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Apple Finds Tough Competition in Microsoft When it comes to Customer Delight

Apple Finds Tough Competition in Microsoft

Apple has unceasingly endeavoured to provide the best consumer services for high satisfaction among its users. Apple products have created a niche for themselves in the industry and have clearly emerged as the masters of the market. With the exclusive nature of its hardware and software, Apple has held a great appeal among the users. At the same time, Microsoft has gained an edge as well by manufacturing devices, which have caught the attention of many users. Microsoft has concentrated on developing devices, which have heightened the consumers delight for Microsoft products.

Apple Finds Tough Competition in Microsoft

Noteworthy brands like Samsung, Amazon and Google battle for a third place as Microsoft bags the second position giving Apple a close competition. Samsung has noticed a gradual drop in consumer delight when it comes to upholding the satisfaction of all its customers. While Amazon has a significant hold in the market, there are certain Amazon devices, which do not meet the expectations of its customers. A similar trend has been noticed with Google as well, which has gone through a period of criticism with some of its flagship smartphone devices.

While we wait for the tables to turn as every brand tries to outrun the other in the never-ending race of customer delight and manufacturing devices that can meet the demands of its consumers without losing on customer satisfaction. Microsoft has unquestionably accelerated towards consumer delight, launching products that constantly charm its users and add to the number of loyal Microsoft consumers.

Source: SFGATE 

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