Best Apple Watch Faces for a Unique Look

Apple watches have won the hearts of people of all age groups alike. While all smartwatches look alike, you can change the watch face of your smartwatch to give it a distinct appearance and make it appear unique. This article highlights some of the best Apple Watch faces to make your smartwatch stand out.

Best Apple Watch Faces for a Unique Look

Pride – Best Apple Watch Faces with Multiple Colors Support

The Pride Watch Face is available on an Apple Watch with a watchOS update. The bright, colorful watch face has several colors that give your smartwatch a vibrant look. The Pride watch face gets yearly updates, and you can choose the style of any previous year by long pressing the Customizable option.

The Pride watch face is an excellent option to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community. It also portrays lush animations that wobble on the display and make it lively and colorful.

Lunar (New for watchOS 9) – Best Apple Watch Face with Four Complications

The Lunar watch face does what the name says. The watch face helps to gain an insight into how the calendar and the several phases of the moon are related. You can choose one of the four complications supported to determine the number of tasks you have accomplished in a day.

With Lunar, you can make your Apple Watch look like an analog or digital clock. There is also an option to choose from one of the three calendars comprising a Chinese, an Islamic, or a Hebrew calendar.

Metropolitan (New for watchOS 9) – Best Apple Watch Face with Analog Dial

The Metropolitan watch face wins the heart of analog watch lovers with its analog dial. The smartwatch face allows you to change the dial color according to your mood. It is also possible to choose different styles for how the numbers should be displayed.

When you opt for the Metropolitan watch face, you have four different complications. The Series 7 or Series 8 Apple Watch has a complication in each corner with this watch face. The dial's digits are displayed subtly when you turn your wrist to see the time.

Modular Duo (Series 7/8) – Best Apple Watch Face with Font Customization

The Modular Duo Watch Face allows you to view the time on your Apple Watch in digital format. You can choose this watch face on any Series 7 or 8 smartwatch. The smartwatch has two enormous rectangular complications and a smaller one to display simple information and for quick access.

The Modular Duo watch face allows you not only to associate your watch face with the desired color but also to change the display's font. The multicolor look is a key highlight. The watch face also incorporates a quick access button.

Astronomy (watchOS 9) – Best Apple Watch Face with Three View Options

The Astronomy watch face is available for any Apple Watch on watchOS 9. The watch face offers three interesting views, namely, the Solar System view, the Moon view, and the Earth view. Each of these views gets updated during the day, and you can enjoy watching sunrise and sunset across the country.

You can use the digital crown to visualize the shadow or light on the earth in the upcoming hours of the day and see how the man appears on another day. The watch face also supports font customization.

Portraits (watchOS8) – Best Apple Watch Face with 3D Effect

The Portraits watch face has a whole lot of exciting features. The watch face allows you to incorporate a 3D effect for any portrait photo and the perspective motion. It supports two complications, one at the bottom and one at the center, that can be adjusted.

The digital crown allows you to zoom the subject of your portrait photo forward to make it appear close to you. Moreover, this watch face helps you choose a maximum of 24 portrait images and select a Classic, Rounded, or Modern clock style.

Nike (Various) – Best Apple Watch Face for any Apple Smartwatch

The Nike watch face is available for any Apple Watch that runs on watchOS 9 and higher irrespective of the model. The watch face has four options: Nike Analog, Nike Digital, Nike Compact, and Nike Bounce. You can install any of these watch faces on any smartwatch.

The Nike Compact watch face is a favorite among most people, with a simple arrangement and multiple complications. The Nike Bounce watch face sports several new colors and bouncing numbers whenever there is a smartwatch movement, as the name suggests.


You can choose a watch face on your Apple smartwatch with a simple swipe gesture by swiping to the right or left on the existing watch face until you get to the preferred watch face. Our list here gives you some of the best Apple Watch face options based on your mood and what you are doing.

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