Best LG V20 Tips And Tricks To Get The Most From Your Phone

LG V20 is the latest introduction of LG that has come packed with loads of useful features to blow the users’ mind. It has obviously retained some features of its predecessor LG V10 but has added more on it. So users are left with so many things to uncover. If you have bought the LG V20 by now you must have known of many features but still there are many that require some small guide to uncover. Removable battery, MIL-STD 810G certification to ensure protection, secondary screen, dual camera on both the sides are the unique features that were also present in LG V10. However, there are many other awesome things to uncover and the LG V20 tips and tricks will help you in doing so.

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LG V20 Tips And Tricks

Smart settings

One of the best features of LG V20 is the Smart settings that automate some tasks to make your job easier which finally saves a great time and effort. However, this feature is not exclusive to LG V20. It is available on other LG sets as well but is not used extensively. It requires some small adjustment in the settings. Smart settings tab is present in the General settings tab. For this, the phone’s state and your home location need to be set. Also, you need to enable the ‘My location’ service.

For example, if you want the Google Play Music, YouTube or Spotify to start as soon as the headphone is connected then go to settings> Smart settings and choose the settings for Headphone, enable it and select the app which you want to open.

Similarly, if you want the Bluetooth, Wi-fi and sound profile to change or on off based on your location then set the home location, and the set preferences for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Sound profile and smart settings will make the changes automatically based on where you are.

Use comfort view

Comfort view is a great LG V20 feature that LG has introduced with this phone. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users are also well acquainted with that. Comfort view is actually the Blue light filter that brings a yellowish view which is very comfortable to the eyes. It offers less strain. You can activate it by going to the notification shade and then toggle on the comfort view mode.

Also, you can change the intensity of the blue light filter by going to settings and long pressing on the toggle which again offers various options such as low, medium and high to choose from to have a more comfortable view.

App drawer

LG V20’s default home screen does not have any app drawer which makes the look cluttery with all the apps on the home screen. So, the idea is to bring app drawer to have a comfortable look which will also make it easier finding any app from the home screen. To bring app drawer, go to Settings > General > App > Menu > Configure app, and select ‘Home and app drawer’. However, other thirty party home screens like Nova or Google Now Launcher can also be used if you are not interested in using LG V20 app drawer.

Display size adjustment

LG V20 display of 5.7-inch is big enough. However, the icons and text and buttons too are really big size, so if you want more stuff to fit into the screen, you can obviously do that by adjusting the display size. For this head into Settings > Display > More > Display size and then drag the slider to the left to have smaller and denser icons.

Enjoy audios with Quad DAC settings

The 32 bit HiFi DAC (Digital to Analog converter) let users enjoy audios at a great sound quality from the 3.5mm headphone jack. When this is activated, it uses a bit more power but the difference you can locate easily. Head towards quick settings and there toggle on the HiFi Quad DAC settings to have a more enjoyable audio. When this HiFi setting is enabled you can also change the left and right audio balance if you need.

Set custom signature in the secondary screen with matching wallpaper

Settings signature on the secondary screen is a feature seen in LG V10 while LG V20 too has retained the same feature but made some improvement on it. For example, now users are able to set matching wallpaper with their signature while the signature can be bit long than in LG V10. To set it, go to Settings > Second screen > Show when main screen on and select the signature. Here set your signature that could be anything while the font too can be changed. Now when you tap on to save the setup, you will be prompted to utilize the first letter of your signature to use as a lock screen wallpaper. You can do it later also. In case you are interested just tap on the setting option and select the wallpaper you want. Next time whenever the phone wakes up, it will welcome you with the signature and the wallpaper.

Activate mini mode for one-handed use

Among the best LG V20 tips is the option to activate the mini mode that is actually hidden. The phone is quite big so, if sometimes you need to handle it by one hand, the mini mode will allow you to do that. To activate mini view, go to Settings > Display > More and toggle on the mini view option.

Now when you need to shrink the display, just swipe the screen across navigation bar towards the direction you want it. For example, if you want the mini display in the left-right corner, drag it from right to left. Also, the size of the shrunken window can be changed using the handle at the upper corner while a hit on the ‘X’ will get back the device to full screen.

So, the most useful LG V20 tips and tricks are explained here which will help you get the best out of the new device and over time and use, you will be able to explore even more about LG V20 that will make you a master of it.

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