Apple Will Pay Ericsson 0.5% Of iPhone And iPad Revenue

Apple and Ericsson has got an agreement associated with the use of Ericsson’s technology license on iPhone ad iPad. According to the Reuters, Apple agreed to pay Ericsson 0.5% of the sold iPhone and iPad revenue.

Actually, Ericsson has given the license to Apple to use their technology, but it has expired two years ago and negotiations to create the new deal has failed. It makes Ericsson filed a lawsuit against Apple in January.

Ericsson Chief Intellectual Property Officer Kasim Alfalahi said the agreement was broad, covering the latest 4G-LTE generation of mobile technology, as well as the earlier 2G and 3G technologies. The new agreement will cover the use of mobile technology for iPhone and iPad in the future, as Reuters reported.

Apple Will Pay Ericsson 0.5% Of iPhone And iPad Revenue

“It means we can continue to work with Apple in areas such as 5G radio network and optimization of the network”

“..estimated overall revenue from intellectual property rights in 2015 would hit 13 to 14 billion crowns ($1.52-$1.64 billion) up from 9.9 billion in 2014 as a result of the agreement”

From this deal, Ericsson’s operating profit is predicted to jump 13% in 2015 and 10 percent in 2017.


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