Best Place to Buy Cell Phones

Today, almost everyone owns a cell phone and relies on it as the primary source of communication. While the world is turning towards smartphones, some people still like the good old types of cell phones as well. You can check out the websites listed below to buy cell phones either online or in-store.

Best Place to Buy Cell Phones with Different Functions

Walmart – Best Place to Buy Different Types of Cell Phones

Walmart has a plethora of cell phones to offer, ranging from basic cell phones to budget-friendly smartphones to high-end models. You might even get a slight discount for at least some of the cell phones in its portfolio compared to other retailers.

You can buy your favorite cell phone online or through a physical store with Walmart. With outlets almost anywhere across the country, you will have little difficulty shopping with this retailer and finding the right cell phone.

T-Mobile – Best Place to Buy Cell Phones with Online Buying Guide

T-Mart is a sought-after store for cell phones. The store also offers wireless services, helping you pick up a cell phone connection from the same store. It treats its customers with attractive perks and free stuff on Tuesdays through its app.

The T-Mobile website helps you access the latest Android updates on your smartphone. You can also check out the consumer guides section to compare different cell phone models and highlight some of the best models.

AT&T – Best Place to Compare Cell Phones

AT&T is a must-checkout physical or online store to buy unlocked cell phones that you can use with just about any US carrier. The website allows you to compare the key features of up to four iPhones or four Samsung smartphones to help you decide.

You can trade in your old cell phone for some exciting discounts on your new phone. The AT&T store offers flexibility by allowing you to place a cell phone online order and pick it up at the nearest physical store or same-day delivery.

Cricket Wireless – Best Place for Interesting Deals on Cell Phones

Cricket Wireless has catchy deals for cell phones on its website if you wish to switch to one of its plans. You can buy a plan from them or choose a plan from any other provider. The store also has some useful accessories to complement your cell phone.

If you place your order before 2 pm from Monday to Friday through the Cricket Wireless website, it gets shipped the same day or will be shipped the next day. The website also offers a side-by-side comparison of cell phones.

Giztop – Best Place to Buy Cell Phones with Fast Shipping

Giztop is a top player in the Chinese market and your go-to place for first-hand Chinese smartphones. All smartphones on this online marketplace support OTA software updates and Google Mobile Services. The phones available on this website support anywhere between two and twenty languages.

The Gizmo website mainly lists unlocked cell phones, and cell phones from big brands are listed here much before they hit the US and European markets and within a day of release in China. Cell phones are shipped very fast globally.

Amazon – Best Place with Multiple Cell Phone Brands Buying Options

Amazon is an exclusively online retailer that offers services in almost any country worldwide. The website offers multiple models of certified cell phones from various brands and an extensive search function to narrow your search.

When you shop on the Amazon US website, you can treat yourself to exciting discounts on holidays and days like Black Friday for locked and unlocked cell phones. If you take an Amazon Prime membership, you get additional benefits like same-day delivery and free shipping most of the time.

Newegg – Best Place to Buy Cell Phones at Affordable Prices

Newegg has an extensive collection of unlocked cell phones at affordable prices. The online store has several cell phones from leading manufacturers. The website has a list of the latest releases as well as earlier and refurbished models from all over the world.

Clearance deals on the Newegg website are usually lucrative. You will likely get a fantastic deal for a cell phone of your choice with a complete warranty and all the required accessories. Most unlocked cell phones are eligible for free shipping.


The above list of best places to buy cell phones is formulated based on multiple parameters. Each of these online or physical stores has some specific reason why it is a preferred choice. The list also makes it less challenging to shortlist a place from the multitude of options on the internet.

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