Three Steps Only, Backup DVD to ISO Flawlessly with WinX DVD Ripper

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Back in the early 2000s when I used to collect movies, games and music albums in DVD format, I usually played it on the DVD player or DVD-ROM drive on my desktop. I have tons of optical discs in my house, but recently I found some of them are damaged. It breaks my heart, especially when one of those contains precious memory. So, I decided to back up those discs to my computer using Winx DVD Ripper Platinum from Digiarty. This software is worth trying. You can also get it for free to backup DVD to ISO.

Why You Have To Backup DVD to ISO with Winx DVD Ripper Platinum?

It’s A Digital Era

There was a time when we used to store our precious videos or photos taken from a digital camera on a DVD or CD. Therefore, we can play it on our computer or TV using a DVD player. We also use it as a backup. This method was quite effective because it’s easy to carry everywhere you go, but yet, it is fragile. It’s easy to scratch, break, and get damaged. Thus, backup DVD to ISO file and keep it on your computer is the other way to save the data.

Easier To Watch And Share

Bringing the DVD player everywhere we go for playing your favorite movie in DVD format is not a good idea. Moreover, not all PCs have an optical disc drive (ODD). For example, MacBook Air and modern Macs don’t come with ODD. Yes, it’s a streaming era, but the streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video don’t provide all movies. Sometimes, you cannot find a movie you want to watch.

Ripping the physical disc to visual one can be the solution and Winx DVD Ripper is one of the best DVD copy software you can try. It allows you to rip DVD to ISO file on your PC and you can copy it to USB flash drive or share it to your smartphone or tablet.

Quality Is Matter

The first thing in searching for the best tool to backup DVD to ISO should be the output quality. “Will I get the quality as good as the original one?” Of course, it matters because one day you may want to burn it back to a disc.

Winx DVD Ripper from Digiarty is not the only software to backup and digitalize DVDs, but when it comes to output quality, this is the best option for sure. It is because it utilizes De-interlacing Engine & High-Quality Engine to deliver the original video and audio.

Easy To Use

Only three simple steps are needed to backup DVD to ISO. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use the software. Your 7 years old nephew can even do it without any hassle. Once you launch the software, all you have to do is just load DVD, select output profile, and rip DVD. That’s all.

Speed Is Also Matter

Imagine if you have a bunch of discs you want to rip to your computer and each of them takes hours to be done. Therefore, you will need all day or even days to copy all those DVDs.

Thanks to the unique level-3 hardware acceleration tech, fully utilize Intel CPU, Nvidia GPU, and AMD, you don’t have to sacrifice your days to backup DVD to ISO on computer. The software comes with 32x real-time faster conversion speed, 500 Max FPS. Rip a two-hour-long DVD in five minutes. So, if you have 10 two-hour-long DVDs, you can rip all of them in less than one hour.

Worth Trying

The normal price of Winx DVD Ripper Platinum is $67.95 for the lifetime version. But wait, they have a special Black Friday offer. For all the features I mentioned above, you can get the software for $29.95 only. As a bonus, the software allows you to convert DVD movies to MP4, AVI, MPEG, H.264, HEVC, MOV, TV, NAS, Plex, mobiles and edit them. A free trial is also available.

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