Best Free Puzzle Games on iPhones

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Puzzle games have been around for a long time and can be quite simple or very complicated. They are a great source of entertainment for people of all age groups. With smartphones ruling the world these days, it is no wonder that the App Store has many of them.

This article presents you with a list of seven puzzle games with varying levels of complexity. This will help puzzle lovers pick out their favorite puzzle games easily and start solving them.

Best Free Puzzle Games on the iPhone

The Birdcage – Best Puzzle Game with AR Mode

The Birdcage is about rescuing ocean-colored birds caged by a king, thereby unleashing the wind into the sky. There are 26 golden cages with the birds locked inside. You have to solve the intuitive mechanical puzzles and think out of the box, along with using all your room escape skills to free birds.

You can get started with The Birdcage easily but it is too hard to put down the puzzle once you do so. The AR mode, along with intuitive controls, chilling soundtrack, and atmospheric audio, are sure to retain your interest throughout the game.

Blackbox – Best Puzzle Game to Challenge Your Creativity

Blackbox is different from most other puzzle games because you do not touch the screen when you play the game! Several challenges have to be fulfilled without swiping or tapping. The game will have you calling on friends or seeking solitude to focus on solving each puzzle. The end of each challenge is marked by filling the small bright squares.

The game involves combining your creative skills and using various sensors, functions, and features to activate the puzzles. Each challenge in Blackbox features minimal, unique sonic and visual representations to help solve the puzzle, along with hints featuring different levels of helpfulness.

Kami 2 – Best Puzzle Game with a Daily Challenge

Kami 2 brings you not just one or two but more than 100 unique hand-crafted puzzles. The goal is to cover each puzzle with just one color using minimum moves and earn a Perfect sticker. There are several tricks and surprises along the way. You can also create and share your designs with them and challenge them to outdo you.

The Daily Challenge option in Kami 2 helps you compete with other players and compare your scores with theirs. You can test your skills by trying your luck with problem-solving and logical skills to solve several user-generated puzzles that get uploaded daily.

Logic Grid Puzzles – Best Puzzle Game with Different Complexity Levels

Logic Grid Puzzles has 100 puzzles of different sizes and difficulty levels. Each puzzle has a grid for you to solve by decoding the written clues provided. The puzzles also have several smart hints that guide you in understanding which clue is appropriate for a specific board and why it is so. You can begin with small 3 x 4 cell puzzles and move on to puzzles with 4 x 7 cells as you improvise yourself.

The Auto-X feature helps to fill up the cells very fast while the multi-level Undo allows you to undo your moves at various levels. Logic Grid Puzzles are completely ad-free, which means you can enjoy playing grid after grid without annoying ads in between.

Wordgrams – Best Puzzle Game for Words Lovers

Wordgrams is a two-player puzzle and is the one for you if you are playing with words. The game is styled to be similar to the traditional Crossword with some differences. There are clues in the squares of the grid and in the form of pictures. The player has five tiles before each turn and has a minute to use those tiles to form appropriate words.

You can improve your scores in various ways with the game. You score each time you complete a word, place the word tiles correctly, or use all five tiles at a time. With Wordgrams, you do not have to wait for a friend to play with you as there are always random opponents or the automated bot ready to challenge you.

Figgerits – Best Puzzle Game to Improve Cross-Logic Skills

Figgerits is loaded with a whole lot of brain teasers and logic puzzles with cross-logic to solve the cryptogram. Several clues come in handy to decode the message and identify the final word or phrase. You will find yourself having to solve several brain puzzles and play several IQ puzzles to emerge victorious in the game.

To solve the Figgerits brain teasers, you must use the provided definitions to figure out as many words as possible. This must be followed by matching the letters and numbers in the correct combination and moving the letters to the appropriate solution dashes. Finally, the wordlist must be used to fill the dashes without letters.

Logic Puzzles Daily – Best Puzzle Game with iCloud Sync

Logic Puzzles Daily offers various grid-based logic problems for you to work your way through by solving several brain teasers. You are expected to complete each logic problem within a stipulated time. The game has a horde of features like hints, Auto X, multi-level Undo, and an error checker, along with a Notes section for really hard puzzles.

You can make yourself comfortable with the Logic Puzzles Daily game by trying your hand at the multiple free logic puzzles. You can also check out the puzzles added every day to the Daily Challenge. Furthermore, you can resume playing the game you stopped playing on your iPhone on an iPad, thanks to iCloud Support.


Puzzle games benefit adults and children alike. They help to improve learning, concentration, and memory, apart from developing a sense of motivation. You can use the above list to choose a puzzle depending on the type you want to solve with an appropriate difficulty level.

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