Apple Is Testing 5 Different iPhone 7 Prototypes

A new rumor said that Apple is testing five different iPhone 7 prototypes, as it’s reported by Gforgamers. These five prototypes have different characteristics.

“Reportedly, some of the technologies that can be found in these prototypes include a USB Type-C connector compatible with headsets, wireless charging technology, multi-Force Touch, dual camera configurations, and fingerprint recognition technology embedded within the display. The source claims that Apple is also fiddling with AMOLED display technology, but we should point out that, based on recent reports, the first iPhone to use an AMOLED screen will not be released before 2018.”

Apple Is Testing 5 Different iPhone 7 Prototypes

The rumor also said the technology that will be used on iPhone 7 is really new, and never been used on the iPhone before. The interesting thing from this rumor is that iPhone 7 seems to have a totally different hardware combination than iPhone 6s. It can give us an overview of the new technology and innovation that may be adopted by iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 is scheduled to launch next year as the iPhone cycle release. There are two things for sure, Apple will use Apple A10 processor and 2 main variants of the upcoming iPhone: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The rest will be revealed later according to rumors. We will keep updating.


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