Best Apps For iPhone XR

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While everyone's attention is fixed on the iPhone XR, the only things you can get your hands on right now are the apps available. However, if you are looking forward to those apps that rise above the rest, you must follow the list below.

Try to make your life easier, simpler, and better with all those apps that add to the enhanced features of this phone. With over a million apps available for iPhones and many hitting the app store every day, you may not be able to keep up with them. Fortunately, a list of the best iPhone XR apps is waiting for you.

Top best apps for iPhone XR

1. SYS Pro – Network Monitoring App

SYS Pro is a real-time monitoring application with an excellent design that adds the monitoring data plug-in to the notification center and lets you get ahead of the data.

SYS Pro iphone XR app

Download SYS Pro

2. Google Chrome

This app is an upgrade and comes from the default browser called, Safari. You can sync bookmarks and history across devices with unlimited tabs and search bar autocomplete features.

Google Chrome iphone XR app

Download Google Chrome

3. Overcast

This is one of the most prominent third-party podcast apps and has received support for various features, such as Shortcuts. However, you have got to appreciate the new design as well. With the "Now Playing" screen redesigned entirely, it is easy for users to find advanced controls, chapters, and show notes.

You will also enjoy a new sleep timer with better granular controls. With Siri Shortcuts, support from Overcast is far greater than expected and allows users to set voice commands for playlists, playback controls, and individual shows. Thus, you have to say what you want to watch, and the voice of the actors will start playing into your ears.

iphone XR App Overcast

Download Overcast

4. Alloy – Automator and Launcher

If you have difficulty using multiple apps while carrying out the same daily tasks, Alloy can streamline the options for you. If you are looking forward to completing the tasks in one app, you can tap and complete them easily. With this app, you can automate the tasks to be carried out regarding day-to-day activities.

Whether it is about launching an app or automating those tasks that are complicated and repetitive, this app can make it handy and straightforward, and all that you need is a click. Do you want to add a new photo to Facebook or any other social media channel with different features or save and track your time and parking place? You don't need to do anything beyond the creation of corresponding actions to be used over and over again.

Any user, whether experienced or a newbie, can use this app. It can be handy and fun to play with this app. When you combine several tasks, experienced users can build more sophisticated actions with the help of conditional operators, loops, and web services. If you face problems as a user, you can reach out to the support team to get the set of instructions and help.

You can combine the best of both worlds with features such as a sophisticated workflow engine and an advanced launcher. You no longer need to browse through the pages filled with apps to locate one app. This app is an excellent extension to the existing ones to improve your life and the day-to-day activities you want to perform.

Alloy iphone XR app

Download Alloy

5. Bitmoji

With this app, you will get the opportunity to customize the eye color and the hair of the cartoon avatar to the accessories and outfits. The presence of a vast library of stickers, which also includes Bitmoji, allows you to easily send dozens of personal emojis through iMessage and other apps that support the copy-and-paste feature. To make Snap stories and Snaps more interesting, you can also connect this app to Snapchat.

Bitmoji iphone XR app

Download Bitmoji

6. 1Password

This is the latest update to the ever-popular password manager, and you can put the login information above the keyboard owing to the stunning features of iOS 12. Instead of using Key-chain for the login information auto-fill, you can preferably use this app for the built-in iOS Key-chain.

The ability of this app also extends to the new login info to create unique and strong passwords without opening the main app. The app stays updated when you sync the data using this account, even when the app is not running, and the information is always updated and recent.

1Password iphone XR app

Download 1Password

7. Instagram

Instagram is one of the best social networking apps for sharing those stunning pictures.

Download Instagram

8. GroupMe

For all those people who love to engage in different group chats, this app makes it easy to stay in touch with all those people engaged in chatting. Whether you want to give the name to your groups, save the videos and photos or set the avatars, you can do it all within the group chat and come back later to refer to it.

Download GroupMe

9. Pro Mirror Cast for Xbox

To mirror from this iOS device to the Xbox, you can use this app and stream to the Xbox from iPhone XR. All you need to do is to log in using the available information and create a broadcast to the Xbox. After this, you can visit the upcoming broadcasts and the stream and open the YouTube app on the Xbox.

Pro Mirror Cast Xbox iphone XR app

Download Pro Mirror Cast

10. Open Bar

As the name suggests, Open Bar is one of the most refreshing cocktail-flavored puzzle games to be enjoyed by users readily. The design animations, the matching soundtrack, the levels of the game, and the sound FXs make it a stunning puzzler. Each level will come with three different moves, and you must tackle the challenges.

Open Bar iphone XR app

Download Open Bar

11. Messenger

Facebook offers users the Messenger service as an independent app that allows them to chat with their friends on Facebook and all their contacts once they install the app, and you do not even need to sign in to Facebook. This app serves as the right option for all those voluminous messages that the users exchange through this app.

Messenger iphone XR app

Download Messenger

12. Things 3

This is another task manager that has been updated for iOS 12 and has received support for Shortcuts, password auto-fill, dynamic notifications, and Shortcuts, along with the Siri watch face. If you are keen to build your custom Quick Entries, using Shortcuts is the best option as it serves as the customized task template for populating lists automatically, such as the list to which they belong and the tags. When you have a task to complete, a card appears on the Siri watch face.

Download Things 3

13. Tinder and Bumble

If you want to engage in dating, Tinder is an excellent app where you can view an individual's picture and age. You will find it fun to swipe right to the hotties and those who are not. However, Bumble's web dating concept changes as women are forced to make the first move. The match can expire if you cannot match with someone within the first twenty-four hours.

Bumble iphone XR app

Download Tinder

Download Bumble

14. Day One

This app allows you to start multiple journal entries with your voice in the Siri Shortcuts. Within the settings of the app in the Siri Shortcuts, you will come across three buttons available for each journal; one for the text entries, another for the photo, and the other for the audio. You can tap on one of the buttons to be taken to the setup screen for the new command phrase in the Siri Shortcuts and record the phrase for creating a custom entry command.

Download Day One

15. Oh She Glows

This is one of the best cooking apps allowing you to stay healthy with over ninety plant-based recipes that titillate your taste buds with attractive looks. Not only do you get photos of the recipes, but you get the step-wise description of the dish as well, along with the nutritional information.

iPhone XR App oh she Glows

Download Oh She Glows

16. Xbox

The Xbox One mobile companion helps you navigate the menus on your smartphone. It encourages compatibility with the complicated apps of Xbox, such as achievements and messaging.

iPhoneXR App Xbox

Download Xbox

17. Carrot Weather

This fantastic weather app allows you to get updates using Siri. Just execute the Siri command for this app and watch the pop-up on the screen just like the other weather apps. There are pre-made shortcuts available in this app.

Download Carrot Weather

Download the apps

If you are planning to grab the latest iPhone XR, you can go through the list of apps and make your life easy with them. With all these best apps waiting to be downloaded, you can enjoy being a proud owner of the iPhone XR.

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