Best Yoga Apps For Android

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise which originated from India. It is now one of the most widely practiced activities which integrate a series of body poses along with specific breathing exercises. These add to the physical and mental wellbeing of the person.

Yoga is also thought to prevent a lot of physical ailments in people. It helps keep you in shape and helps you work towards a long and healthy life. If you are a person who has not practiced yoga yet, now is the best time to begin. There are a host of the best Yoga apps for Android available for download on the Google Play Store. They help you make yoga a part of your life.

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Some of the best Yoga apps for Android are:

Yoga.Com Studio

Best Yoga Apps For Android

With more than seven million downloads already, studio is one of the best yoga apps for Android. Its unique way of teaching yoga makes it really appealing to the user. It teaches its users through a series of high definition videos which are created by professional instructors and professionals. They offer videos on about 389 different yoga poses and breathing techniques. With thirty-seven programs, there is something for everyone here.

Download Yoga.Com Studio


Pocket Yoga

Best Yoga Apps For Android

Pocket Yoga is another famous yoga app available in the Google Play Store. Each pose and breathing exercise is explained through a series of visual images and videos. Apart from their already existing library of music, they let the user add their own choice of music for a better and comfortable experience. They have about two hundred poses with needed explanations. With a total of twenty-seven programs to choose from, Pocket Yoga is nothing but a haven for yoga lovers out there. It also helps the user keep track of all the poses completed and the total number of calories burnt as well. Progress tracking is the key as part of any Yoga routine and Pocket Yoga offers just that.

Download Pocket Yoga


Yoga Studio

Best Yoga Apps For Android

This is one of the best Yoga apps in the business. You can carry Yoga everywhere you go and whenever you feel comfortable to do so. There are more than seventy programs on offer. Each program is different in terms of length, intensity, and purpose. Some of these programs are customizable as per the user requirements. You can download the videos and watch them later on. In case you do not like a pose, you may choose to skip it. The app offers more than eighty poses as part of the free app download.

Download Yoga Studio


Global Yoga Academy

Best Yoga Apps For Android

Yoga Academy offers videos ranging from five to sixty minutes in length. The user has the liberty to customize the program as per convenience and also gives you the option of tracking your overall progress as well. If you have a doubt regarding a certain pose, Global Yoga Academy connects you to an entire community of professional yogis who clear all your queries and doubts. You can download the videos and watch them anytime and anywhere. They offer meditation programs as well.

Download Global Yoga Academy


Pranayama: Universal Breathing

Best Yoga Apps For Android

In this fast-moving world, do you ever find time to pause for a second? Don’t you ever wish that time slows down? Universal Breathings offers programs that are aimed towards practicing slower and deeper breaths. This way you can fight stress and kick away migraines as well. The two full-time courses on offer come with music and animations, thereby giving the user a very holistic and peaceful experience.

Download Pranayama: Universal Breathing


5 Minute Yoga

Best Yoga Apps For Android

The name of the app certainly speaks for itself. Five-minute yoga offers its users a very quick and dynamic approach to Yoga. They offer a host of purpose-oriented yoga courses which are fast and efficient and most important of all, very easy for beginners. There are many textual descriptions and visual demonstrations to help the user properly understand what each pose is about. They even have a five-minute timer, so it is guaranteed that every pose is completable in five minutes only. The short five-minute yoga poses on offer are perfect for working individuals who have absolutely no time to spare from their busy lives. It certainly helps improve fitness levels and most important of all, help you find inner peace within yourself.

Download 5 Minute Yoga


Fitstar Yoga

Best Yoga Apps For Android

Prominent yoga trainer Tara Stiles aims at offering personalized yoga training experience to all the users without the need to stepping into an actual yoga studio. Once you avail the premium offer, you gain access to a world of amazing programs and videos. There are updates every month. Personalized feedback is given to every person as the program continues. As with a real trainer, the course is very customizable as per the user requirement, skill level, and time commitment. The app also integrates a number of fitness tracking devices in the market today. Here’s the best part, it rewards you by unlocking fresh poses and badges as your progress in the course.

Download Fitstar Yoga


Daily Yoga

Best Yoga Apps For Android

The various programs and courses on offer are of varying difficulty levels. There are a number of different goals which the application provides to its users. Some of them include meditation or simply inner wellbeing. Daily Yoga takes the whole concept of Yoga to another level. It is best known for its ability to integrate certain well-known techniques such as Pilates and high-intensity work out regimes. New and fresh content is added on a daily basis. You also have the power to customize the course as per the user’s requirements and also gives the user the ability to track his/her overall progress in the course. They also boast a global community of yoga enthusiasts with whom the users can connect with. The best part of Daily Yoga is that they guarantee results!

Download Daily Yoga


Simply Yoga

Best Yoga Apps For Android

Simply yoga is one of the best yoga apps available for download on your Android device. It offers a series of video tutorials whose duration ranges from twenty minutes to one hour. These videos cover more than 30 poses, all of which you can do from the comfort of your home. The remaining content is available as in-app purchases. Through the premium version, the user has the ability to customize his/her work out routine. They can even track their progress with the help of trackers.

Download Simply Yoga


These were some of the best Yoga apps available for Android. They will certainly help you make Yoga an integral part of your life. Have fun!

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