Best root apps for Android

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Many Android users rooted their devices, and if you are one of such users, then you certainly know that Android root brings a wide range of benefits. However, if you want to fully experience all those benefits, you need to find the right apps. Here, we are going to share best root apps for Android, all of them really fun, but most importantly useful.

While using root apps will be an adventure, you need to be extra careful, because these apps are pretty delicate. Before you make any changes on your Android device, you should always back-up the significant data first – even if one of the apps you have decided to try out behaves strangely, all your important files will be safe and secure.

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best root apps for Android

Best root apps for Android

Font Installer

Font Installer is a fun and easy to use app that comes with a wide range of custom fonts – the choice is huge. Save the fonts on your rooted device, and simply install the font you want from the storage. You can restore the original font, but in order to do so, make sure that you made a font backup.


One of the biggest issues when it comes to smartphones is the fast battery drain, and apps that are running in the background have a huge impact on the battery life. With this amazing app, you will get all the important info about the running apps. It will show you which apps are currently running, which apps are waking up your Android device, and so on. Information like these are essential because you can prevent an app or few of them to run in the background, and when you do so, your battery will last much longer. Greenify is considered to be one of the best root apps for Android for a very good reason. It is great, and it is free!

Root Explorer

If you have been looking for an app that will allow you to browse the files on the entire Android device, then you don’t have to look no more. Root Explorer is the perfect app. The Root Explorer app has a very simple interface, and it brings many interesting features, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, multiple tables, bookmarks, permissions, search, multi-select, extract rar archives, create and extract the zip, create shortcuts, and more. This app is the ultimate file manager for all the Android users who rooted their devices.

Device Control

Device Control allows you to change a wide range of settings on your device, such as voltage control, the strength of the vibration, frequencies of GPU and CPU, and much more. It is a highly useful app that is free of charge, but in to get the most out of it you really need to know what you are doing.


At least once you have accidentally deleted a photo on your device. It is an extremely frustrating issue, but with the DiskDigger you won’t find yourself in the same situation again. This is one of the most useful root apps, because you will be able to recover the photo you’ve lost in seconds. DIskDigger is free, so don’t forget to download and install this amazing app.


Tasker is not a free app, but it is certainly an amazing one. It can work if your device isn’t rooted, but it is you will have a far better experience. So, what is the Tasker capable of? It is the app that automates everything on your device, no matter how complex a certain task may be. For instance, it can turn on the Wi-Fi when you start the browser. If you enjoy listening to the music on your device (who doesn’t), this app will automatically start the music app you selected each time you plug the earphones into the device. How amazing is this? If you want to get the most out of this phenomenal app that is unquestionably one of the best root apps for Android, make sure to check out the tutorials online, and the adventure may begin.


Another very useful app for which the Android root is required is this one – DataSync. If you want to share application data with the other Android device, this app is exactly what you have been looking for. It is a free app with a wide range of features, such as cloud integration (FTP (S/ES), Box, Dropbox and Drive). Background syncing support, efficient and fast two-way syncing, clean UI for every screen size, and automatic device discovery.

ROM Manager

This root Android app allows you to flash new ROMs and back up the existing ones. Moreover, you can download and install great custom themes. It offers a wide range of interesting features. ROM Manager is free, but if you want to gain the access to many other great features such as automatic backups, update notifications, and more, the premium version that costs $6 is what you should consider – it will be worth it.

Free Wi-Fi Password recovery

When rooting Android, users often don’t realize how many great apps are right around the corner. As you may notice, all the apps we shared so far are extremely useful, and Free Wi-Fi Password recovery is not an exception, which is why it is on the list of the best root apps. We all have been in a situation when we have forgotten the password of our network. This easy to use app will display the password that you saved on your Android device. However, we must point out one very important thing you need to keep in mind – this app is not a password cracker, as many people think when they see the name of the app. It is used to show you the forgotten password on your Android device.

Root App Delete

In most cases, people root Android so they can get rid of the apps loaded by the carrier or device manufacturer. With Root App Delete, you can easily manage the apps on your Android device. Most importantly, you will be able to free up the space on your smartphone or tablet. Don’t forget to download this app!

Titanium Backup

When it comes to backup tools, Titanium Backup is among the most popular ones. It is also one of the best root apps for Android. The app allows you to not just backup, but to also restore the apps and data. System and protected apps are included. Titanium Backup is free of charge. In case you choose the paid PRO key instead of the free version, you will get many other great features, such as: apps freezer, multi-user app data, unlimited schedules, back up your apps without closing them, and more.

System Tuner

System Tuner is considered to be a very helpful app in terms of performance, because you can tweak your device and make some great changes. What can you expect? Better performance, that is for sure. You can do a wide range of things, such as to kill the apps and processes that run in the background, change the CPU settings, backup and restore all of your apps, and a lot more. As mentioned, before you make any changes on your device, make sure to back up your data first.


A full screen mode on your device is something you can get with the full!screen app. This great and easy to use app allows you to hide the navigation bar that is located at the bottom of your Android device. Most importantly, you will able to do everything normally: to switch between the recently used apps, go to the Home screen, go back, access the notifications and more. You will get a home button that will be located in the bottom right, and the back button that will be located on the bottom left. With the full screen experience, it is no wonder why many users consider this app as one of the best root apps for Android. The amazing app is free of charge, so go to the Play Store and get it!

As you can see, there are many great apps available for everyone with root Android devices. We have shared a couple of apps – the ones that are considered as the best root apps for Android. You can change the look of your system, you can boost the performance of your device, improve the battery life, get rid of the load added by the manufacturer or carrier, and many more amazing things. No matter which app you choose to install never forget the golden rule – backup your data first, to be sure your files will be safe in case the apps starts to behave strangely.

If you are planning to tweak your device and make some changes that are considered as a bit more complex, you should check out the tutorial for the app first. We are sure you’ll enjoy using the best root apps we have shared with you!

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