Best Horoscope Sites to Predict Your Future

We would most certainly like to know what our future has in store for us. This is why astrology has been gaining increasing popularity over the years. Horoscope sites can help you determine this by offering daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly predictions.

Here, we list some of the best horoscope sites for you based on their various features.

Horoscope – Horoscope Site with a Simple Interface has an easy-to-use interface with nice pastel colors for its zodiac signs. The website allows you to read the horoscope for the previous day, the same day, and the next day along with weekly and monthly horoscopes for a specific zodiac sign.

With, you can opt for a tarot reading, numerology, and Chinese astrology. You can also check out what your stars say with respect to your career, health, love, and more. The site offers free psychic reading as well.

Cyberastro – Horoscope Site with Several Free Features is an Indian astrology-based website. The website offers daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes for all zodiac signs, along with finance, relationships, and health-related details. You can also check out what your stars have to say based on your moon sign.

The website offers a horde of free and paid services. You can find out the benefits of the nine key gemstones through the website. The site offers other astrology-related services and remedies for malefic planets in your horoscope.

Tarot – Horoscope Site with Tarot Reading focuses on what its name suggests. The website offers different types of tarot readings along with daily and monthly horoscopes, and love horoscopes for all zodiac signs. With a VIP membership, you can avail of personalized horoscope services.

You will find several interesting articles on how to relieve stress and reverse bad karma based on your zodiac sign on the website. The site also has details on your zodiac sign color and traits. You can also explore Chinese astrology.

Elle – Horoscope Site with Minimal Services horoscope services are brought to you by the world-famous Elle magazine. The site has limited offerings when compared to other horoscopes dedicated websites. You can check out your horoscope daily, weekly, or monthly.

With, you get to know the personality and traits of a person of any zodiac sign. The website also highlights the love chart for each zodiac sign. While the services offered are very few, the best part is that all of them are free and can be availed at any time.

Kasamba – Horoscope Site for Romance and Love offers astrology readings, tarot readings, psychic readings, and fortune-telling services. The website offers its services around the clock. You can get your astrology readings over the phone, chat, or email depending on what works best.

With, you can choose a specific astrologer from over 100 astrologers. The website offers love horoscopes for free for various time intervals. It also allows you to interact for free for three minutes with any new astrologer and 70% off on your first session.

Oranum – Horoscope Site with Video Chat Service goes that extra step by availing their live video chat service for a more efficient interaction. You can opt for multiple services like psychic reading, astrology and astrology cards, dream analysis, and more. The website also offers free and interesting astrology-related articles. is your go-to website for advice on spiritual and psychic matters. This horoscope site provides weekly and monthly horoscopes for free. The services are only available to those over 18 years of age and in various languages.

Psychic Source – Horoscope Site with Budget-Friendly Rates focuses primarily on offering spiritual astrology services and psychic and horoscope readings. The horoscope site helps you check your daily and yearly planetary forecasts for free. The astrology guide on the website offers guidance on understanding more about astrology.

You won't break the bank with the fees charged by The Find Your Physic filter option allows you to find the right physic. The site also has interesting details like highlighting your special traits and the career right for you.


Whether you want to check your horoscope for fun or are eager to know about your future, there are several websites for this purpose. This can make deciding on a website daunting. Here, we have shortlisted a few of the best horoscope sites to gain insight into what your stars predict for you.

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