Best Math Problem Solving Apps For Students

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There is a huge demand for Math problem solving apps among students of all levels. They help to find an answer

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There is a huge demand for Math problem solving apps among students of all levels. They help to find an answer to any complex problem with ease. While identifying the right apps on the Play Store and App Store can be daunting, we have shortlisted seven such apps to make your selection easier.

We have shortlisted our apps based on several aspects such as building students’ confidence, helping to study for tests, exercises provided and the topics covered. Scroll down to see what the listed apps have to offer and pick what works best for you.

Best Math Problem Solver Apps for Students

Photomath – Math Solver App with a Wide Range of Topics

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Photomath does much more than solve your math problems for you. The app allows students to prepare for their examinations with simple and easy-to-understand tutorials. It also helps to increase their confidence in Mathematics and check if they have done their homework right.

You can either key in the problem for which you need assistance or scan the problem with the app. The app offers basic instant step-by-step solutions with explanations for free. The Photomath app has you covered on various topics ranging from simple elementary math and word problems to complex problems in Statistics and Calculus.

Microsoft Math Solver – Math Solver App with Advanced AI Problem Solving Technique

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Microsoft Math Solver uses advanced AI techniques to solve a wide range of problems on different topics. The app also guides students with online video lectures and provides various practice problems to solve. It is free of any ads that might hinder the learning process and is completely free.

The app offers free step-by-step explanations for the problem along with interactive graphics wherever needed to enhance the understanding of the problem. You can seek help from Microsoft Math Solver for your math problem in multiple languages like German, Hindi, Spanish and more.           

MathPapa – Best Math Solver App for Algebra Problems

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MathPapa focuses exclusively on helping students find help with solving their Algebra problems. The app offers elaborate explanations for solving your problems when you are not able to proceed with your homework. Enter your algebraic equation into the inbuilt calculator for the step-by-step solution.

You can use the MathPapa app to solve both quadratic and linear equations. The app can also be used to factor quadratic expressions as well as solve linear and quadratic inequalities. The additional practice questions help you become more thorough on the topic.

Cymath – Math Solver App with Step-by-Step Approach

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Cymath increases your confidence in solving math problems with its step-by-step approach. The app uses a combination of heuristics and artificial intelligence to give detailed explanations for the problems. It offers assistance with multiple Algebra and Calculus topics.

Whether you want to use the app just to check your answers, help with homework, or for assistance with a specific topic, Cymath has you covered.  Algebra topics covered include equation solving, polynomial division, complex numbers, and more. In Calculus, some topics covered are integration by parts and partial fractions, quotient and product rules, and rationalizing substitution.

Mathway – Math Solver App for Complex Math Equations

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Mathway offers the services of a private math tutor around the clock. The app offers solutions for anything related to mathematics ranging from basic problems to complex Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus equations.

The free version of the Mathway app only offers solutions while the paid version allows you to get detailed explanations about how to solve a problem. One way to use the app is to take a photo of the question and upload it. The second option is to read out the question using a voice command. Finally, you can also follow the traditional way of typing out the question using the comprehensive keyboard.

Symbolab – Math Solver App with Photo Math Scanner

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Symbolab is your go-to app if you want to find a solution for your math problem by just uploading a photo of the same. The app helps you learn and solve problems on different math topics and provides interactive graphs. It features several inbuilt calculators for the problem-solving process.

While the app offers free solutions to all problems, you can opt for weekly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions to avail detailed explanations and step-by-step approaches to solving the problem. The touchscreen approach makes the Symbolab app much easier to use than the arrow keys of the calculator on the screen.

Camera Math – Best Math Solver App for Help with Homework

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Camera Math is a great math problem solver for students. The app is easy to use and they can get their problems solved by uploading a picture of the question. You will be offered a systematic approach on how to go about solving the problem along with giving the answer.

You can use Camera Math to get guidance from experienced tutors and clarify your doubts on different Mathematical areas. The app also offers different ways of solving the same problem whether it is related to Geometry or Trigonometry or Statistics or Calculus or just about anything else.


Math solver apps focus on wiping out the fear of anyone who is afraid of solving math problems. They are easy to use and keep the users engaged with their worksheets and assignments. Moreover, the apps offer immediate feedback and retain their interest in the topics by offering rewards and/or points like when they win a game. 

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