Apps With Time Telling For Apple Watch Will be Rejected by Apple

Apple Watch comes with 10 watch faces which has been provided out of the box by Apple. Those watch faces can be combined in unique with the other features like calendar, weather etc as you like and need.

Apps With Time Telling For Apple Watch Will be Rejected by Apple

Apple restrict all the things related to time or watch faces application. From this restriction, heard that Apple has rejected some applications which has submitted by some developers. There’re also many complaints from developers related to the rejection of their applications. Apple then starts to launch a new guideline for App Store and it’s related to applications which has “telling time” as their main focus. As it’s reported by 9to5mac:

“Apple has today added a new guideline to the App Store Review Guidelines, the first clause specifically targeted at Apple Watch development. This rule that Watch apps that only tell time will be rejected has actually been enforced since Apple started accepting WatchKit submissions as many developers complained to find their apps had been rejected for this reason. The documentation change now formalizes this rule into an official policy.”

Apps With Time Telling For Apple Watch Will be Rejected by AppleI think, this restriction is an Apple’s policy for their initial product. Do you remember how Apple did not allow the iPhone users to display wallpaper on home screen? At the beginning the iPhone users were forced to be satisfied with a black wallpaper for their home screen until iOS 4 came. Why Apple did that? Apple needs times for months or years to introduce the brand and feature they made for public, so the feature will become an icon and public can recognize it. In this case is watch faces of Apple watch, Apple wants public recognize and absorb those faces for the purpose of brand strength from Apple Watch itself. If in the beginning the faces is opened with many more options, it can make the Apple Watch branding become blurs. One of brands they brought in Apple Watch is watch faces. For example they choose Mickey Mouse as one of watch faces and someone will memorize Mickey Mouse in watch faces on Apple Watch. The reinforcement of an initial product is so important here.

Seems that next year the restriction will become a bit loose for developers wherein the Apple Watch faces branding will open the opportunity for users to use faces from third party. Yes we need the patience if we feel bored with the current watch faces.

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