The Best iPhone and iPad Apps and Games of October

The iPhone and iPad apps are known to be the best quality apps for creativity. But that doesn’t restrict the developers from developing those cool RPGs, racing and running games. And since this year’s Halloween was the best one, we decided to round up the best iPhone and iPad apps and games out there that were released in the month of October.

the best iphone and ipad apps and games

The Best iPhone and iPad Apps and Games of October

This is a random list of apps and games, and so there is a chance that you might not find your favorite app. So do comment and let me know to get it added here on the list (yes, we do that too).

The Best iPhone and iPad Apps of October

Inbox by GMail

Google has completely redesigned, or we should say reimagined the handling of e-mail. In this app, they have completely changed the user interface and also added some algorithms that will detect the important emails and push them to the top. And not only that, Google will also help itself to determine whether a message is important or not through outside sources.

As of now, you will require an invitation to use this app. But that’s not an issue because Google has been giving them out in large quantities. So make sure that you grab one before it stops.

Download Inbox from GMail here.



This app is a popular Photoshop substitute among Mac users. Last week, Pixelmator made its way into the iPad. This means that you can now take the advantage of Yosemite’s continuity and continue working on your projects between both the devices. From distortion, blurs, white balance, to almost a full blown image editor on your iPad. You can do almost everything on it.

Download Pixelmator for iPad here.



Vektor is the name of an endless runner who also happens to be a cyberpunk. You are a futuristic courier who is trying to deliver a sensitive material to your corporate customer. But there are mercenaries on your way trying their very best to take you out. You have to make your way through the seamless traffic, would-be attackers, etc. This Tron-inspired game will completely hypnotize you and keep you coming back for more.

Download Vektor here.



The Apple devices are famous among the music creators because they are simply awesome. Auxy is a fantastic music creation app with a super easy, yet intuitive and engaging at the same time. You will be using 4 different instruments, all looped together to create the best music ever. Besides that, you can add bass, drums, change the key, or do whatever you want that will help you make something unique. Auxy is a great start beginner.

Download Auxy for iPad here.

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What are your favorite iPhone and iPad apps?

This is what we dug into through the last month. Let us know what were the best apps and games that you’ve used in the previous month. I’m curious about your taste in this thing.

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