Apps are not full screen on Note 10 – How to fix it

Sometimes flagship smartphones have issues related to software. These issues can be resolved with some simple troubleshooting. In this tutorial, we will show you what to do when apps are not full screen on Note 10.

If you bought a new Galaxy Note 10, you feel great with it in your hand. With 6.3 inches of the screen display, it looks thin and feels light. The screen of Galaxy Note 10 is slightly smaller than Galaxy Note 9 as the size of the screen of Note 9 is 6.4 inches. It’s a big display in the most compact body. It may sound weird that most of the apps do not use the entire display and people may be wondering if there is a technique to show all the apps on full screen on Galaxy Note 10. Samsung added a feature in the settings of Galaxy Note 10, which is called full-screen mode. You can use this feature for those apps that are not able to display on the full screen of Note 10.

Some apps are optimized for infinity display and some not. They may not fill the phone screen completely. There are few options are available by which you can change apps to full screen. One option is to change the scale of the app while running and the other option is to enable the full-screen settings for other apps. Here are some useful options to fix the apps that are not full screen.

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Solution 1: Change the aspect ratio on a running app

Some apps may be enlarged and stretched manually. If you are using an app and it is not filling your screen, it is easy to change the application to a full-screen aspect ratio by using the following steps.

  1. Tap the Recent app icon
  2. Tap the Enlarge icon
  3. Now, your app is resized

By using this setting, you can select apps of your choice to open in full-screen mode.

Solution 2: Make all apps full screen for those that don’t work

This is a more advanced option that allows you to change the aspect ratio through Settings.

  1. To find this option, navigate to Apps > Settings
  2. Select Display
  3. Select the option ‘Full-screen Apps”. There you will find that you’ll not be able to configure it for some apps. The apps with the grey hue will not be configurable and supporting apps will look brighter in general.
  4. Find the app that you want to see in full-screen mode
  5. After finding the desired app just toggle ‘Full screen’ to ‘On’
  6. When you open this app next time, the system of Galaxy Note 10 will remember your preferences and it will automatically show it in the new aspect ratio.

Note: If you find that some apps are not showing the option of full-screen mode in settings, this means these apps are not compatible to use full-screen option.

Badly designed apps do not have a full-screen mode

If you tried both of the techniques to resize the apps to show on full-screen mode but you realized some third-party apps do not have the full-screen mode in their programming, there is no option to enlarge them except using them as they are.

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