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Apple May Launch ‘Reasonably Priced’ HomePods after Cutting Down the Price of iPhones and MacBook

Brand re-innovation or brand renovation, whichever way you look at Apple, Tim Cook has decided to introduce cheap and affordable HomePods in the market. Recently, Apple announced the launch of budget iPhones and MacBook to tap into the gap between Android high-end and low-end devices.

The Apple’s decision is seen in line with the criticism Apple faced about ever increasing and exorbitant price of the Apple products. Apple met with this criticism after the subsequent launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

The San Francisco based IT giant seems to be in the advanced stage of evaluating the product features and prices. It is learned that the Japanese agency, Macotakara, heard Apple coming up with HomePod with Siri-powered speakers.

However, analysts and industry watchers have a different opinion on Apple’s move. While it appears that Apple would be able to expand the market, seems building a credibility for HomePods may not be simply possible with limited features.

The Siri-based speakers may help Apple to broaden its market for the speakers, but the core business – the iPhones – could remain unaffected. The speculation is that while emerging markets may accept HomePod with open arms, the developed markets may ask for more features than reduced prices. Besides, the real fear is about the price difference between other speakers and HomePod. According to reports, the price of the HomePods could be around $150 to $200.

While Apple is still uncertain about the permutations and combinations over HomePod, the cheap iPhones are already on their way to the market. Equipped with face recognition and 3D touch technology, Apple is believed to have designed 6.1 inches LCD devices, which eventually will replace iPhone X.

However, it is understood that Apple is under tremendous pressure to cut the costs without really affecting the number of features as well as the performance criteria. The estimated price of the new iPhone is expected at $699 instead of $1000+.

Meanwhile, the world is already going crazy about the Apple Ad for HomePod featuring Spike Jonze. If you are an Apple fan and wish to possess one, look out for this space.

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