Best anonymous messaging apps for Android

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At some point in our lives, I am sure we have thoughts like: ‘I wish I could have a way to text someone without the message being traced back to me’. It could have been an idea for a prank, or needing an extra number for your business. With the innovation of new tech developers and the creative use of software, we can transform these thoughts into reality. Many messaging apps allow you to remain anonymous and can be found on the Google Play Store. We will recommend the best anonymous messaging apps for Android in this article.

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Best anonymous messaging apps for Android


Whisper allows you to share your thought with a general audience, yet remain anonymous. This removes the possible black-lash that less popular views may bring about. There is various content that you can create on the app such as images, videos and write short passages. Although you would need to create an account, you do not need to verify it. Therefore, you can create a personal alias that is not similar to your name. Lastly, there is a private messaging component that lets you get to know individuals better.

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Text Me

This app gives the user anonymity by generating a random, but usable, alternate number. This allows users to send messages to other users without using your personal information and contact information. The application will allow you to send normal text messages, videos, and images to any other phone number. Within the United States of America and Canada, calls and text messages are free of charge. Some charges may apply to users in other countries. Outbound international calls may also come at a small fee. The app is also compatible with Google voice for hands-free messaging.

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This app is designed for users to send messages to each other anonymously. People whom you are familiar with may send you messages over the app. However, you would not be able to identify the sender. You will only receive the messages in a chatroom labeled, Truthful. This allows them to give you truthful and sincere advice. You may also use the app to do the same to them. You could have lightened up someone’s day with just a few kind words. The only downside to this app is that it is limited to texting people you know.

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Snapchat has become an app that is popular worldwide. Being able to keep picture streaks with friends has become a daily routine for many. However, most people do not know that they can choose to send messages anonymously through this app. You can choose not to display the name as the sender, allowing you to remain anonymous. The only setback for this app is that you are given a word limit of 140 words. Therefore, not much can be said in each message. Nevertheless, it is still a fun app that you can try out.

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Chatterpillar allows you to chat with anyone on your contact list anonymously. You can bring up controversial topics and feelings without giving away your identity. You may do so by creating a group and setting up some topics to discuss. You may even talk to strangers and lend them a listening ear when they have no one to talk to. A plus point to this app is that when you run out of topics to talk about, the app may suggest new topics that you can tap on. This saves you from many different awkward situations.

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