Apps are not full screen on Note 9 – How to fix it

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is one of the most powerful smartphones launched by Samsung. This smartphone shows a powerful performance when it comes to running apps. It has a high built-in processor that makes sure you don’t get any lag while enjoying your favorite games. Sometimes, a few problems may arise while opening certain apps. Among these may be the problem that apps may not be in full screen. That can be very irritating and definitely demands a solution. So, your apps are not full-screen on note 9 – how to fix it? Some simple solutions are given below.

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Some apps don’t have a full-screen mode

Wait! What? We thought all apps displayed in a full-screen mode and there were no variations. Sadly, there are some apps out there that are not properly designed by the developers. So, the problem may be with the app itself and not your smartphone. All the good mobile-app developers always take into account the screen size of the devices the app will be used on after release. So, they usually take into account every possible screen range that may be involved in running their app.

There is a possibility here that your note’s screen size is way bigger than predicted by the developer. Honestly speaking, you need to switch to some other app that provides better support for larger screen sizes.

Badly designed apps can affect performance

Besides not being able to enjoy the app and all its supposedly cool features, you may find yourself stuck with certain complications. One of these complications caused by badly designed mobile apps may be damaging your phone’s software. This can lead to a poor performance overall.

There is also a risk that you may get your smartphone’s hardware damaged by such poor apps. It would be really annoying losing an awesome device to something that had other alternatives available on the Play Store. I wouldn’t want to run for the customer service stores begging them to look at my phone just because I tried some crazy app. Would you?

Your phone may acquire a virus which may even require you to get your smartphone’s software renewed as a whole.


1- Check full-screen apps in the settings

At times some apps don’t run in full screen because your smartphone tries to save battery. For doing that, it might not let you run certain apps in full screen. However, there is an option available in settings when you check the apps section. Here, you can easily find which apps are running in full screen and which of them aren’t allowed the full-screen mode.

Turn that on/ off as desired, and there you have a simple and fast solution for your apps not running in full-screen mode.

2- Stretch icons in the recent apps window

Some apps may need a manual stretching and enlarging their display size on the screen of your note 9. It might be somewhat confusing for some people. There is no real known cause of why this even happens. But there is a simple solution here too.

While you have your app running in the background, open the recent apps window. Once you see all the apps running at the moment, just drag the app to increase its display. You can easily stretch it to full screen, or set it to as small as a few inches, the choice is totally yours.