Apple Buys LinX With $20 Million

Apple made an investment of $20 million for buying LinX on Tuesday according to the report of Wall Street Journal.

So, now the future version of iPhone will sport feature like DSLR which will help to capture picture with more information and depth. There are new sensors that will make it possible and the sensors are from a company named LinX. This is a company based in Israel and is specialized in camera sensors. These sensors are smaller in size than other competing similar products but LinX also has many more features than others.

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Apple Buys LinX With $20 Million_1

iPhones have good quality cameras which are able to capture good pictures even when there is most lighting situation and they are comfortable to use also. Sony camera sensors have been used in Apple’s iPhones for years. This time, the company bought another (second) imaging company as Apple bought the first imaging company in 2013. 2 years ago, Apple bought PrimeSense for an amount of $360 million. The company PrimeSense created 3D image technology which is used in Kinect product of Microsoft.

The technology used by LinX is more advanced. It has the ability to create sensors using multiple lenses which help to take multiple photos at the same time. You can blend these images together to form a single image. You can also record the data from the distance using different sensors, by using sensor arrays, a 3D image can also be captured.

If the ability of extra sensors is added to the iPhone camera, then we can enjoy some additional features as well.

The stock of Apple Inc. on 14 April is traded at a price of $127.00 and at the end of day, trade of the stock was at $126.30, so it was decreased by 0.43%. The weekly performance of Apple Inc. was 0.23%.

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