Battery Time From Liquidium: The Must Have App For Android Device

Battery Time From Liquidium presents the simplicity from an app to help you with anything related to battery lifetime of your smartphone. This app focuses on two things, to “extend” and “optimize” battery lifetime. Liquidium makes these 2 things a simple procedure, with one tap solution. When you open this app, you will only see one main page solution with a simple and intuitive design. Firstly, Battery Time doesn’t use too many ornaments and icons, and the thing that user needs to know is made perfectly: your battery lifetime estimation.

Battery Time

The battery lifetime estimation is presented by number in pretty big size to give us information we need. At the center, there is one tap solution to extend battery lifetime in a form of a huge circle with the words “Extend Time, tap here.” By tapping the circle, Battery Time will automatically search which are on your smartphone that using the biggest battery power, to be configured to get the extra battery lifetime. The boost process will close the power-hungry background apps, some battery-draining services from the dashboard, and more. These automatic configuration steps are followed by the agreement confirm questions, such as power off WiFi and Bluetooth. After the boost process is done, the additional battery lifetime information will be shown, and you’ll be happy because your smartphone will have extra battery lifetime.

The other thing you can explore from this app is the arrow sign on the top and bottom the circle shape. On the top of the circle, as fast as we tap the arrow, we will know the usage estimation for certain activities, specifically. It gives us information about how long we need to charge the battery if we do that activity.

Battery Time

On the bottom of the circle, there also the other arrow that allows us to access the 5 main features on the smartphone without affecting its battery lifetime: brightness, lock screen, sync, Bluetooth, and WiFi.  You can set it manually by tapping a small icon for each feature to configure it. For instance, on the left side, we can configure the brightness. Just tap it one or several times until you get the configuration you want. Battery Time will give information about how that configuration affects the battery lifetime. That’s nice. No scroll, no access to another page, just tap and read the information on the main page. That simple.

Battery Time

In the Settings, there is the ignore list feature for excluding from the boost process. The last thing is, this app gives a tips and information associated with the battery and battery lifetime. This tip will appear in the Notification or Message Center. You can download Battery Time for free. Currently, this app has a 4.6 rating in the Play Store.

Download Battery Time here

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