Best Games For Samsung Galaxy S9

Powered by 1.7GHz octa-core Samsung Exynos 9810 processor along with a 4GB of RAM the Samsung Galaxy S9 is fast without any doubt. Playing games on this flagship of Samsung is a pleasure. A 3000 mAh battery fuels the phone which gives a decent back-up so you can play uninterruptedly for a long time. The 5.8-inch touchscreen display gives you a perfect screen to play a game of your choice. With a phone as grand as this, you need entertaining games to play. Here is a list of best games for Samsung Galaxy S9.

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List Of Best Games For Samsung Galaxy S9

DEAD TARGET: FPS Zombie Apocalypse Survival Games

Best Games For Samsung Galaxy S9

The game is set in 2040 and you are a part of the special team. CS Corporation has let loose zombies’ demanding the government to fulfill their demands. As a part of the operation, you need to get more information before the Operation Apocalypse can begin. You have hybrid weapons which you can use to kill the zombies. Beware! Each zombie fights differently and also has different ways of killing abilities. As the game proceeds and you kill more zombies your rank goes up. You also get to unlock many weapons and you can uncover new combat moves.

Download DEAD TARGET: FPS Zombie Apocalypse Survival Games


Angry Birds 2

Best Games For Samsung Galaxy S9

The birds are angry because the pigs stole their eggs. They want revenge and will throw themselves on their piggy towers and crash them all down. The pigs are greener and stronger but the birds are also powerful. You can get together with your friends and make a clan to take down the pig army. There are several new levels and each time the pigs make it difficult for the birds to get through. You can bring up the level of the birds and make them stronger by adding feathers to them. The game also features global leaderboards so you can fight against different players across the world. Angry Birds 2 is one of the best games for Samsung Galaxy S9.

Download Angry Birds 2


Hitman Sniper

Best Games For Samsung Galaxy S9

This is an irresistible sniper game. Hitman Sniper was a premium game but now the developers have made it free. So, download without having to pay anything at all. You are Agent 47 in the game who is a skilled silent assassin. The graphics are outstanding and the story will keep you engrossed throughout. You need to shoot down your targets and while doing so collect points. There are more than 150 missions, 10 unique contracts and 16 types of guns that can be collected, each gun has unique abilities. You need to collect the parts of the guns and then finish the blueprint to unlock the gun that you want. There is zombie survival mode too which you can play if you want to add some fun to the gameplay.

Download Hitman Sniper


Clash of Clans

Best Games For Samsung Galaxy S9

You can build a village and raise your own clan and then go warring with the other clans. There are wizards and barbarians who you can combat with and extend your boundaries. You also have the option to merge your clan with your friends and then compete against the other clans of players playing from any part of the world. There are special events, friendly challenges and with each win, you get an upgrade. Train your troops to fight and include unique warriors such as sneaky archer, raged barbarian and others into your troop. You also have to protect your village from the other clans. Then there is the Goblin King who you need to fight as well. This is another of the best games for Samsung Galaxy S9.

Download Clash of Clans


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Best Games For Samsung Galaxy S9

All the Star Wars fans, this one is for you. Several characters from different eras along with ones from Star Wars are waiting to be a part of your team. You can either form dark side or elite light teams as you collect the characters and heroes from different parts of the universe. The power and abilities of the heroes can be upgraded as your wins increase and your attacks get more powerful. You can fight bosses and other players in PvP Squad Arena, Squad Cantina Battles, and Squad Tournaments. There are Capital Ships and starships which you can gather and include in your squad. There are a lot of interesting upgrades and collectibles that you can collect while playing this game.

Download Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes


Traffic Rider

Best Games For Samsung Galaxy S9

The racers buckle-up for the ultimate endless bike racing. True motor-bike sounds and high-end graphics make the game more interesting to play. You get to pick from 26 bikes. The game has different environment variations and over 70 missions in the career mode. Those who are interested in competing with other players can do so. There is an online leaderboard where you have more than 30 achievements waiting for you. Get bonus points when you go over 100 kmph, the faster you drive the faster your score goes up, wheelies get you extra points and going in the opposite direction on a two-way road gets you cash and additional points.

Download Traffic Rider


Castle Crush: Clash in Free Strategy Card Games

Best Games For Samsung Galaxy S9

You have a castle to save and also fight the enemies of the other clans. Grab your armor and collect all the best warriors and prepare for war. Well, you also have magic spells! You can unlock new cards by destroying enemy castles, learn various battling skills to defeat your enemies and duel other players in the battle. You can also join with the other legendary clans and fight together with them as you take down your enemies. The big monsters can be crushed if you use spells on them. Devise your own strategies to win the wars.

Download Castle Crush: Clash in Free Strategy Card Games


Idle Miner Tycoon

Best Games For Samsung Galaxy S9

Next in the list of best games for Samsung Galaxy S9 is the Idle Miner Tycoon. You get a chance to be an industrialist. Take care of your mine and expand your business. You just need to instruct the managers who will do the job on your behalf. Every manager has a unique tycoon effect. You can have 20 mines and more than 15 different resources to mine. The more you mine the more wealth you gather. You can keep earning cash even if you are offline. Investments made by you will help you boost your economy soon. From graphics to the controls everything in this game is perfect. You don’t need an internet connection to progress in the game.

Download Idle Miner Tycoon


War Robots

Best Games For Samsung Galaxy S9

Get ready for heavy-duty action as you wage war with these might metal giants. There are 34 different battle robots that have their own special strengths. The weapons which you can use in the game include plasma guns, ballistic missiles and many more. You need to destroy the enemy robots and capture all the beacons. The weapons can be upgraded so your combat strength is increased and the speed and agility of your robot are better than the enemy. You can join other clans and go to the war or you can participate in PvC battles where you face war robots from across the world. The metallic beasts look realistic and the background sounds are mind-blowing.

Download War Robots


Sling Kong

Best Games For Samsung Galaxy S9

You can be Chimp, Jellyfish, Pig or any other character in this game – you have a choice of about 140 characters. Sling away to the top and collect coins but beware of the traps that get dangerous as you move up. You can create Kongs of you along with your friends and accessorize them in a colorful way. There are limitless combinations that you have. Funny noises, chirpy background music, and beautiful characters will keep entertained.

Download Sling Kong


Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

Best Games For Samsung Galaxy S9

This is a multi-player combat game where 6 players can battle online. You have so many weapons to shoot with such as the shotgun, sniper, flamethrower etc. You also get to train with the Sarge and polish your combat skills through offline training, survival modes, and Co-ops. You can also play team-based battles.

Download Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia


Candy Crush Saga

Best Games For Samsung Galaxy S9

This may be an old game but there are millions who are addicted to it. You are never going to be bored because there are thousands of different levels. Each level gets difficult to crack. Crashing the jellies and candies to score points is fun. This is a colorful game and color bombs and special candies let you blast your way through the candies. You can also compete with your friends and keep an eye on the leaderboards. This is one of the coolest games for Samsung Galaxy S9.

Download Candy Crush Saga


These are some of the best games for Samsung Galaxy S9 which you can download from Play Store and have fun.

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