Best Cases for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, and 6s Plus

There is no denying the fact that Apple’s iPhones rank the highest when it comes to technical features and the beautiful displays. Each of the iPhone models is sleeker, slimmer, more technical and definitely more expensive than the previous model. When you have the most elegant and sought-after smartphone in your hand, then shouldn’t you take special care of the same? You can ensure the safety of your phone by encasing it within a stylish and highly functional smartphone case. With the latest smart range of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, and 6s Plus your phone must deserve the right kind of protection from the most durable and stylish cases. When you are after the right blend of functionality and style, then you must know about some of the best and the most reliable cases for iPhone 6 and superior models.

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List of Best Cases for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, and 6s Plus

Case for iPhone 6 with Sturdy Build

Griffin Survivor All-Terrain

Wish to impart a sturdy appearance to your iPhone 6? Then this case can be the perfect choice for you. With the strong polycarbonate frame, the Griffin Survivor iPhone 6 case trapped in silicone built. The case comes with highly durable rubber covering that can offer exceptional protection even when the phone would fall to the ground. There is also the presence of a screen protector as well as the sealed ports that can provide great protection against heavy rainfall and dust storm. There is a defensive layer provided by the case that offers scratch-resistant features to the iPhone 6 model. It does not affect the access to the various buttons and the fingerprint sensor. A belt-clip surrounds the case that can be easily removed and can offer military-like protection to the iPhone.


iPhone 6s Case with Protective Functions

Case-Mate Tough Naked Case

Wish to flaunt the stylish Apple logo? Then you can go for selecting the Case-Mate Tough Naked case for iPhone 6 Plus model. You might be deterred by the minimal look of the case. However, when you would consider the protective functions of the case, you will be allured to buy one for your iPhone 6 Plus. There is a rubber bumper that protects the edges of the smartphone. It also raises the screen while falling against the flat surfaces such that direct damage is not caused. There is also the presence of the tough scratch-resistant shell clips on the rear end that can provide additional protection to your iPhone 6 Plus. The case resembles a premium look with the help of the metal buttons.

Best Case for iPhone 6s with Damage Resistance

Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal Case

This one case for iPhone 6 Plus is the benchmark in offering top protection against all sorts of physical damage. The case comes with a soft inner shell and a rear with strong textures to ensure better grip on your iPhone 6 Plus model. There is also a bumper that clips to the edge of the iPhone 6 Plus for added protection. The bumper is made out of the dia-cut aluminum and ensures the ultra-tough specification of the case. To top it all, the case is ultra-slim as well. If you wish the Apple Logo to gleam out, then there is a circular cutout at the rear end.

Case for iPhone 6s with Double-Hinging

QDOS Portland

This case would embrace your iPhone 6s with higher protection profile. In addition to protection, you can also expect some added features and functionalities offered by this great iPhone 6s case. The protection parameters are achieved by the sleek polycarbonate as well as polyurethane shell that are clicked into the place. This wraps the smartphone in form of a second skin. The most impressive feature of the case is the double-fold hinging that can offer unmatchable protection to the iPhone 6s model. You can also flip the case in either portrait or landscape mode. It also offers a sturdy platform for the fingertips.

Case for iPhone 6s Plus with Variant Colors

Tech21 Evo Mesh Case

The best feature of the new FlexShock by Tech21 is that this material can absorb the impacts. It can also help in the dissipation of the force instead of transmitting it to the phone. The Evo Mesh case comes in a variety of color options and is highly lightweight. It can appear a bit bulkier than the standard Tech21 case. However, if you wish to impart greater protection to your iPhone 6s, then this can be acceptable on your part.

Case for iPhone 6s Plus with Leather Touch

Sena Wallet Book Case

Spectacular and attractive brown leather iPhone 6s Plus case can be the perfect phone case for your smart device. This comes in the form of a wallet case that can fit both the iPhone 6s Plus as well as the iPhone 6 Plus models. In addition to these, there are different card slots for keeping the credit, debit as well as the identity cards of the users. The users are also given the ease of access to the ports and the buttons. There is also the presence of the kickstand for viewing videos with much ease.

Case for iPhone 6s Plus with Ultra-Thin Build

Olixar Ultra Thin FlexiShield

If your case is not sold on the wireless charging aspect, then you can consider grabbing the FlexiShield gel case. There is no Qi tech built-in with this case. There are the variants of the Ultra-thin clear model as well as the smoke black gel case. The cases presented by the Olixar FlexiShield are quite different. The clear model of the iPhone case is slightly thinner and highly flexible. It comes with a textured interior. On the other hand, the black smoke gel case is slightly tougher and smoother. However, it has a somewhat tacky finish that can aid in getting a better grip of the phone case. Both of the iPhone cases can offer ultimate protection to the iPhone 6 Plus as well as to the iPhone 6s Plus models. The cases lift up the screen of the iPhone from the ground such that it does not get hit upon falling on the ground. There are ample cutouts in the required places as well for the essential ports and the connections.

Case for iPhone 6 Plus with Lightweight FeaturesEvutec Karbon SI Snap Case

Evutec Karbon SI Snap Case

With so many variants of color options that come with this case, you can pick the rightmost for your iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6s Plus. There are options for selecting red, rose gold, orange, and other attractive colors. In addition to beauty, the Evutec Karbon SI Snap case is also top-notch in offering sleek protection to your iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus models. There is an outer shell made of Kevlar. The design offers lightweight features along with a really tough design to the iPhone smartphones.

Case for iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus with Top Functionality

Logitech Hinge Case

When you wish to include excellent build up, top quality and high functionality in the case of your iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6s Plus models, then Logitech Hinge case can be the perfect option for you. The case comes in the sleek design. This allows the users to adjust their iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6s Plus models to be in any viewing angle along with a 50-degree. To top it all, there are slots for the insertion of the most important cards along with ample space for the ports as well. The case comes with a fine textured finish on the outside that ensures that the users have a firm grip on their iPhone. This will prevent any potential risk of the iPhone from falling down.

Case for iPhone 6s Plus with Ultimate ClassCasemade Genuine Leather Wallet Case

Casemade Genuine Leather Wallet Case

Nothing adds as much glory as pure leather to your iPhone 6s Plus smartphone model. This leather mobile case is available for both iPhone 6s Plus as well as for iPhone 6 Plus models. This leather case comes from Casemade. The best feature of this classy and exquisite leather case is that it is highly affordable. This is contrary to the belief that the pure leather cases are highly expensive. You can have the Casemade leather case for iPhone 6s Plus at a mere price of £19.90. There is the presence of a plastic insert that grips the iPhone in a firm manner. To top it all, the leather case smells in a wonderful manner. There is also the presence of a magnetic clasp that can hold it shut. There is a camera shutout as well with the help of which the users can take photographs and videos even without removing the entire case. In addition to this, there are slots inside the case that can be used for storing ID cards along with credit cards.

Case for iPhone 6 with Symmetry LooksOtterBox Symmetry Case

OtterBox Symmetry Case

When you require extra tough protection for your iPhone 6 model, then OtterBox has the best solutions and cases for the varied needs of the iPhone users. The OtterBox Symmetry case comes in a variety of color options to offer great functionality to the users. The users can expect options for glacier white and black options. You can get this smart iPhone case for a mere price of less than $20.

When you are confused about selecting the right set of the sturdy as well as attractive mobile cases for the iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus or 6s Plus; then the list mentioned above might help you out.

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