Apple Watch – priced from $ 350 to $ 10,000

Apple has provided new details on Apple Watch, its intelligent clock which connects to the iPhone. The watch price starts at $350 for the Sports edition and reaches over $ 10,000 for the luxury editions.

Apple Watch will be available to pre-order starting April 10 and April 24 will be available for purchase in Australia , Canada , China, France, USA , Hong Kong , Japan , Germany and the UK.

Apple Watch will have one day autonomy according to Tim Cook, although he was very vague and said that the 1 day will be possible only when doing “a certain types of activities”.

Apple Watch Sport will start at $350 for the thin variant while the thicker version will cost $400.

The other Apple Watch family will be priced at 549 dollars to 1,050 dollars. Prices for larger version will be $50 higher.

Apple Watch Edition will start at a price of $10,000 and will have limited stocks only in some selected stores.

Apple Watch will have a dedicated application on iOS 8.2, which is now available for download.

New partnerships for Apple Watch

Apple also connects to iPhone and watch as we approach the airport, we have your boarding pass at the wrist. In addition, we can order a taxi by using the Uber application on the intelligent clock.


Another interesting partnership is the partnership with Starwood Hotels. With this dedicated application, users will be able to use Apple Watch as a room key.


Obviously , Apple is trying to sign partnerships with hotel chains and known applications to be able to connect the clock.

In addition, if you receive a message from someone , you can respond directly to a voice message, without having to remove the phone from your pocket. It’s a good option if you are driving.

Known Apple Watch features

Apple Watch has some features we already known. Glances allows you to see only the most important information via a swipe upward on the clock.

Thus, users will have access to music, e- mail or weather without entering the menu.

Also, a known function is the announcement when the user receives a call or an email. Thus, those who wear the watch will not feel a vibration at the wrist, but simply a short beat.

Like other smart watches, the Workout application will provide fitness advises and we will monitor our activity.


In addition to this, Tim Cook introduced other popular features like accessing social networks on the clock, controlling photos and performing Apple Pay payments with your wrist.

Apple Watch will soon be launched on the market, and Apple has dedicated a special event to the gadget that promises to be the one that will increase the smart watches market.

The clock was first introduced last fall with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. In recent months, the US company has developed the software part and we expect at 100,000 applications or more for the watch.

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