The Best Games to Play on Chromecast

Technology is surely making everything easier for people these days. It has also been known as a source of various entertainments like video games, TV series, movies, and the like. New gadgets such as the Chromecast are readily available to those who can pay for them so they can enjoy certain things like playing games on it.

If you have one of these, then you can easily use your TV which is made to be affordable in the Philippines and other places in the world.

Here is a list of the best games you can play using a Chromecast.



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  1. Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now is a very popular game, especially since it made a transition from Wii to Chromecast. It was previously called as “Just Dance.”

It is a fairly simple game; you just have to follow the movements you see on the screen so you can gain points. The accelerator on your phone will be tracking all your movements and will reward you for dancing.

You can get the game for free, just put up with some commercials while you are catching your breath before starting another round.

  1. Monopoly Dash

Fans of the Monopoly will be happy to hear that the popular toy company, Hasbro, has uploaded their famous real estate game for Chromecast.

Gamers who use iOS and Android will be able to play this new version which is a mixture of the old Monopoly and Go Fish. Players will be guessing each other’s cards. You can also play on your own and compete against a computer, although you may have to be patient as it may take a while for it to take its turn.

  1. Despicable Me

Children and adults who love the movie, Despicable Me, will love this next game. You will not be able to resist the adorable Minions. Even if it has a few in-app purchases, you will still be able to have fun with it for its fast-paced action sequence.

You will be controlling one of the Minions as he runs around a course full of obstacles like bombs, the abyss, and other exploding materials lying around. You might want to use a remote in order to easily command the character.


  1. Pac-Man TV

One of the oldest video games known to man is Pac-Man. It has been able to stand the test of time because of its classic take and simple dynamics. It is also very easy to play the game on your TV screens, even without using a gamepad.

You can use your fingers to control the movement though it may take some getting used to as for sure you are quite familiar with using a joystick or a smartphone instead.

  1. NBA Jam

Another classic game in this list which has been transitioned into the Chromecast is the NBA Jam. It was originally released in the year 1990.

This game has a lot of modes you can utilize including a single-player campaign, as well as an online and local multiplayer. It has been considered as one of the best sports game to play on Android.

There are a lot of games you can choose to enjoy with your Chromecast. Find out which ones are the best for you, your friends, and family by trying them all out.


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