Apple Watch With FaceTime Camera – Good Idea?

Apple Watch came with unique approach and UI of Apple. Even though it’s not the first smartwatch, the device has attracted public and had become Google most searched device in 2015.

As a new product category, Apple Watch came with some limitation, both hardware and software. For example, the first gen of watchOS didn’t have SDK for developers to access hardware on Apple Watch. The SDK came later on watchOS 2 and 3, which allows developers to create apps to access hardware resource on the Watch. Moreover, another thing that distinguishes the first gen and its successors is the built-in GPS so that the Apple Watch can access the iPhone GPS Data continuously. But, it’s not happening in Apple Watch series 2 after Apple planted a built-in GPS in it.

Apple Watch With FaceTime Camera - Good Idea Or Bad Thing?


Actually, it’s a typical Apple business. They make all Hardware and Software features on their first gen products limited. Then they add other things on the next gen. Do you remember the iPad first generation that didn’t have the iSight and FaceTime camera? But then, Apple added these features on its next gen. According to that pattern, are they also going to adopt FaceTime camera on the next Apple Watch gen? Is it necessary? Is it a good idea or is it ridiculous?

Apple Watch With FaceTime Camera?

Facetime platform in all devices

FaceTime is more than a front camera of iPhone, Mac, or iPad. It’s a platform which allows its technology to be access by developers for video call needs. As a platform, Apple should add it to all devices, including Apple Watch. Even the iMessage as a messaging platform is the part of the device. That’s why FaceTime has a potential to be the part of the Apple smartwatch.

I believe, Apple will adopt it later on and develop their platform in order to show their consistency. At this time, Apple Watch is the only Apple products without FaceTime.

Apple Watch With FaceTime Camera - Good Idea Or Bad Thing?


There are some reasons why Apple hasn’t included FaceTime camera on Apple Watch.  It reminds us to the touchscreen on MacBook issue. Why Apple doesn’t want to adopt the touchscreen feature on MacBook while the other laptops have adopted it? They think it’s not effective and can reduce the using experience of MacBook.

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Apple has spent a huge amount of money for research in 2014 – 2015 for Apple Watch. Therefore, they certainly considered the about FaceTime feature on the smartwatch. They surely have their own reason not to present the feature just yet.

Regardless the reasons, we can imagine what it would be like if Apple Watch had FaceTime camera.

Is there a plenty space for Facetime camera?

I bet they have thought how to put a plenty space for FaceTime camera. Apple Watch is a thin and compact device and maybe there is still no perfect camera hardware for it. Maybe that is one of their reasons not to include this feature just yet. They probably still researching the miniaturisation further. Or, they are still focusing on the battery issue, which has a quite big volume on the device.

Apple Watch With FaceTime Camera - Good Idea Or Bad Thing?


The best camera technology

Apple avoids using the bad quality camera. If they insist planting camera with bad quality, it can be a disaster for Apple Watch brand. This is so critical for a brand new category. Thus, maybe they are still looking for the camera that consumes less battery life. As we know, the device has a small capacity for battery.

Apple Watch With FaceTime Camera - Good Idea Or Bad Thing?


The usage

Apple Watch is designed to complement the iPhone, instead of replacing it. The main device is iPhone. It could be a great idea to have FaceTime camera on Apple Watch because it has a dynamic angle. Thus, certain hand position can capture our face well. However, it’s a challenge for hardware and software team to figure it out further.

Apple Watch With FaceTime Camera - Good Idea Or Bad Thing?



The camera on a watch can be used as a spy tool, as we saw it in the movies. That’s why it can become a privacy issue and Apple has to limit Facetime usage for answering the calls only, so it cannot be used for recording or taking photos.

We don’t know what plans Apple has for Apple Watch series 3. But, if we see their platform consistency and “all your content and services on all your devices” slogan, Apple should adopt the FaceTime on their smartwatch. We’ll see.

Another option

If you own Apple Watch and want to try using the camera on it, you can find it on one of Glide bands, called CMRA. It’s a band for Apple Watch, which provides the HD quality of front and rear camera. This band can become an alternative or an evaluator tool to check if Apple Watch with FaceTime camera is a good idea.

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