Apple Should Rethink iMessage App to Gain More Users

Apple messaging platform – iMessage – accompanies iPhone and Mac users for a quite long time. But,  significant changes were seen when Apple introduced iOS 10 in June. Previously, iMessage was something like a messaging app. It also had a few features only. It gets many additional features in iOS 10, such as Bubble, Send a message in your own handwriting, Invisible ink, Tapback, Personal touch, and more. These features are able to compete with the other popular messaging platforms, like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Line, etc.

I think adding new features on iMessage is a right step taken by Apple. Apple is a company that wants their platform service to become the main option for the users. But, as a platform, iMessage isn’t perfect. They should learn how the other messaging platforms dominate the market. Here are several things that Apple must do to their messaging platform so that it can become the best one.

Apple Should Rethink iMessage App to Gain More Users

1. Standalone app

At this time, iMessage is part of Message application. What do you think is wrong with that? I think it’s a bit weird. Apple provides the app called Message, but they want users to use iMessage. It’s not a quite smart strategy because it makes the iMessage brand seems hidden behind Message app. Many users who use iPhone for the first time, might not know if there is Apple’s messaging app on their iPhone. My friend even asked where is the iMessage app on the home screen. Stand alone app of iMessage can make its brand stronger.

Apple Should Rethink iMessage App to Gain More Users


2. Chatbot

The popularity of chatbots is constantly increasing. Users can rely on chatbot if they want to use a certain service through chat. Skype and Messenger app has adopted the chatbot as a future solution. If Apple gives a little space for developers to develop chatbot on iMessage to make it an integrated solution, it would be amazing.



3. Quick access to FaceTime

FaceTime is also one of iPhone favourite features. Recently, WhatsApp added a video call feature and it can make many users forget the FaceTime. Therefore, Apple should create a link to ease users accessing FaceTime from iMessage. It will also encourage users to use iMessage through video call besides chat and voice.

Apple Should Rethink iMessage App to Gain More Users


4. Multi-platforms OS

The messaging platform shouldn’t be limited to a certain OS platform only. It supposed to be open for all platforms. So that it can make the adoption numbers bigger. At least they should open it for Android because they have a huge number of users. Many Android users will adopt it as an interesting messaging platform. Foremost, they can communicate with their friends who use iPhone. If the number of non-iPhone users who adopt iMessage increases, Apple will easily insert their business on it, such as the stickers sales, certain deals, etc.

Apple Should Rethink iMessage App to Gain More Users


5. Open the door for developers of the other OS platforms

Apple can give a chance for non-Apple developers to adopt their messaging platform. I think it’s a great advantage for Apple because those developers can integrate their apps to iMessage. I’m sure the users will also love it.

iMessage ios 10 event


Will Apple adopt those things above to their messaging app? We’ll see.

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