How to Fix Battery Drain Issue in Samsung Galaxy Note 2 after Latest Android Update

Are you facing problems with your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 after latest software update? If yes then this will be a good read for you as we will be discussing about the battery drain issue in Samsung Galaxy Note 2 after its latest software update to Android version 4.3. A lot of users have told us about the battery drain issue in Samsung Galaxy Note 2 wherein their battery would completely drain out in 5 to 6 hours when the phone was in standby mode! Yes that is right the phone was in STANDBY mode. So in this article we will be talking about How to Fix Battery Drain Issue in Samsung Galaxy Note 2 after Latest Android Update.

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How to Fix Battery Drain Issue in Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Here are the steps that you could read and follow in order to counter your gadget against these issues. These steps might not fix the issue completely as this is no magic trick but it is sure that they will definitely improve the condition of your battery.

Battery Usage History

This is a vital step before you could try the further steps, if you do not monitor your battery’s performance you should start doing it NOW!. The basic and very important things that you would come to know by monitoring are how was the mobile network signal, how long was the phone awake, for how long was the screen ON and the charging details. Use can also get a pictorial or a graphical view for the above details.

Battery Usage History

Battery Usage History

Avast Mobile Security

The Avast Antivirus is one of the best and most reliable softwares present in today’s market. It not only provides protection to your phone against malicious softwares but also notifies you about the user about unwanted apps and also the apps that are consuming more battery. In case your device gets stolen you would be notified as well.

Rooting the device

Please note that by performing this step you would lose out on your warranty but in case your device is out of warranty you could definitely have a go. Rooting your device will actually give you access to control most of the aspects of your such as battery and processor.

Drain the Battery 

Sometimes your device may get out of its usual charge cycle and needs to be configured as the apps take a little time to adjust to the newer version of OS. All you need to do is let your battery drain out completely and leave it for sometime and then put it back to charging and do not use it till it is 100% charged.

GSam Battery Monitor

You can install any battery monitor application Google Play Store but we recommend GSam Battery Monitor. Its key features are:-

-> Shuts down battery draining apps.
-> Displays battery state and time left estimates.
-> It includes great battery information in Dash Clock widget.
-> See past battery usage and compare it with the present ones.

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