Best Apps for Baby Names for Android

Finding the best name for your baby is not an easy task. There are many classic as well as modern names available these days. You may select a pretty common famous name or some unique and special name. The common name for your kid will make everyone easily accept it and a special name may take you through some discussions. Baby Names apps allow you to pick a name for your kid from a very huge collection easily. It will make the job less stressful for you and your partner as well.  Here are the best apps for baby names for your Android device.

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Best Apps for Baby Names for Android

Best Apps for Baby Names for Android

Baby Names made by Nametrix 

It’s a free app that is rated 4.2 stars in the Google Play Store. This is unique, fun to use and incredible app to find the best name for your baby. It has all the basic features like meaning, origin, and pronunciation of a name but the features that make it unique are 100-year popularity graphs, names for brothers/sisters, interactive popular heat maps, tags, rankings, and many more. It also offers you to select names based on profession, political party, etc. If you do not bother about paying a little, check this out.



It’s the highly-rated baby name app (4.4 stars) available in the Play Store for less than 2 USD. It offers you various suggestions by using some filters like the first letter, meaning, characteristics, names of family members, origin, gender, etc. You can save your favorite name and create a poll between your friends and family members to select the best one that satisfies all the members of your family. This app has a collection of over 25 thousand names for your baby. It also has two-factor authentication that makes your account secure and enhanced machine-learning algorithms to help you find the best name.


My Baby’s name

This is a free app (comes with ads) that has over 1 million downloads with the user rating of 4 stars. It has a collection of more than 35 thousand baby names. It helps users to find the best name by various parameters like length of the name, popularity, origin, and many more. Similar to some other apps, both mom and dad are allowed to select their favorites. Names with meanings are shown at the end of the selection. These names are given to each other in a separate list.



This app, made by DoSomethingGood, is available on Google Play Store. You can download it for free but there are also some in-app purchases. It is an easy and intuitive app that lets users find an easy solution for their baby’s name. It makes a couple to connect and swipe through baby cards to find a name. If both you have swiped a similar card it will automatically go to your favorites list. This app has over 30 thousand unique names that are represented with their meaning and origin. Also, there are several filters to choose from different criteria: nationality, celebrity, athlete, and many more.


Top baby names for boy and girl

A free app made with ads that is rated 4.1 stars is relatively new in the Google Play Store. It has more than 100 thousand baby names to choose from. Similar to other apps, you can select the name by different criteria that include name, meaning, religion, first letter, and many more. It also has a separate unique and unisex name list. You can also sort out the names by the Latest and Popular sections. The app gives you the ability to save and share the chosen name.

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