fast-moving images on the screen. The viewing angle can get a bit dicey at times but it’s more of an issue with most VA panel TVs and not this one specifically. As the viewing angle increases you will notice a shift in greyscale tones and eventually a shift in the colors before finally the brightness begins to fade. If you are looking to buy a simple curved 55-inch TV today, then the Samsung RU7100FXZA is an excellent choice to go for.

Who should buy this?

  • Ideal for Samsung fans who are looking for an affordable 55-inch TV.
  • It’s perfect for those who are new to smart TVs as the platform is quite basic and easy to navigate through.

One of the Best Affordable Curved 55-Inch TVs

Samsung RU7300

Samsung RU7300

The Samsung RU7300 comes with a curved UHD display, 4k resolution, PURCOLOR technology, 4k UHD processor, enhanced details with HDR, Alexa compatibility, and an Auto Depth Enhancer feature. Though curved monitors are all the rage these days, their TV counterparts haven’t caught up to them till now. There are very few curved TVs out there in the market today and whatever is there usually tends to be out of stock. Out of the few available ones, the Samsung RU7300 stands apart because of the great value it provides. Even if you take the curved screen out of the equation, it still is an incredibly affordable 55-inch TV and that speaks volumes on the value you get from it. For this reason, we have to include it in our review list.

Design-wise it is quite identical to the NU7300 and the RU7100 with the main exception being its curved display. The build quality is decent and the back of the TV is made of plastic. It is a curved screen, so if you wall-mount it, expect it to stick out considerably. It has 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, 1 Digital Audio Out, composite, and 1 Ethernet port.  When it comes to cable management there are enough provisions for it but they aren’t as effective as you want them to be. An SDR peak brightness of 287cd/m² can be achieved which is quite decent. When it comes to HDR, you will get up to 282cd/m² peak brightness which isn’t that great though it’s good enough.

The smart TV platform has the same interface but without some of the animations found in the high-end ones. When it comes to black uniformity, however, this TV is simply outstanding although it doesn’t have local dimming. The colors are pretty accurate too without any calibration. With calibration, you can get almost perfect accuracy with colors. It also has very little stutter thanks to its slower response time which is great for watching movies. The input lag is extremely low in this TV and it also supports auto low latency mode. If flat-screen TVs don’t appeal to you and you need a gigantic curved display to watch your favorite movies on, then the Samsung RU7300 might be the one for you as it provides incredible value for money.

Who should buy this?

  • Ideal for cinephiles who love having an immersive viewing experience.
  • It’s perfect for console gamers as curved displays are perfect for gaming.


Buying a 55-inch TV might sound easy at first. After all, since you have the display size readily available in the market, it should not be that difficult to go through the existing models. Right? Wrong! There are plenty of products in the market today and most of them are in neck-to-neck competition with each other making it extremely hard to figure out which one is better. The truth is it’s not about which is better but which one is right for you. You might hear about 4k and 8k resolution but if you aren’t bothered with such details, it won’t matter to you. You need to buy a TV that will meet your needs and make you happy. Do your research and read various reviews to get an overall understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the product. Once you get all the information that you need, you can go ahead and make your choice.

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