Best Note Taking Apps for iPads

When it comes to note-taking, the iPad is a blessing for professionals and students. While Apple’s Notes app does a decent job, you can see that it’s meant to provide simple and basic functionality. A dedicated note-taking app is certainly a must-have if you are someone who expects exclusive features and tools that make your notes stand apart. If you are looking for a great notetaking app, this article is for you.

We have handpicked some of the best notetaking apps for iPads that give you the right combination of tools, fluidity, and price. Check these out and pick your favorite app.

Best notetaking apps for iPad

Microsoft OneNote - The most popular, free notetaking app for iPads in 2022

OneNote from Microsoft is a digital notepad for iPads and other iOS devices. It's packed with numerous features, multi-functional and free. The app integrates with MS Office, which is a big advantage for many people.

Using Microsoft OneNote, you can type and draw at the same time and simultaneously use other tools like erasers, pens, and highlighters. You can also insert different file types including audio files, pictures, custom PDFs, and links. The custom drawing mode allows you to draw with your finger when your Apple Pencil doesn’t work.

Evernote – Notes Organizer - The ultimate notetaking iPad app for businesses in 2022

Evernote is an excellent notetaking app that works across iPad Pros and Android devices. It’s an amazing app to collect multiple inputs, including text notes, images, web page clipping, and recorded messages. You can store all of these in one file and by upgrading to a business plan, you can also collaborate easily.

Evernote is an ideal app for professional use as it is loaded with many useful tools, including a document divider and code block. Many paid plans are available, and each one is worth the money.

Notability - All-in-one, free notetaking app for iPad

Notability is easily one of the best notetaking apps for iPad for several reasons. The app works effectively with various types of media you may want to add to your notes, and it allows you to quickly organize all of the notes you have taken into neat, easily-accessible notebooks. What’s more, Notability is free to use. However, you can upgrade the app for a minimal fee if you wish to access all of its bonus features.

Penbook - Build your magic notebook on iPad with Penbook

Penbook is a free notetaking app that allows you to write naturally with your finger, stylus, or Apple Pencil on its unique Live Paper. Using this app, you can create your perfect notebook by choosing over 300 types of stationery. Penbook features the best digital inking technology that helps you pour ideas, plans, notes, and dreams into it in style.

Notepad+: Note Taking app - Top notetaking app for iPad with the coolest features

Notepad+ is an amazing note-taking app for visual learners. The app is perfect for drawing, sketching, or handwriting your notes. Using the app, you can create fun and unique notes, add icons and emojis, drag and drop images into your notes, use a range of colors and fonts for typed text, and lots more.

Notepad+ lets you import multiple file types as well as annotate PDFs and photos. It sports a unique tool called the Blur tool, which you can use to hide sensitive data in your notes.

Nebo: Notes & PDF Annotations - The most advanced notetaking app in 2022

Nebo is for you if you need something that goes beyond the basics. Nebo allows you to easily structure your notes by helping you add paragraphs, bullet lists, and titles for an organized look. Besides, it can handle complex content like sketches, diagrams, formulas, and flow charts.

You can also integrate all of these into one document. After you have completed the document, you can export it in several formats, including HTML, Word, and PDF. In addition, you can install Nebo on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

GoodNotes 5 - The most flexible digital notetaking app for iPad

GoodNotes is a top-notch app with all you need to take notes efficiently. The app allows you to switch between writing and typing as you please, pick from different built-in templates and layouts, adjust the palm recognition and sensitivity of the pen to suit your writing style and lots more.

The app features a “Presentation Mode,” which you can use to convert the iPad into a digital whiteboard.


Now that you have looked at the seven best notetaking apps for iPad, you should have an idea of the app that best suits your notetaking requirements. Consider the various features and pick a great app that can make notetaking a breeze.

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