Best Email Apps for iPhone Users

Emails have become one of the most preferred modes of communication over the years. The iPhone has a horde of apps for this process, which can make choosing the right app challenging. Here, we list seven apps from the App Store to make your decision-making process easier.

Our selection is primarily based on the features they have to offer. All of them have some common features, but they have their own distinct features as well. Read through the list, check it out yourself, and pick out what you think will work best for you.

Best Email Apps for iPhone Users for Quick Communication

Gmail – Best Email App with Automatic Spam Blocking

Gmail allows you to do much more than just send and receive emails. The app blocks spam, dangerous links, and other harmful content with almost 100% accuracy, even before you see them. You can undo a sent email within a specific time if you find that you have made a mistake.

With your Gmail ID, you can use Google Meet for video calls or respond to invites on Google calendar. The Smart Reply suggestions help you respond quickly to your emails. The threaded conversations style allows you to group all related emails.

Microsoft Outlook – Best Email App with Cloud Support

Microsoft Outlook allows you to conveniently have your email and calendar events in one common location. The smart inbox feature allows you to segregate non-important emails from ones that must be attended to on priority. The app helps you to be more productive and organized than before.

With Microsoft Outlook, you don’t need multiple email apps as this single app works well with many of them, like Outlook 365, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Gmail and more. You can open, edit and download Office attachments directly without a download. You can also attach files from Clouds like Dropbox and OneDrive. – Best Email App with Multiple Organizational Features goes that extra mile to ensure that your emails stay organized and you don’t miss out on anything important with its organizational tools. The app allows you to customize the interface in different ways so that it looks unique. You can also ensure that your security isn’t at stake by using a PIN to prevent unauthorized access to the app.

You can set an email tone for your app so that you are always notified of incoming emails and stay up-to-date with friends and colleagues. The sync feature also allows you to access your email on your iPad. The user-friendly aspect is yet another key highlight.

Edison Mail – Best Email App with Customization Options

Edison Mail offers a plethora of customization options to access your inbox the way you want to. Right from changing color options, template structure, or the way you perform swipe actions, the app allows you to do all this and more. The app can also protect your email with Face ID, Touch ID, or both.

The Focused Inbox feature of Edison Mail allows you to separate important emails from those that don’t need immediate attention. You can also block unwanted senders and keep your inbox free of unwanted ads with a single press of the Unsubscribe button. With this app, you can access your emails from multiple email accounts across various service providers in one place.

Spark Mail – Best Email App for Team Collaboration

Spark Mail is your go-to email app if you want to collaborate with your team on a project. The Shared Inboxes feature allows you to delegate ownership among members. You can also assign emails, set deadlines, and track a team’s progress with this app.

The app helps you to mark completed tasks as Done and schedule emails to be sent at a preset time even if you aren’t around. You can also separate unimportant emails to be attended to later with Spark Mail and mute and archive emails that don’t interest you for a clutter-free experience. The inbuilt calendar functionality helps you to create upcoming events.

Yahoo Mail – Best Email App with Input Filters

Yahoo Mail offers a convenient and fast way of accessing your inbox with its several filter options. You can sort your emails based on various categories such as read/unread status, starred, attachments, and more. With this app, you also don’t have to worry about your inbox running out of space with its 1,000GB storage.

The app accumulates all mailing lists in one place, making it easy for you to unsubscribe to annoying promos and newsletters. Yahoo Mail also allows you to customize your notifications and set reminders about the expiry of free trials. You can use the app the way you wish with dynamic text resizing, several high-contrast themes, and VoiceOver screen reader compatibility.

Chuck – Best Email App with Snooze Function

Chuck supports several quick actions from the home screen. The app allows you to see major portions of incoming mail without fully opening them. You can also process several emails at a time effortlessly or remove unwanted messages without reading them.

True to its name, Chuck helps to chuck irrelevant emails in batches by deleting and archiving them with a single tap or by using Haptic Touch. You can group emails based on sender, timestamp, and even subject for easy retrieval later or move them to separate folders. The app also allows you to snooze messages so you to read them later.


An email app is one of the most common and important apps used today for rapid and instant communication. They all work with the common aim of helping you communicate with others effortlessly, irrespective of your location. With the highlights of the seven popular email apps mentioned above, you can easily choose what meets your requirements for a hassle-free experience.

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