Asus router login: How to reset your password

Most of the people who own an Asus internet router, struggle to reset their passwords in case they forgot the old one or they simply want to change the default password. In this article, we will give you a further explanation on how to reset your password on the Asus router.  Two types of password resetting are known; the first is the soft reset and the second is a hard reset.

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How to reset your password

1-Soft Reset:

The soft reset refers to « software », which means that you are going to reset your Asus router password using your username and the router default password. But this would be made after following these simple steps:

First step:
Verify that your Asus router is ON and well linked to your computer.

Second step:
Select any browser you want on your computer, then go to the search bar. Type the default IP address or tap the address and you will be taken to the Asus router main page.

Third step:
Fill in the blanks with the default Asus router username and also the default password. They are generally “admin” and “admin”. You can find the default Asus router username on the bottom of the router in case you forgot it.

Fourth step:
Once you have entered the right username and password, you have only to click “Login”. After just a few moments and you will be redirected to the homepage of the Asus router.

Fifth step:
When you are on the router homepage, search for the Administration option, you will find it on the top right of your screen. Click on this Administration tab. After this, go to the settings and look for “Restore/default” option.

Sixth step:
Once you clicked on Restore option, your Asus router will execute the operation. The process takes a few minutes to restore the factory settings, so don’t worry just wait!

2-Hard Reset:

The word hard here stands for “hardware”, which means that in this method, the router itself will help us to reset the password. This is why in this second part, the reset will be done using the Reset/Push button and this is what we call “hard reset”.

First step:
The first thing to do is to find the push button of the Asus router, it is very easy. It is usually located at the bottom of your router.

Second step:
In this second step, you will start the reset process manually. All you need to do is to press the reset button then keep it pressed for a couple of seconds. Do not release this button until you see the LEDs on the Asus router totally lighting up.

Third step:
Once all the lights are on, you can release the button. Now, you have to wait for your router to load its default settings. This should be working!

3-In case this does not work:

-If you are not able to access to your Asus router, change the web browser that you are using.
-If the problem persists, just verify again that you have entered the right router username and also the correct default password of the router when you try to log in.

The steps listed here are pretty simple. But if you still have a problem when you are trying to reset the password, call the Asus support which is available 24 hours a day and get the help that you need to solve the issue.