Apple Hires Frederic Jacob, The Man Behind ‘Signal’ Messaging Service

Apple has hired Frederic Jacobs, one of the key developers who created the secure encrypted messaging service, named Signal, as reported by Business Insider. Signal is a messaging app used by Edward Snowden, a NSA whistleblower. It indicates how good is the security and privacy system in that messaging app service.

Apple is planning to consolidate the iOS and iCloud security so that the data inside can only be accessed by its owner. The information about this new job was posted in a tweet:

Even though it’s just an internship, according to Frederic Jacobs, it indicates how serious Apple is when it comes to encryption for the user’s security and privacy. At this time, Apple has used the data encryption on iOS by default, and no one can access the data inside if it’s protected by a passcode. By upgrading their encryption technique, it means Apple will not make a backdoor as it still becomes a controversy.

The element to become his main focus is the use of the security system in CoreOS level.

“Apple’s service is not perfect,” he said “For example, its proprietary technology makes it impossible for the community to detect vulnerabilities and fix flaws. Signal is open, free, collaborative, and easy to use.”

This year, Apple keeps paying attention to security and privacy things. They even posted a job associated with the hardware security architect on February 23, 2016.


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