Battery calibration on Android: How to do it?

Battery Stats is one of the most important features provided in all smartphones by Android OS. Its main function is to keep track of the battery’s capacity. One of the major cons which come with it is that sometimes it gets corrupted and thus starts to show fake data to the user. Battery calibration is defined as the process of making the Android OS rectify this information and make it error free. Thus, actual battery levels can be seen once again.

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Battery calibration on Android: without the root access

The old technique of discharging and fully charging the mobile phone is one of the basic ways to calibrate the battery present in the Android phone.

  • Drain out all the battery of your phone so it shuts itself down
  • The next step is to turn it on again and let it switch off itself
  • Connect your phone with a charger but do not switch it on

Battery calibration on Android

  • Let your phone get charged until and unless the on-screen LED notifies you that it is 100%complete
  • Now disconnect the charger.
  • Switch on your phone. The battery indicator will show that your device is not fully charged. Connect the charger until the screen shows that the device is 100% charged.
  • Disconnect your mobile phone and restart it. If the screen displays that the phone is not 100% charged then connect it again with the charger until it reaches 100%.
  • Cycle the above steps until you get to see a 100% charge in your screen after restarting your phone.
  • Allow your battery to drain out to 0% so that your mobile turns off again.
  • Charge your battery one more time to 100% without any kind of interruption. Now you have to reset the Android framework’s battery rate.

Keep one thing in mind that performing this process too often is not advisable. Try to do this process once every three months.

Battery calibration on Android: with root access

This method is rarely used by users. In order to calibrate the battery this way, you need to bring the phone to Recovery Mode and go to the Advanced section. In it, you will need to click on the “wipe battery stats” button. With this, you will clear all calibrations ever made by you or your device system.

The second step will be to drain the battery of your device. After your device turns off, let it charge until it is fully charged, and don’t turn it on during the process. You should do this procedure twice if you want your device to get what it needs.

Calibrating using Battery Calibration app

There are a huge number of applications aimed at improving the battery life of your smartphone. One of them, the most popular is Battery Calibration.

The sequence of actions with this method of calibration will be as following:

  • To begin, you will need to run this program and connect the device to the charger.
  • After the phone is charged up to 100%, you will hear a characteristic squeak but do not rush to remove the charger, you will need to wait another 1 hour from then.
  • After another hour of charging, in the application menu, you will need to press the “Calibrate” button and wait for the procedure to complete.
  • Once everything is completed – you can take off your phone from the charger, and reboot your device.

This completes the calibration process. This method is good because it does not require any outside actions from you, as the app does everything itself.