Best Offline iPhone Games

Staying connected to the internet isn’t always possible. The moment we lose access to the internet, the options available for entertainment become minimal. To help you have fun with your iPhone without the internet, here are 7 of the best available offline games available on the App Store.

Best offline iPhone games available on the App Store

Cover Fire – Best Offline Shooting Game

Cover Fire is a fun game that has three different modes to keep you entertained for quite a while. The Story mode is engaging and requires you to kill enemies attacking you from all sides. The sniper mode has several mini-missions within each mission which makes the mode more challenging.

The new Zombie mode helps you earn cash and buy better guns to play the other modes. Cover Fire offers a very interactive environment with graphics good enough to keep you hooked on it for a long time.

Subway Surfers – A Fun Endless Running Game

Subway Surfers features loads of different maps, characters, outfits, and challenges that make it engaging enough for you to keep playing it for hours. The game keeps getting new maps added, the new maps keep bringing in new characters, and the new characters keep bringing in new outfits.

There is always something to play for, apart from the high score. The smooth gaming experience and catchy graphics can make this one a favorite for anyone.

Smurfs’ Village – Best Offline Strategy Game

Smurfs' Village is one of the best strategy games available. It features 5000 items to work with and build a village from scratch. The storyline followed in the game makes the game more interesting.

The game lets you play with almost every Smurfs character. New updates keep bringing in new items and keep the game refreshing. The game is engrossing, stress-busting, and a must-try for all age groups.

Once Upon A Tower – The Most Fun-Filled Tower Defence Game

If you want a game that makes you laugh and annoyed simultaneously, Once Upon A Tower is probably the game for you. The quirky design, the fun-filled challenges, and the interactive characters highlight the game and make it one of the best.

While the design and storyline of every challenge might give you a laugh or two, the challenges' difficulty might end up making you annoyed.

Minecraft – Most Popular Adventure Game

Minecraft features one of the largest landscapes to explore and build on, making it one of the greatest and most popular games of all time. Everything in the game is customizable, from gameplay to controls. You play, build, survive, and keep doing this for years without getting bored.

First launched in 2009, Minecraft is now available across 22 platforms and has maintained itself at the top of the charts for 13 years now, which speaks about how well the game has kept evolving to keep the players engaged.

Monument Valley 2 – An Intriguing Story-based Puzzle Game

Monument Valley 2 is a sequel to the initial installment but has a completely different storyline. It is a paid game, so you’ll have to buy it on the App Store before installing it. The game portrays the story of a mother teaching her daughter about the world's many mysteries through elegantly crafted puzzles.

The graphics and gameplay make the game worth its price tag. The original version of the game won the Apple Game of the Year award in 2014, and the second installment didn’t disappoint either.

Stardew Valley – An Addictive Farming Simulation Game

Stardew Valley is hands down one of the best and most entertaining farming simulation games there is. There are animals to breed, farms to grow, partners to settle with, communities to celebrate festivals, treasure hunts to add adventure, and lakes and fishing spots to relax.

The graphics are mesmerizing and the gameplay is smooth and easy. A few additions, like the dating mode and mine monsters, make it a different experience from other farming simulation games. It is a paid game, but the gameplay experience makes it absolutely worth paying for.


The key to offline games is the time they can keep the player engaged. Most of the offline games are complete by the time you start getting the hang of them and you either end up playing the same thing over and over again or uninstalling them.

The list above is curated to help you remain entertained even while playing these games for ages.

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