Apple Rejects The Gravity App, a 3D Touch App That Turn iPhone 6s Into a Digital Scale.

The 3D Touch technology is so interesting and challenging for developers. They should utilize this new technology on their applications. There’s a developer Ryan McLeod who along with his friends, made an application called Gravity. This app allows you to detect the weight through a spoon that is placed on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The ‘Gravity’ app would be able to weigh items up to 385 grams (about 0.85 lbs) within 1-3 grams of accuracy. Previously, we have discussed about the weighing Plums app and the Gravity uses the same idea – utilizing the 3D technology to convert the pressure level into a digital scale.

Apple Rejects The Gravity App, a 3D Touch App That Turn iPhone 6s Into a Digital Scale.

Unfortunately, this app is rejected by Apple in the reviewing process and the developer realized their “misleading description”.

“Gravity unfortunately got rejected for having a misleading description and we immediately knew why: There are a couple dozen “scale” apps on the app store. The thing is that 80% of them are joke apps, “for entertainment purposes only” and the other 20% try to weigh things using the tilt of your iPhone once it’s been balanced on top of an inflated bag and calibrated using a single coin. Gravity was most likely confused with the prank apps and rejected for claiming it was a real working scale.”

Apple’s reasoning for the rejection was that a concept of a scale app was not appropriate for the App Store. The developer found the other reasons why Apple rejects the Gravity app.

1. People could damage iPhone 6s screens by weighing items that are too heavy, although the Gravity app did flash a red warning indicator when an object exceeded 385 grams.
2. Apple could see Gravity’s odd use of the 3D Touch API as misuse of the API.

Will the Gravity app be accepted in the App Store if the developer changes the things mentioned above? Because this app can be useful for us in utilizing the smartphone capability. The other possibility is to sell their app through Cydia.

Source: medium via the verge

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